Saturday, 28 November 2015


Hello everyone, what a busy time of the year it is.

So much to do writing out cards and wrapping gifts and cooking .

I sit down at night and can't wait to stitch if I don't have to go out somewhere .

I love a cosy night in by the fire when you get those cold nights.

This week has been another busy one , I cut my amount of sugar down the last few months and I dropped down a size in my cloths so had to go and buy some new cloths last Monday how good was that ! I have kept the old ones just in case I go back up again after eating my German biscuits ha.

My DHs brother was down here on a short trip last week so we got together with him so that was so good he is 82 years old he is the last older brother my DH was the youngest of 5 . So it was a little tearful.

It is raining and cold here today, and yesterday morning was dry so we got the last cut on our lawns .
It keeps growing with the mild weather , so hoping now that will be the last .

So this week I have more WIPs to show , what I stitched for mouse and a few more photos of the holiday .

Ok back to my stitching , here is what I stitched for our sweet friend mouse it will form part of her quilt she wants to put together in January for her big birthday .


Called Bluebird Serenade by With thy Needle & Thread.
And more WIPs which I will name when I finish them.
I just wanted to show you what I worked on this week.

I do have more finishes but still can't show you at the moment because they are gifts.

Last week's Christmas Muffins you wanted  the recipe . 
So here it is
I found this in an old Magazine and they are so yummy I kept it.

250g or 8oz of plain flour.
1tbsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp salt.
115g or 4oz of caster sugar
115g or 4oz of raisins 
75g or 3 oz butter
3tbsp of marmalade 
150ml or 1/4 pt plain yogurt 
115ml or 4 fl oz milk I egg beaten


Mix all dry and then add raisins .
Melt together butter and marmalade on a low heat so you don't burn the butter.
Then beat in the yogurt , milk and egg .
Lightly stir into the dry mix .
Fill oiled muffin tins 3/4 full and bake at 200c , 400f or gas mark 6 for 18 -20 mins .
makes about 12 and you can freeze .

This was a wonderful show really enjoyed it .

Well that's it for today sweet friends .
Thank you once again for the nice comments .
Have a super weekend , and enjoy your stitching


  1. Your stitching is so pretty. I love the sleigh and those gorgeous flowers. I'm cutting back on sugar too and also have lost some weight. I am hoping that I can keep it up during the holiday season. I do love my Christmas cookies.

  2. Congrats on the cute finish June. Lovely stitching on your other projects.


  3. Pretty stitching. I have made a note of your muffin recipe...... . although perhaps I shouldn´t, too many tempting things around Xmas....... just love muffins.

  4. You stitched beautiful projects
    My favourite is flowers
    They are so wonderful
    I adore also the photos that you posted
    Ciao Giovanna

  5. All your WIPs are so wonderful.
    I like the flowers.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  6. Hello Butterflye and thank You for visiting my blog again :) Your WIP are all lovey -myfavourite might be the With Thy needle and thread piece..

  7. Lovely stitching and great time with the dolphin!!

  8. Some beautiful makes going on there. Looking forward to seeing what you have finished xx

  9. Such pretty stitching is one a lili of the valley?? A lovely family get together too and fab photos thanks for sharing enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  10. Hi sis, love the whales and dolphins, lovely stitching. your flowers stitching is coming along nicely. muffin recipe loves yummy. I am putting up a blog so go visit in about an hour. should be up my then big hugs

  11. Lovely stitching June. We are back to rainy weather again, i much prefer the frost!!

    Good job on the weight loss. I must try those Christmas muffins they sound yummy :-)

  12. Such beautiful colors on the prijects. Great job in the weight loss!

  13. Good for you June getting down in size!
    Your progress is great. I love the floral bouquet.

  14. June: Lovely stitching projects, I hope a picture is posted of the quilt when it is finished.
    The muffins look so yummy I can almost smell they baking.


  15. Loaded with great stitching and great vacation pics. Really enjoyed reading your post:)

  16. Dear June , your embroidery like me again very, very good . Especially the woman with a watering can , a fabulous image . Even your muffins look so delicious , I eat yet so like sweet , wink . A dolphin show I've never seen your pictures look great.
    Greetings Sandra

  17. Lovely stitching. I especially like the sleigh. I'm not familiar with the pattern so wonder if it will be piled full of presents! :)

  18. Oh June your stitching is so pretty - loved what you stitched for Michelle she will love it. Your photos are lovely. Hope you are keeping well and warm xx

  19. Beautiful stitching June, your gift for mouse is lovely. I hope you stay safe in these high winds.

  20. A perfect gift for Mouse's special quilt.
    Lots of lovely other things you have been working on too now we have the darker nights and can sit for longer, its lovely isn't it.

  21. Hi there June, Your wips are looking SO good, Well done you, We are cultivating a field in our garden I think, it does not seem to get dry on the days we can get out there. Shall have to try and get it done before the man in red arrives . Yum those muffins look scrummy but alas I am into my second week of Slimming World so none for me. Well done on dropping a size , I need to drop at least 2 but ideally 3. Have a good week and a blog post from me is coming , it is around a corner ,hmmm but which one lol.

  22. Pretty wips, I really like the sleigh. Happy stitching. x

  23. Yea June on the smaller size! This is such a busy time of year it is easy to make bad food choices. I struggle with this all the time.
    Your stitching projects are lovely. We are having very warm weather. I wish it was a little cooler. I am going to try to settle down to stitch in a little bit.
    Have a great week!

  24. Well done on dropping a size! Great achievement :o)
    We have just come out of winter and I managed not to go up a dress size this year.... but I so need to go down a couple of sizes!
    Your WIPs look lovely. Love your sleigh
    Hugs xx

  25. wow che bei ricami e che buoni i muffin!!

  26. All your WIPs are so pretty and Bluebirds for your friend is beautiful too.

  27. Lovely stitching and the Dolphins look amazing.

  28. Congratulations on your weight loss, June. And so great to see some more of your WIPs. When you show them I always try to guess the design and/or the designer. it's just like a little puzzle. Your WIPs are also different in style so that you can always stitch on something different. I love that, too.
    Thanks for the muffins recipe. I will most certainly try it.

  29. I was lucky to watch a dolphin show in Athens Greece at the zoo and really loved it!AriadnefromGreece!

  30. Thank You for visting my blog! Your all the wips are so my style too but Ireally admire your stitching skills with large floral boguet-it is so georgeous !

  31. Your WIPs are beautiful June and I love what you have stitched for Mouse.

    The muffin recipe sounds delicious. I must give it a try.

    Well done on your weight loss.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  32. Ow my I really have to show those photos to Noah, he will love them, he s crazy about Dolphins.
    You have many WIP's, how do you do it!!
    And all very lovely.

    mmm that baking looks so great
    Great job on your weight loss, really awesome