Sunday, 15 November 2015

Are you ready for Christmas ?

Hello friends ,
Well it has been a very sad week this week, and I know many of you like me can't get over what happened , and my heart goes out to all.

It has been a very dull week here , but it is mild with lots of rain .
So I have started to wrap a few Christmas gifts and write out some cards.

Tuesday is our Christmas party at our club so I have been busy getting things ready.
This has come around far to fast for me this year , most years I make all the cards for the club but this year I had to buy them I have  just been so busy with everything .

I have stitched allot of Christmas gifts but can't show any just now but I will show you another Autumn stitch and I picked up yet another WIP to carry on stitching this winter .

I have many WIPS on the go because I flutter from one to the other , can't stand working on one project I get so bored with it .

I am also starting the odd one or two new WIPs so you are going to see lot's of things soon.
If I stay with only one project once I have finised it I lose my mojo , but having lots started I can pull something out of my bag and I am off again  happy and it works for me.

Another one of Danybrod's designs  Jardin D'Autume Pins , stitched on 28ct with a mix of threads from my box. Just right for a pin pillow.

And back to my WIP  Tulips by Luca-s 

A few flowers still blooming in the mild weather and a few more photos from the holiday.

                                        This yellow Poppy still keeps flowers it lasts most of the year.

And one of the last roses , then another one comes out !

                                     Now it's so dull I keep looking at the holiday photos from early last month.

I have never seen so many fish.

He is cleaning the windows !  oh dear what about the sharks.

Thank you my friends for your lovely comments and a big  hello to my new follows .
Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your Sunday and the new week I am off to make a nice chicken and leek soup for tea then I need to finish a few cards for the party . Such a busy time for me , we have so much going on here I am hoping to get a little more stitching in this week .


  1. Holy cow that's alot of gold fish, I would not want their fish food bill. I love your flowers and your Autumn cross stitch is lovely. I feel for the people of Paris and wish them well. What is our world coming too. No one is safe anywhere anymore. Those persons who want to wage war let them do it in their own countries and leave the rest of the world out of it. I think they are all stupid idiots.
    You have a great day and I will talk to you later sis. big hugs

  2. Beautiful stitching. Loved your flower & holiday photos:)

  3. Have fun with your fellow crafting friends at the Christmas party.
    Tulips us looking so bright and cheery, perfect in today's dull drab dreary weather.

  4. Beautiful needle works and fantastic photos wow

  5. Great photos and lovely stitching xxx what happened in Paris breaks my heart the world is a horrible place at the moment and it scares me :-( xx

  6. Love your pretty wips and stitching. Beautiful photos thank you for sharing. Praying for Paris!
    love Annette

  7. What a cheerful, pretty post June. Thank you. I needed it. This Paris attack has truly, truly saddened me. I am quite sure there is more darkness to come. I am praying.

  8. June: Love your Autumn and Tulips so beautiful.
    Your floral pictures are lovely.
    I am praying and hoping all this madness comes to an end, Mikes family comes from France around Paris.
    I hope you have loads of fun at your Christmas Party.


  9. Your tulips stitching looks great.
    Greetings, Manuela

  10. Beautiful stitching. Tulips looks wonderful!

  11. Your tulips are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your photos too. Flowers are one if my favorite things to take pictures of.

  12. Bad all happened in Paris...all world think about it!!thank you for a little of sun from your summer holiday!!have happy week

  13. I keep thinking about Paris.... I think it will take a long time before the world gets over what happened :o(
    Your stitching is gorgeous and I love the photos of the flowers.... but those fish, oh my they are amazing!
    Hugs xx

  14. wow, meravigliosi i tuoi fiori

  15. It sounds as though you are off to a wonderful start for Christmas, June! I haven't even thought about it yet--just need to get through this Argentina trip first :) Love, love, love the flower WIP--such gorgeous colors! I am the opposite of you--if I have something started I have to plunge ahead and finish it right away or I lose interest and never return to it :)

    Your holiday photos are wonderful--so many lovely memories for you and Ron. I hope you'll be able to get away together again next year!

  16. Oh June, your are far nearer to be ready for Christmas than I am. I do have many ideas but nothing done yet.
    I am so nosey to see your newest WIPs. The ones you show here look great.
    So do your pictures. A good idea to take advantage of your holiday pictures when the weather outside is unfriendly.
    I hope some sun will come back to your place soon.

    Have a wonderful Christmas party at your club!


  17. Wonderful stitching. looking forward to seeing all of WIPs. Not ready for Christmas at all ... apart from my RAKS! You're right it has come round far too quickly.

  18. Oooh I really love the Tulips, and how they are coming along! Such nice, bright colors on a drab day here! I look forward to seeing your finished pin cushion along with the stitched gifts for your party soon! Hugs!

  19. These are exactly my own thoughts about my WIPs. I always love to have many of them so that I can switch from one to the other after a while of stitching. And there is always the need to start a new design when I feel like it. All this is such a lot of fun. So nice to see the tulips again here. And I'm looking forward to seeing more of your WIPs during the winter.

  20. Great stitching and wonderful photos of your WIPs. oh yes! I have accumulated quite a number of WIPs including crochet and knitting. Is that good? LOL. Looking forward to your winter stitching.

  21. Beautiful stitching June and lovely photos from your holiday.

    Hope you are keeping warm now that the weather has turned cooler.

  22. It;s still terrible to think about!
    What a lovely pictures of your Wip's , garden and al aother beautifull things!
    beautifull post