Sunday, 1 November 2015


Well we are into November now, and I am so enjoying stitching early each night .
I have bags full of kitted up charts ready to keep me busy the next few months .

I spent an hour each day in the summer putting the materials together , for the winter months I will never stitch them all this Winter but I will jolly well have a good  try .

Don't you just love sitting stitching by the fire and a nice cup of coco to hand , watching all the great TV they have on in the winter months.

Did you all have a good Halloween I had my candy tin ready , but I was feeling a bit low yesterday and that's not me at all, I even said to DH I hope we don't get many tonight I really don't feel like getting up and down , how wicked of me , anyway not one person came and rang the bell.
We use to get about 30 to the door but last year I think we only had 3 and it was raining.
This year it is so mild I thought there would be loads , I did see a few walking down the road so I think they now have party's to go to.

I have just been out in the garden planting a few more bulbs for the Spring and it is dull but so warm.
So I have some garden photos to show you .

But first some stitching , can't show you much because some are gifts.

But here is a birthday card I sent my friend.

It was a free chart from the Cross Stitcher Magazine.
I put a bead inside each flower so it stands out like 3D.
Also here is one of my many WIPs I am working on.

Love the soft colours in this one by  L'Atelier Perdu .

Look I found a bargain cost me just £ 2.00 in a charity shop.
You can pay up to £30 for a good one of these and this my friends is a really good one and brand new.
You never know what you can find I am always looking.
And yes I will be putting in some nice cross stitch .

Another bargain I paid just over £4 for this big box 
Anyone who knows me will know I just love Holly Hobbie.

And whats inside well my materials.

And yes it's full .
Below a few of the cards I was lucky enough to have sent me in  October .

 And what was in my garden today.
Can you believe it is now November and we still have roses .
I think we will have bad weather soon , just hope we won't pay for it with gales.

 Just before I go I now have three caterpillars and they are still growing in the mild weather 

                                          Look at the size of this one he keeps eating the leaves
                                           I can't fit him in the picture.   Look at the eyes .                    

This is one of his smaller brothers .

I have saved a pack of chocolate mint creams for tonight hm heaven,
So can't wait to sit down

Well that's all from me this week hope to be back soon with more stitching goodies.
Thank you again for looking in and your lovely comments always love to read them all.
A warm welcome to new friends  .


  1. Cute card, love your wip. The colors are so lovely

  2. Hi sis. that's quite the caterpillar you got there, I think it's a moth of some kind. love the bargins you got. love the cards too. I see you got my Halloween card. I had fun doing them. I got one just like your's from Gracie with the clothes line of witchy clothes and the poor cat hanging out to dry. I just put up a blog too, have a look. hugs Lynda Ruth

  3. your garden is always beautiful! We ran out of candy in 30 minutes! felt bad to close the door but what can you do. I have so many things kitted up I go through them and can never decide on what's next! hugs and cheer up June.

  4. Lovely little card.
    The Holly Hobbie Box is great. I like Holly Hobbie and Sarah Kay.
    Have a nice new week, Manuela

  5. Great post lots of goodies! We didn't get any trick or treaters either but since we live on the top floor we weren't expecting any. I heard a lot of kids walk by but hubby said they were headed a few blocks down.

  6. Love your thrifty finds June.


  7. I so love your garden and I must say I got a similar set of frames for my wedding in colours of pale blue agreen and pink and I am too thinking of putting stitched things in them. AriadnefromGreece!

  8. Beautiful garden and flowers
    You are stitching and you will stitch great projects

  9. Love the cupcake card yum, and nice sweet box for all the fabric. Pretty flowers.

  10. What a sweet card you made up. Oh Holly Hobby. I wish I still had my Holly Hobby doll. I played with her and I had her brother Robby and her friend Heather also. :)
    Ack! June! Those caterpillars. You may keep them! ;)

  11. Beautiful garden and lovely stitching! Have a nice week June!:)

  12. That's a very lovely card you made with your little stitched cupcake. And you have a great project on the go. You are like me when it comes to kitting up new projects. I do love planning so it's always a pleasure to kit up future projects and when I need to start something new I just go to my box and take out one bag, sit down and start stitching :) I like it this way.

    Your garden still has some lovely flowers. Last night we had a very frosty night and this morning I saw that it affected all my still blooming roses and the rose buds. It seems they are gone now.

  13. I loved Holly Hobby when I was growing up, the box is very sweet and a great place to have fabric. Hope you are feeling better soon. x

  14. What a lovely post, full of bargains and colour! Love your new box and your garden photos. Wonder what will happen to your little friends when the cold weather sets in?! :)

  15. made out like a Bandit with all of your Bargain Finds...good for you...I too love Holly are so lucky to find a box that has Holly Hobby on it. That is such a pretty box. I dearly love that box. Wow you have a lot of material too. Its a great place to store all of your material though.

    I love your Garden Photos and your Flowers are so very pretty. They are just gorgeous. You are making great progress on your WIP.

    Hope that you are feeling better soon....

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

  16. How lovely that you still have some colour in your garden, it have been quite mild here too though.

    I was out on Halloween so don't now if we had any trick or treaters, more sweets for you though now :-)

    Enjoy your Autumn / Winter stitching, you seem very organised getting it all ready :-)

  17. Hi June!
    I love that you are working on all the projects that you kitted up. I really love kitting too and getting ready to stitch a new project.
    I know that your friend will treasure the birthday card. The other design is very sweet too. Lovely stitching!

    Have a wonderful week!

  18. You made beautiful card and your WIP looks pretty too AND flowers, ah so wonderful.

  19. Great stitching & bargains!!!
    Your caterpillars are freaking me out...

  20. Śliczny blog w jesiennej odsłonie. Twoje zakupy bardzo udane- śliczności.

  21. What great finds, lovely stitching and your garden is GLORIOUS!!!! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  22. Love the card you made and I look forward to seeing what you stitch with that big box of stitching!

  23. Very beautiful flower and garden!
    Lovely little card and another wip stitch :)
    A hug from Italy

  24. Pretty card you made June. Hope you are feeling brighter xx

  25. Hi June, sorry I'm late posting but had a cheeky weekend away :-) - I love your bargain purchases!!! Gorgeous stitching as always love the cupcake card - I have that kit I'll have to dig it out - you are very organised I wish I'd got kits sorted to just pick up and do, however, I'm popping to the shops with my mum tomorrow so I might get some wallets and spend the afternoon sorting bits and pieces out :-) - thank you for the idea and motivation. Your garden looks amazing (still) just what you need in dreary foggy November (up here anyway!!) Take care my friend and have a great week. xx

  26. Oops forgot to say- hope you are feeling a bit better (and hope you havent had to eat the sweets - that would be awful!!) lol xx

  27. Wonderful post. Lovely stitching. That frame sure looks pretty! Your garden pics at the end always brighten one's day:)

  28. Awwww! I adore holly hobby too...
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.
    Love your autumn blog header
    Hope you are feeling better

  29. Hi June,
    I am always so happy to see pictures of your garden. There is blooming something in each seasion, isn't it?
    Your stitchings are gorgeous too. I love the birthday card and also your newest WIP.
    Pretty founds, congratulation!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  30. I think that is such a good idea to kit up pieces for the long winter months, June! I'll have to remember that next summer :) We had a new record number of trick-or-treaters--25!! We usually get about 10 so I'm not sure what is going on.

    You would have loved my youngest sister's bedroom when she was growing up---it was covered in Holly Hobbie wallpaper! I remember embroidering a nice Holly Hobbie piece and giving it to her one Christmas. I wonder whatever happened to it?

    Such a cute birthday card and your new WIP is very nice, too. I'm always amazed at how your garden seems to last and last--lucky you! You must have an ideal climate :)

    Hope your November is going well!

  31. Beautiful stitched card and stitching. Thanks for sharing your garden pictures, the caterpillars are cute yet not, LOL
    Love those white frames.

  32. It's amazing what you can find in charity shops these days. Great bargains. The box is perfect for all of your fabric stash. Beautiful stitching too, love the l'atelier perdu piece

  33. Beautifull garden pictures!!
    Really love them.
    Your cupcake is so cute!
    You have been busy, keep up the good work