Saturday, 24 October 2015

Warm nights by the fire.

Hello friends,
I do love sitting down in the Autumn nights warming by the fire , watching some good TV at last , they always save the best of  TV for the cooler months.

Our clocks go back tonight so it will be dark very early so more stitching time for me.

Would you believe it won't be long for Christmas lots of goodies in the shops so I have been out picking up a few bits . I made my Christmas list out already and with a ever growing family I think I have to cut down a little on spending . I should make all my gifts but it never happens but this year I have made a few more than normal .
But at the moment I can't show you many of them .

I also joined in another exchanged with Stitch and Create Exchange,  I love these so much  fun .
So here is the one I sent out just a simple Autumn one .
This is what I sent to Silvia.

                                   Automne by Danybrod 28ct and DMC var threads.
                                                And below a selection of goodies.

                   And here is what I received from the lovely Kay a beautiful stitched Autumn bird.

And lots of beautiful goodies.

                     Thank you so much Kay I love every thing and will look forward to using them all.

Gracie sent me this cute card I just had to show it you all how sweet.

Now talking about scary look at this spider in the sky he is very large when he is fully open and I have to walk under him each day.

And the other day I was out doing a little gardening and I thought I had found a snake at first called DH but it is a giant caterpillar may be a giant moth .

                                  Look at his face is that scary he must be 5/6 ins long.

Well we still have a few flowers left but most of the garden is already asleep.

                                     And a few roses still want to bloom .

Enjoy your week .
Thank you again for all the lovely comments I do love to read them .
And a warm welcome to new followers. I have been better this week on reading your blogs and look forward to reading lots more now the winter months are coming and I won't have to spend so much time in the garden .  Whatch out for those witches ha.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the exchange June. You sent and received some lovely things.

  2. Wow...I dearly love your photos...they are just beautiful. You received some lovely gifts...those are real pretty and so very colorful. I would be scared to death of that spider.

    Enjoy your wonderful beauty of your Flowers and your Garden

    Linda K, Railroad

  3. Love the swaps, lovely sewing and lovely card from Gracie too! But hate the caterpillar , he is a monster!!! (Just in time for Halloween !!!!!) xx

  4. Those are pretty exchanges June. NOT pretty visitors to the garden. I shared the pics with Madeleine, and neither one of us like your creepy crawlies! ;)

  5. Прекрасные подарки, поздравляю!

  6. So beautiful exchanges, June.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  7. Very beautiful autumnal embroidery .
    Greetings Sandra

  8. Lovely exchange gifts. Your header is stunning and so colourful. Ugh to the outdoor bug. Have a great week end.

  9. Lots of gorgeous goodies :-) how good is the witches washing line card!! Love it xx

  10. Beautiful gifts and works.
    Ahhhhh I don't like spider brrrrrr

  11. Lovely exchanges both sent and received.

    Oh dear he is a rather large caterpillar! There are also some huge spiders about! My girls wouldn't like to have to walk under the one that you have to!

    Enjoy the darker nights. I do like them. It's nice to get the curtains closed and keep warm.

  12. I hope your ugly caterpillar turns into a spectacular moth, he's not a pretty boy!
    Superb exchange gifts you both put together

  13. Hi there June, It is a beautiful day here in Dorset ,hope you have the same.Oh lovely exchange pieces both sent and received.I love that card you had , I could see that on my mantle piece with the other Halloweenie bits does she take commissions.
    EWWWW spider and gruesome caterpillar you can keep. The sedum looks lovely we too have that in the garden but all is beginning to look a little sorry for itself now although a few roses are hanging on in there.
    I love this time of year too ,although all too soon now it will be time to be thinking of the dreaded Christmas word, we do have 2 twenty firsts and an 18th in December argh.
    Take care and keeeeep stitchning.

  14. Lovely stitching, lovely gifts - given and received. Take care - keep those needles and threads busy.

  15. I am so glad you liked the exchange piece, I enjoyed doing it for you. I think seasons are always a good idea to do and it seems you had the same idea! I really like the leaf button on the one you did, the colour worked perfectly with the threads used. x

  16. What a beautiful exchange, lovely stitching, I think that spider looks very creepy.
    All your flowers are beautiful.


  17. Lovely autumn stitching, and lots of awesome goodies too, what a wonderful exchange you had. That is one creepy caterpillar indeed. Your blooms are always fantastic!

  18. che bei colori ha l'autunno e i tuoi ricami sono meravigliosi

  19. Your gift to Silvia and yours from Kay are both gorgeous, as is your new blog header! Not so sure about your garden visitors...I don't mind spiders but your one is huge!
    What a cute Halloween card!

  20. Lovely exchange goodies!!
    Currently stitching on a very similar design as the Halloween card you've received :)

  21. Thank you again dear Buterflye for your pretty and lovely post-this made me to sart something pretty and colourfull.Like bothof your autumn pillows --Love the roses !

  22. beautiful finishes and exhange goodies

  23. un joli coussinet et quel bel échange de cadeaux
    belle journée

  24. Wonderful exchanges both of them. And still beautiful flowers from garden.

  25. I really enjoyed seeing your remaining color in your fall garden, June! You are so lucky to have flowers this late in the year... Our leaves have all turned and most have fallen, but there is still a bit of color in the hills.

    What a pretty piece you stitched for Syvlia--the color of the leaf button is just perfect! And I like your gifts from Kay, too. I hope you have a fun Halloween--do your great grandchildren trick or treat or are they too young? (Or maybe that isn't done in the U.K?)

  26. Autumn arrived also here in Italia...nice works and flowers from your garden...brrr very big spider and snake...hi hi!!Have happy week end and Happy Halloween

  27. You were in a really great exchnage. I love both exchange pieces very much, and both are so beautifully finished. Enjoy all the goodies Kaye sent you with the stitched piece.
    Wooo, how scary to find such a snake-sized caterpillar in your garden. At least it would have scared me, but this spider is even worse. I know all these creepy crawlies are just nature but I don't like them anyway, lol. Halloween must be near, lol.

  28. What a beautiful exchange! I love your work and flower!
    A big kiss from Italy

  29. Wonderful stitching as always. Ahhh ... I don't think I like that caterpillar very much ... yuck. You still have lovely blooms in your garden too.

  30. Beautiful exchanges and gorgeous flower photos. Love your header. .... you can keep the spider and caterpillar. Happy Halloween

  31. I love both your Autumn pillows! I bet your Halloween card would make a cute stitchery. :) blessings, marlene