Saturday, 12 December 2015

December Blessings

Hello everyone , how are you all getting on with your run up to Christmas .
I am proud to say trees are up cards are wrote out and most have been sent .
Another busy week here lot's of Christmas Joly's and carol services and meeting up with family and friends .
So after this weekend and a few more shopping trips I need to start cleaning my house up there are boxes , tinsel,  cards, and paper in most of the rooms , I always leave my card box out a little bit longer you know how it is some one sends you a card with a new address on and you have just sent theirs and you made new friends in the year and they have sent you a nice card and they are not yet on your card list. Then DH says did you send so & so a card and no because I don't even know them , so out comes the card box again.

Just want to say my heart goes out to the people up north who have had the floods they have lost every thing in their homes , I know how hard it must be , but have faith you still have each other and very strong bonds will come to the people , it was lovely to see every one out there helping each other.

I have a few stitching bits to show you today , so here we go.
This little pin case I made for Stephanie.

The chart was from Danybrod .

And below a gift I sent to my friend Reba .

Grande Histoire de Noel by Les brodenses Parisiennes
stitched on beige 28 ct dmc threads.
And the little freebie chart design went to my friend Janet.

Ali sent me this lovely gift  on the little pillow it says 

Today would be a lovely day to be a butterfly , how cute is that thank you so much Ali.

And now some of the WIPs stitched on this week .
I will name them when they are finished.

                          Also brought a couple of boxes this week for my ribbons and lace

Before I go can I say thank you again for spending time reading my post and for leaving me such kind comments .
I will leave you with some decorations and flowers that are still in flower.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures - your home looks lovely - your stitching is coming along a treat!!! My decorator has gone as has the urge to clean lol - must definately start on Monday!! Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. What beautiful sewing, decorations and your home looks beautiful too...I love the way you finish your projects, always such a lovely read

  3. Love the stitchery love the flowers love it all!

  4. A very beautiful post.
    Congratulations for yours finishes.
    Pictures are so pretty.
    Ciao Giovanna

  5. Everything looks great I love the key :). The gifts are adorable :)

  6. Such sweet gifts you made your friends. And precious gifts you received. Your home looks lovely June.

  7. Such delightful beauties in this post June. Enjoy your busy week, I too have lots of Christmas events to attend, one special one being the school play - just hope my little granddaughter is fully recovered from this nasty cough/cold virus thats about so she can enjoy being part of it.

  8. Lovely pictures June. Your stitcheries are so beautiful. The header photo is also beautiful.Best wishes

  9. Beautiful stitching June. I really love the ornament you made for Reba. The blue and red combination looks so fresh.

  10. Some lovely gifts you made June. Did you receive the card and ornie I sent?

  11. Beautiful stitching and lovely photos!

  12. Gorgeous and creative, and I love your photos and header! :)

  13. Enjoyable read and I love all the pictures. Your home is so ready for Christmas. Lovely stitching, Grande Histoire de Noel is so pretty. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  14. All great projects.
    The pin case is so cute, and I love the little girl with the deer.
    The ornaments on your header are cute also.

  15. Your stitching is beautiful as always.
    You have made wonderful gifts for your friends.
    Have a nice sunday, Manuela

  16. dear june, your decorations are wonderful! the stitched item with the little girl and the deer is the best! simply fantastic. I really like your turquoise living room, and the cards hung near the Windows. have a nice sunday!! kisses. love. titty p. from italy

  17. Such lovely stitching, I particularly like the pin book. x

  18. Is that beautiful again with you . Each embroidery a dream and great processes . Big compliment!
    Greetings Sandra

  19. All is ready at your home for Christmas all really lovely!!have happy week

  20. Love the stitching Merry Christmas to you

  21. beautiful finishes, love the needlebook. Merry Christmas and happy Hollidays

  22. You made some wonderful gifts for your friends, all of them are so beautifully stitched and finished.
    Nice to see your next bunch of WIPs, I'm so curious to know what projects they are, but I have to wait until they are finished :)
    Great pictures from your home.

  23. Mi piace molto come rifinisci i ricami, sono stupendi

  24. Lovely stitching June :-)
    Your decorating looks lovely, I'm afraid that my Christmas cheer is missing this year,
    this past year of fixing up the house have taken it's toll and we will probably be finishing
    off on Christmas eve!
    Still, i am looking forward to seeing Oliver open his presents and get excited about everything,
    that for me will be the best thing :-)

    have a lovely Christmas and a happy 2016 xx

  25. Love your beautiful finish from Les Brodeuses Parisiennes, it looks soooo cute!

  26. I love all that you create with cross stitch and I love your blog, this rich post and...that polka dots teapot! ;-)))
    I have "discovered" yhr blog few months ago. Compliments!
    Miriam from Italy

  27. June ... your decorations look fabulous. Beautiful gifts sent and received.

  28. What a lovely post, I love all the stitching, flowers and your home is so beautiful. hugs

  29. You finished so beautifully your Noel by Parisiennes and other finishes are wonderful too. Your Christmas decoration look great.

  30. Oh, June, how sweet to see my three little ornaments hanging in your blog header :) I'm so glad you liked them well enough to showcase them! Your house looks so pretty--just love the colors you've painted the wall in your living room area. And the gifts to your friends are so sweet--I love the one for Reba with the little deer especially.

    Your gift has arrived, I'm happy to say, but I am waiting to open it--that will be my reward for having finally sent yours and my other international friends :) Just wanted to let you know it got here safely!

    Enjoy your weekend, June--it sounds like you can just sit back and relax now and watch the magic of Christmas appear :)

  31. What a lovely post!!
    All those little finishes are so cute, I love that cute little deer.
    All your decoration looks so cute.
    Your house is lovely.
    Your ready for Xmas!!

  32. Lovely photos June - your home looks wonderful - Merry Christmas to you and Ron xx