Saturday, 19 December 2015

Snowdrops in December

Here we are almost Christmas and it is so mild here but also very wet.
The other day I spotted some daffodils in a garden .
I was sitting having my morning coffee in the conservatory to day and I spotted one of my tall snowdrops out in flower .
I wonder if we will have any Winter this year we still have January and February and February is our worst month here with the east winds , so we will have to wait and see.
Well I keep saying this but last week was another busy week , and I was thinking this coming week would be better but I can already see that a few days will be busy .
I am so sorry I have not had time to read all your blogs but I am going to catch up today and this week if I can .
Also not to much stitching was done by me but I did stitch on a couple of WIPs .

                                                     The cake above looks so yummy .
                                                   I will name my WIPs once I finish them

I have had some more wonderful gifts from my sweet friends and I get so touched by your kindness.

A lovely gift from our lovely friend Lisa V
Thank you so much for the lovely thread and the sweet Owl .
On Thursday I went into town and picked up a few magazines to read over the holiday.
And look who was in the CS Collection .
Our dear sweet friend Vickie .

And from our dear friend look at this wonderful stitched ornament she sent to me .
Thank you Vickie your work is so beautiful and your stitches so neat and tiny .

                                                 And here on my tree looks just wonderful.


 And not long ago a little box came and it was a lovely gift from our friend gracie.
Thank you so much gracie you are so kind to think of me.

 And look he is with a few friends.

                                                  Can you spot his new friends.

Well my DH asked me what I wanted for Christmas .
So having given some thought I have had a new magnifying floor lamp from the day light company .
Can't wait to use in the next few weeks it is so good I can see all the marks on my hands .
We have stopped buying each other large gifts now , but this is something I could really do with my old one has seen better days and I had money off it so it was a good buy.
Thank you again for the lovely comments you are all so kind .
I have lots more gifts to open so will show you next time .
But I would like to leave you with some flower pictures I have blooming right now in the garden and some more Christmas decorations.
I may not be back until after Christmas so I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and lets hope the New Year will be a very good one for all around the world .

 My stitching Tree .

Blessings to all my friends . 


  1. Lots of beautiful stitching. decorations look great

  2. Beautiful tree full of lovely ornaments.
    Love the gift from Vickie!
    I too am expecting a cross stitch lamp with magnifier this Christmas!!! :) Can't wait to try it.
    Have a wonderful Christmas

  3. Your ornament tree is beautiful June as are all your decorations.

    Your stitching is coming along beautifully. Is the first one a Tra La La piece?

    I am hating this mild weather. Apparently the forecasters said December would be above average temperatures then January, February and March are going to be very cold. I long for frosty mornings and some snow.

    Have a Happy Christmas June xx

  4. Your tree is gorgeous! I love all your beautiful ornaments you made.
    Such a pretty ornament from Vickie! Hope Santa brings you what you want:)))
    LOVE the photos of seeing Vickie featured in the magazine - SOOOO COOL!
    Merry Christmas love Annette

  5. Your stitchings are great - love the designs. Enjoy your new lamp :-) I love your tree and your dresser looks gorgeous - have a great weekend and hope you get chance to slow down on the run up to Christmas xx hugs xx

  6. Is that an ornithogolum plant I see? Never saw that pink
    coloration before.... beautiful.

  7. wow love your sweet deocrations so's so cute.
    Love the gift from Vickie
    Have a wonderful Christmas my dear.
    Love and hugs x

  8. I am so pleased that you are happy with your ornament dear June. I knew I had to make you flowers, my fellow gardener. ;)
    Your home looks so very lovely inside AND out!!!

  9. Your tree looks wonderful June I spied one of my gifts to you hanging there. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos xx

  10. Everything looks so pretty. The hummer looks happy in his new home.

  11. It all looks wonderful. Merry Christmas June to you and yours.Hugs Shirley

  12. It's impressive , so much beautiful embroidered decoration . Your Christmas tree is beautiful and everything very again , very pretty .
    Greetings Sandra

  13. Wow, what a lovely Christmas tree with all that beautiful handmade ornaments! Merry Christmas to you June ! Happy holidays!
    Hugs, Antonina.

  14. Love the little birds and all your stitching on the Xmas tree

  15. It's a Christmas House you're living in! Love all those beautiful ornaments on your tree. Adorable gifts from wonderful friends. I follow Vickie's blog too, thanks for sharing the article:)

  16. Beautiful stitching, love all the ornaments

  17. Hi June, We have a lovely day here across the border. Love your trees , do you know the designer of the house on your tree. The one that looks like a Clarice Cliff house. It may have been gift so you may not know.Hope your week isnt too hectic and you have a some time to relax and enjoy.

  18. Hope you have a great Christmas x

  19. Wow! What lovely gifts, flowers, dresser and stitching tree. I'm hoping to have a tree with ornaments on next year but whether or not that actually happens is another thing!
    Merry Christmas to you too. I really hope you enjoy your new magnifying daylight lamp. :)

  20. Lovely catch up post June!
    I don't know if Winter is every going to come. The cherry trees have been blooming and so are my hellebores.
    Your stitching is lovely and lovely gifts from friends. Your tree and Christmas tree look amazing!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  21. Wonderful stitching as always.
    Your christmastree looks great. I like all the ornaments.
    Merry Christmas, Manuela

  22. What a wonderful picture full post again dear Butterflye. Lovely gifts and stitching and you Christmas tree is beyondfabulous ! Blsessings to you too!

  23. Your stitching tree looks so beautiful! And I love your WIPs, look forward to see them finished :)
    Have a most lovely festive season full of happiness and ...stitching time! 💜

  24. I love seeing other stitchers' homes, especially at Christmas time! Your tree is perfect, and all the ornaments are a delight to the eye! They inspire me to make more!! How neat that Vickie is featured in that magazine! Look forward to seeing your finished stitches! Have a Merry, Blessed Christmas! Hugs!

  25. Have a wonderful Christmas your tree is awesome! Your stitching is beautiful and I love all of your new gifts!

  26. Love your tree, so many lovely stitched ornaments, some great gifts you received.

    Merry Christmas.

  27. Well. this year, winter doesn't want to come but I remember that it was the same last year in December when it was mild and sunny. And then in January and February it came - frost and snow all over. We'll see what the first months of the next year will bring.

    Oh June, you have such a wonderful stitching trees with all sorts of ornaments. What a variety! And now you could add the thoughtful gifts from your friends ti the tree, what a treat.

    Sorry to hear that you are still so busy but I think after Christmas everything will slow down a bit and you can enjoy some more stitching time for all your great WIPs. Happy Christmas!

  28. Dear June,
    first up: Merry Christmas to you and your familiy - have some wonderful and cheerful days!

    The weather here in Austria is not very wintery also, although it is cold (around 2°C) every day, but wet and rainy.

    I love your tree with all those amazing cross stitched ornaments.

    Hope this past days before Christmas are not too busy for you!


  29. June ... I mentioned on one of Vonna's posts that I needed to invest in another lamp too. I think that will be something for 2016. A wonderful stitching tree and lovely stitching. Beautiful gifts from stitching friends too.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas.

  30. Your ornament tree looks delightfil, all those sttchijg memories with each ornament.
    Our bulbs gave their heads up too.
    Blessings to you June, have a wonderful Christmastime

  31. What a beautiful post! Your tree and that gorgeous dresser look amazing!
    Hope you and yours have a very happy Christmas.

  32. Oh Wow ! everything look perfect!
    Merry Christmas to you, June

  33. che bello il tuo albero!! Il tralala sta venendo benissimo

  34. Hello all is so nice with your decoration and your tree!!good present a new lamp for you!!Your cake in cross stitch grow up lovely!!Also here in Italia weather is really warm and wet no like winter season!!I wish to you and your family a nice Christams!!!Love

  35. Cute WIP's. And I love your ornament tree. Great job on all.

  36. What a lovely post and such a gorgeous tree with so many ornaments. Maybe a new lamp should be on my list too. Merry Christmas.

  37. As always, a post filled with lovely stitching and flowers! I hope your Christmas day is filled with love and laughter, June--you so deserve only wonderful things :) Hugs and Merry Christmas wishes from "across the pond!"

  38. Ohhh such a beautiful tree! Gorgeous collection of ornaments :D
    Merry Christmas my sweet friend :)

  39. Your Wips are progressing well.
    And you got so many lovely gifts.
    Your xmas decoration looks so awesome, so many!
    I wanne wish you a merry christmas, filled with joy and love!!

  40. A Very Merry Christmas and and a creative 2016, Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice