Saturday, 17 October 2015


Hello Peeps ,
Well we had our first frosts this week like many of you , this is early for us we don't get any until November normally .

I can't find where DH has put my Autumn box so this year there won't be much of any Autumn displays from me , I think it is in the loft with the Christmas things so when he finds it I will make sure it stays in the craft room next year.

I have been stitching some Autumn bits so will show you those soon.

But today a few photos and a wedding ornament I stitched for my friends Daughter and partner .
And I don't want to bore you but I want to show you just one nights sweets on our holiday you could have how many you want !

But before I start thank you for your lovely comments on my last post and a warm welcome to new followers.

This is one I stitched before we went away and I got it posted just before.

  It was from an old magazine  and was just right for what I wanted.
The material was a soft grey mottle  28ct and I used DMC threads .

                  From CS Card Shop magazine called Wedding Cards.

And a little hand made card from me.

And below a sweet card made by my sweet friend Reba .
So cute thank you my lovely friend.

Yes Autumn is a blessing with it's rich colours and food for the birds.

                              I spotted this man at the garden center , when we went out for lunch and brought a few new bulbs for the garden. He never said very much !

We still have many roses out in the garden will show you next time this one I brought inside smells  beautiful .

Now look at just one nights sweets on holiday every night they were different and this is just a few of what they had out you can try all of them .
I am now wishing I had eaten all of them ha.

Well now I will have to dream about them .
Have a good week peeps.


  1. Очень красивый и интересный пост! И мне очень понравилась и вышивка, и как она оформлена! Все прекрасно! Желаю хороших выходных!

  2. You made a truly special gift and card for the couple!
    Those sweets! Oh my! I have never seen such an assortment in one place in my life!

  3. Oh so many sweets really I wouldn't be able to choose either!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. What a beautiful gift for the young couple, June--and your little cards are always a treat, too. I am in awe over that dessert table! Oh, my--I think I've gained 10 pounds just by looking at them :) How did you ever resist sampling each one?

    A frost is coming here tomorrow night--that's okay. All of the allergy sufferers will be happy!

    Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!

  5. I think I have died and gone to heaven looking at all those treats. Yummy goodies. I want some. Love your stitching sis. glad you had a grand time and I am glad you are back safe and sound, and rested up. glad you liked the leaves. It is so pretty here now and I love Autumn the best of the seasons. Big hug sister dear. Lynda Ruth

  6. You made a really lovely gift :) All those desserts have made me hungry :) Have a great weekend!

  7. You have made a wonderful little gift.
    Greetings, Manuela

  8. How on earth did you manage to choose what to try...they all look delicious!
    Love your stitching...what a gorgeous finish.

  9. The gift for the newlyweds is enchanting, it meets exactly my taste and is a fresh love just the right feature where they can enjoy many more years together to hopefully . The sweets variety blew me away , that must have been a great trip to see if only because all these fantastic goodies . A feast for the eyes .
    wish you a good time
    Greetings Sandra

  10. Yum! Great post and lovely stitching :) It's still been hot here :(

  11. OMG the selection of sweets, they looked so superb, how would you choose. Never seen anything like them.Your stitchery gift is beautiful and so is the card. The Halloween card is also lovely. Well June, I guess you are winding down so to speak for Winter, we are springing up with lovely flowers growing and warming up. Picked our first rose the other day. Etoille de Hollande, a beautiful dark velvet red with a glorious scent and some Lavender. How lovely is that:-) Have a great week

  12. So beautiful and lovely wedding ornament you stitched. June! Have nice weekend!

  13. Beautiful photos! Love the wedding ornament, it's gorgeous!
    then, I got hungry when I finished reading, lol.

  14. Such a lovely ornament, so romantic! I am sure the young couple was delighted
    And those sweets... yummy! Now I am craving chocolate! :)

  15. Nice cross stitch! I like it as well as the card! It is so cute!

  16. ohhhh my that#s me put some more weight on with those goodies ... love the stitching ... hope you find your box ... still time to get them out ... and we still have rose's out here too ... have a wonderful week :) love mouse xxxx

  17. To Have and To Hold - adorable! That's a pattern I'd love to have and stitch many times for weddings - you made a great choice! blessings, marlene

  18. Hi there June, The little cushion is beautiful and the card too. I love the Halloween card but those sweets oh yum,that is definitely a no go area for me but oh I do wish.
    We still have a few roses out and we are having lovely days but chilly nights. Hope you are both well,

  19. Hello always lovely views from your blog...and this time so many sweets...have happy week!!also here in Italy arrived autumn with rain!!

  20. What a beautiful gift you made June. I'm sure the happy couple were thrilled with it. I would have been in heaven with all those desserts!

  21. Love your stitching and wow on all the desserts, it would be hard on what to pick.

  22. Oh June I love the wedding orrnament you stitched its beautiful as are those wonderful sweets from your holiday xx

  23. Isn't it amazing what lovely charts one can find in these old magazines? That's one of the reasons why I never throw them away and leaf through them everry now and then. That wedding gift you stitched is really beautiful.
    So great to see all the sweet treats, absolutely delicious!

  24. I still own all the Just Cross Stitch, Cross Stitch and country Crafts which changed its name to Cross Stitch and Needlework, from the very beginning, I do go back and look at the early ones what a hoot, to see what we used to stitch and the finishe's.
    The Wedding stitch is beautiful, lovely wedding card.
    We had a hard frost day before last, yuck.
    Oh my gosh those treats look yummy.


  25. wow che buoni!! Che bello l'autunno e il tuo ricamo è favoloso

  26. What a wonderful gift and what number of delicacies.

  27. A super gift for the happy couple, stitched and finished so beautifully and such a pretty card you made for them too.
    OH my... what would I choose from the dessert selection..... more than one I think lol

  28. I have a very sweet tooth and would certainly have tried an awful lot of those lovely desserts. x

  29. Yoo hoo, ooh I'll start with your gorgeous stitching before I get distracted by cake mmm... I love your little keepsake I'm going to have a rummage through my old magazines as it would be handy for a wedding I'm going to next year. Were you a good girl and have a main meal first - or did you skip that and just go for dessert - I'm afraid I might have done that lol. Have a good week xxx

  30. Wow...Your Stitching and your finish is just gorgeous....I just love reading your Blog. I love your other Photos that you took as well too.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

  31. Beautiful stitching & finishing as always!!
    Love the Halloween card and oh my... all those yummy cakes & treats!!!! Looks delicious!

  32. The wedding ornament you made is just gorgeous, June! A pretty memory for the young couples for years to come!
    Oh my gosh, I was it able for you to resist and NOT eat all of ths sweets. I am such a sweet-eater, I think I would have subsisted on all these delicious goodies!
    Need to go to the bakery ...... bye (LOL)

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear June!


  33. Wonderful stitching and finishing. If you can't find your Autumn box ... you'd better get stitching and make some more! :) Oh all those cakes and desserts ... did they all get eaten!

  34. I just gained a pound or two LOOKING at all those gorgeous sweets! Wow! You made a really cute little gift for your friend's daughter and partner. I look forward to more gardening pictures! Hugs!

  35. Gorgeous finish on the Wedding ornament. The desserts look so delicious!!

  36. Lovely wedding pillow. A timeless design.
    The sweets look wonderful too, I'd have skipped the starter and main just so I could try all the different sweets!

  37. Love the wedding ornament - what an incredible keepsake the the lucky recipient! Thanks so very much for sharing your gifts with us....

  38. mmmmmmm at the end so uch yummy yummy yummy!!!!
    I really love that..
    You piece for your friends dd is so beautifull. You done a great job!!