Saturday, 5 December 2015


 Hello everyone , are you stressed out yet or are you having fun ?
Well it is such a busy time of the year I think I am doing ok at the moment , another lot of gifts were sent yesterday a few more to post yet I have wrote out most of my cards  .
And I think I can allow my self more time to relax and have fun , we have not put out the Christmas decorations  but that could be today or next week.

We have two carol services to go to this week. So this will be the start of our Christmas I also have a few friends and family to visit .

We are having some windy weather but still so mild , I don't really like the dull days I can't see do anything and have to keep putting the lights on.
I have roses still blooming in the garden , and I noticed bulbs are already bursting out of the soil.

And it looks like we have to get use to having storms and they are now naming each storm .
I know the north of the UK are having the worst of the weather last year we had it .

The man came to check our boiler yesterday to make sure the heating is working ok , it is and is nice and warm if we do get some cold days.

I had my last club night of this year and we made some little felt boots , I still have to finish mine !
We were out and about most of last week so I must try and stay in more this week .

Stitching well I have been working on more WIPS and a few gifts .

And here are a few more that I will name when I finish.

So back to my bag today for more Wips to start and carry on stitching with , I really like to have the assortment of stitching  this way I never get fed up of my stitching , always stitching something different and yes they do get finished at some point ha.

This one below I was stitching early in the year and it was a gift for my lovely stitching sister Lynda I know she now has her parcel so I can show you what I stitched for her.

I wish you could see how it sparkles.

The heart with the lovely saying was brought for me by Elaine and is so true , and the meaning I send to all my friends in blog land.

This year I did not buy a advent candle so I have started to open a present each day.
It is so much fun and I am enjoying it so much .
So here are my 5 days of Christmas gifts how lucky am I .
I started off with a lovely gift from Jacquie
How cute is this ornament thank you so much my sweet friend I love it .
Thank you for your kindness.

And I was so lucky to have won one of Andrea's beautiful ornaments too.
This is the second time  I have won and I was over the moon her stitching is just so beautiful .
And look at the beautiful hand made card .

Thank you Andrea for your kindness .

And from lovely Debbie from our Christmas card exchange.

Thank you so much Debbie It will be in use very soon.

And my secret santa at my Club I had these lovely gifts from Tracy .

                      Thank you Tracy I will have loads of fun using all these gifts .

And we all went home with these gifts that our sweet friend Lily put together .

Well my friends I will be back with more Wips next week .
We have been put a few of the Christmas  decorations up this afternoon ,we are going to do the rest tomorrow it is hard work going up and down to the loft .

Have a lovely week friends and hoping you are having a fun week with your Christmas decorations 
Thank you for all the lovely comments you have left me .
You are just the sweetest friends bless you all.


  1. Yes, June I just love the green bell you made me, can't wait to put on my tree. Love the little bird too. hugs sis. Don't over due the decorating and get too tired. We worked late last night with power outages from the snow storm and yes, we have snow now. lots of the white stuff. pretty but it was wet and heavy. Today we rest, got home by 8 p.m. last night. Atleast NB Powers paid for our supper. hugs

  2. All are beautiful projects.
    Congratulations to all.

  3. Such pretty, wonderful gifts you have received. What a marvel that your roses are still blooming!

  4. love the christmas wreath on your door, hugs

  5. Great progress on all your pretty WIPs, love how you finished the bell ornament. Lovely gifts you got from sweet friends:)

  6. lovely works and lovely presents..have happy week end!!

  7. Beautiful gifts you received June and I love the ornament for Lynda - perfectly finished! We are currently "enjoying" Storm Desmond - you're not missing anything!

  8. You got some lovely gifts and lovely stitching :)

  9. So many great gifts that you have given away and received . I was jaw dropped with enthusiasm . I like again today everything with you .
    Dearest greetings Sandra

  10. Wonderful gifts your received. Your stitching is beautiful as always.
    Have a nice new week, Manuela

  11. I can always be sure you have lovely work to share and lovely photos to look forward to seeing!

  12. Hi there June , Well what can I say that others haven't lol. A super post as usual , full of things to admire, Oh you are so clever love how you have finished the bell. Lovely gifts sent and received.Hmm the wind has certainly been high and today is another blustery day. We actually got the lawns mown this last week and yes like you we have roses that are still blooming. I think they need a prune soon. Hope you have a good week and you do not get stuck in the loft. We have done that job thank goodness. Take care.

  13. Все очень красиво и очень мне нравится! Прекрасно!

  14. The bell shaped ornament us devine
    Lots of lovely gifts you have opened so far June
    Ŵonderful wip's

  15. The bell ornament is jus lovely, the finishing is really amazing. We already have our tree up and have started with our traditions. One of our traditions is that every Monday night in December we all watch a Christmas film together and have nice treats to eat. We all look forward to Monday nights, a little bit of fun and calm in the business of December. x

  16. what lovely gifts June, and the bell ornament you made is just beautiful :-)

    No tree up here yet, still waiting for decorating to be finished :-O

  17. Beautiful stitching as always!
    Lovely gifts too :)
    Looking forward to next weekend... our tree is going up!

  18. Hello sweet June :) Happy December to you!!!
    Very pretty wips you have on your hands and your finish looks so beautiful!! The perfect bell :)
    lovely gifts received, lucky you ;)

  19. Hello, June! I'm back from Argentina and catching up on my favorite blogs! I just love the wreath in your header and may attempt to copy it for my front door. My current wreath has seen better days and could use a nice refreshing :)

    Your stitching and gifts are all so pretty. I'm afraid yours from me will be late this year--oh well, it will be a "New Year's gift." I am so far behind having been away for 10 days--don't know how or if I will get everything done and I leave for my mother's tomorrow for 5 days. Oh well! Hope December is a wonderful month for you and Ron and your lovely family :)

  20. Everything is so beautiful, all gifts and yours WIPs. Bell ornament finish is wonderful.

  21. Beautiful Garland heading. Everything look so lovely and wonderful.

  22. I tuoi lavori sono stupendi!! Il Tralala lo vorrei ricamare anch'io prima o poi

  23. Oh June, how wonderful to see your next batch of WIPs. They are all so different and it is always exciting to take out a new bag with another WIP and continue stitching on this one. So you never have a boring moment :)))
    Great gifts that you could unpack so far.

  24. Wow...I love your got some really neat Christmsa are a very talented lady. I really admire you for that.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

  25. New Wip's? your really on a roll.
    And the gifts all so lovely!!
    There are so many beautifull pattern in the world, many of them I see here, made by you, made for others, made for you by others.
    really awesome