Friday, 9 October 2015


Hello friends well I am back now after a few weeks away , had a wonderful holiday and a good rest .
Sunshine every day and my batteries are charged ready for getting back to my stitching .
I did take a little stitching with me but only a few stitches were made .

I love to go away but it is always nice to come home.

Can't believe my garden is still in full flower , so after some washing I was outside putting in some spring bulbs.

We went shopping and they have so much Christmas things out in the shops feels funny coming back from the sunshine to find Christmas is on the door step .

But first it is Halloween I am working on two designs at the moment so will show you soon .

But first I joined in Mii's mail art exchange and here is what I stitched for Lynda.

         The little girl I found in an old mag a friend sent me ages ago.

                 And the rest  I made up , and a few odds were taken from other charts.

And I added a few extras 

   I  know Lynda loves collecting stones and I found this one I thought it was so cute.

 And when I got home look what I found a lovely mail art from Lily in Malaysia

Thank you so much Lilly I love it and all the goodies .
Love the key holder too.

Also a big thank you to Mii, for running the exchange.

 Here are a few of my holiday photos and instead of flowers from my garden I send you some from my holiday .

Thank you all for your sweet comments , have a good weekend I will be back with a little more stitching and more photo's 


  1. Welcome back! Nice exchange!I didn't take part this time as I was too busy and Halloween is not really important in Greece and I wouldn't even have things to send. Where were you for holidays?AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Oh June! What a lovely, gorgeous vacation! Please tell me where you two went!

  3. June: What a lovely exchange, your mail art is so sweet, love that stone, it is adorable, it looks like you like trims, the exchange you received is so sweet.
    Love your vacation pictures, that place looks like a place we stayed at in Mexico.
    Lovely flowers. Thank-you for sharing with us.


  4. Lovely pictures and exchange gifts!

  5. Glad you are back, where you stayed looks lovely very posh :-) gorgeous exchange goodies and love the little sausage dog!! Hope there is not too much washing and ironing to catch up with xxx hugs xx

  6. Glad you enjoyed your time away.

  7. Wonderful photos! Looks like you had a fantastic holiday, well done!
    Have a relaxing weekend

  8. WOW!!! wonderful photos from your Holiday! where have you been, to Paradise? It seems you have been on the Island from the film with Phoebe Cates and that blonde guy.... Do you remember that film from the fab '80s? well, welcome back, it's a pleasure to know that your batteries have recharged!!! kisses. titty

  9. p.s. it was me in the last comment. tp. titty p. from Italy . kisses. t

  10. I am pleased that you enjoy your holidays could and could re-energize . Your Halloween embroidery is very beautiful .
    wish you a nice weekend
    Greetings Sandra

  11. Wonderful photos from your holiday.
    Lovely Halloween exchange.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  12. Beautiful place to have your holiday. Very pretty Halloween exchange.

  13. I am so pleased that you had lovely holiday, a break in the sunshine is always a good thing. It is also good to see you back home an blogging again, I have missed seeing your stitching. x

  14. Welcome home...June...great views from your holiday...which place you visited?Spain? Very good your swap for Halloween...especially lovely the owls stone!!Have happy sunday!!

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  17. Welcome back! Lovely photos as always. That owl stone is so pretty as well as your stitched gift for Lynda. She will surely cherish these:)

  18. Welcome home! Your holiday destination looks beautiful. Glad to hear you are feeling all relaxed.
    I've just seen Lillie's pretty Mail Art on her blog and I love the one you sent to Lynda too. Great exchange!

  19. Wow, what a place for a vacation, the hotel is stunning and the flowers are gorgeous. I loved my mail art and especially the best friends rock, it was a good exchange and I will treasure all the goodies you sent me sis. Big hugs love Lynda Ruth

  20. What a great looking place to have a vacation! Welcome back :) Love the exchanges!

  21. Gorgeous photos! Lovely stitching too I'm sure she'll love it!

  22. What an adorable Mail Art you sent away. The owl stone is so pretty.
    Beautiful photos of your holiday, the flowers so tropical . I love the pool best
    So glad my Mail Art arrived safely .

  23. Lovely photos June and your holiday looks stunning xx

  24. Welcome back from your holiday place. According to the pictures and to what you write it must have been the perfect holidays with lots of sunshine and lazy days - and a lot of great food, too, I think :)
    That Halloween mailart exchnage was a great success on your side and on Lillie's. Both envelopes are so beautifully stitched and made up. Enjoy all the goodies that Lillie sent.

  25. Beautiful envelopes for Halloween exchange, nice goodies too.
    You've been a wonderful place, gorgeous photos from there.

  26. It is nice to go on a special vacation, and then come back refreshed and ready for whatever comes next! Beautiful place! And how lovely to come home to a gift...Your mailart is so neat and tidy... after coming through the postal system... Kudos to all the postal employees that handled it with care! And you even got some stitching done! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  27. Welcome back! Glad you had a lovely break.
    Beautiful envelopes sent and received.

  28. Oh, June, the photos from your vacation look spectacular--I'm so glad you and Ron were able to get away and relax together :)

    Love the mailart that you created--that has always fascinated me! I would be afraid that mine would get eaten by the postal machines!! Hope your garden continues to bloom a bit longer--at least you'll have some glorious spring flowers to look forward to since you planted so many bulbs!

  29. Bentornata! Adoro Halloween, tutto è bellissimo!

  30. Hi June and welcome back!
    I am so happy to read that your holidays have been relaxing and full of joy. And when I see all this amazing pictures I really can imagine why.
    But I am like you: I love travelling, but I also love it coming home again.
    I love your mailart. This is such a wonderful way to send greetings to someone!

    Have a wonderful rest of Autumn!


  31. Mail art is always fun to see, such lovely designs you both stitched for your partners. Lots of nice goodies included in the parcel too.
    Your holiday looks delightful, such blue sky.

  32. Love your holiday snaps, looks really relaxing.
    Mail art is such fun, I've only sent & stitched one, never had one arrive.
    The flower photos are so uplifting, thank you for sharing.

  33. I love stitching and receiving Mail Arts and they are quite popular among the stitchers here in Finland :) The tropical garden in byond beutifull ---oooh those palms and pools look fantastic. I have never been in a place like that :)

  34. The mail arts are both lovely. I finally sent mine off last week!
    Lovely holiday photos too.

  35. Awesome gifts from an exchange and your photos really pop off the computer screen- thanks for posting these!

  36. Ow My , you must had a lovely holiday, The pictures are looking so great!!
    Love the flowers
    You had a lovley mail art exchange, what you send and what you got is so lovely!!
    Have fun stitching