Friday, 1 January 2016


  I want to wish you my dear blogging friends and friends who read my blog,
a very Happy New Year.
I get very tearful on New Years Eve , thinking of loved ones that have passed and how much I miss them all , but I know I have to move forward for the family around me,  so I do put on a brave face , and enjoy the time of the year but it's not easy.
I did stay up until 1.00 so I am a bit groggy today , another dinner cooking away so thought I would write my blog out .
This last year was a very good year for my husband and myself and hoping that this year to will bring lots of wonderful times  . 
You just never know what each year holds for us , maybe that's a good thing who knows , my DH has lots of goals to go for this year . 
Myself I am not setting many goals I just want to be happy stitching and enjoying my garden and family and friends .
I know I will get dragged into my DH goals to , so I will be helping him where I can.
We had a wonderful Christmas and a very busy one , so this weekend we are just relaxing before the busy week next week.

I have a really large box of stitching to keep me happy this year and I am hoping to get lots of stitching done in the next few months.
I have started a new SAL but can't show you  just yet I set it out wrong and I am unpicking so will show you next week.

Well I stitched this one again for a friend who really likes my sweet deer it is different from the other one a little , so here they are .

Stitched on 28ct using good old DMC threads  Grande Histoire  de Noel.

                            by Les Brodeuese Parisiennes.

                                                              Below was the other one I stitched.

I have been so blessed again by sweet family and friends so below are  just a few of the lovely gifts I have been so blessed with.  I still have many more to show you next week 
                                     From our sweet friend Carol , how sweet is little bird
 I love it to bits and he sits happy on my cane branches singing away.

                       Also more lovely gifts from Carol , thank you so much dear friend .

Lovely gifts from Kate 

                                  And Linda thank you both so much.

                            From sweet Jenny, beautiful material , cant wait to try them thank you .

                                   From my dear friend Ann lovely Robin pillow , so cute  I love him .

                                   And many more gifts from Ann  Wow.

And even more gifts for a late Birthday gifts 
Thank you my friend so good to see you. 

Thank you all for the many cards you sent to us this year I had three rooms full of such beautiful cards 

        Christmas day I went out side and picked these lovely Spring flowers.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments in 2015 , I hope you will join me into 2016 .
Hello to new followers , and a very warm welcome .
I do have one wish for 2016 do you think we could slow it down just a little only last year flew by and at my age I want to make each year last a bit longer . HAPPY NEW YEAR to all .
What are you wishing for in the new year ?


  1. Wishing you a very Happy New Year June, a year filled with fun and happy times and also plenty for stitching.

  2. Lovely post and lovely sweet gifts , happy stitching into 2016! Xxxx

  3. Absolutely adore the robin cushion you have been gifted!!!! It's so cute!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Lovely stitching. Sending good new year thoughts to you and your family

  5. Happy New year June, I'm another one who gets a bit sad at New year this is the first year I've been up to see the new year in for goodness knows how long xxx beautiful gifts and stitching xxx Enjoy xxx hugs xxx

  6. Wonderful post! Thank you!
    I would like to write you a card :-) :-).
    Happy 2016,
    Miriam from Italy

  7. Happy New year June, I too hope this one goes by more slowly, last year went by far too quickly!!
    I just love that little deer so cute :-)

  8. Oh such happy, wonderful gifts you received. I can't believe you just picked those flowers for your Christmas table!! I want good health in 2016!

  9. All the best for new year!!You received so nice gift!!LOvely youre house decoreted for Christmas...and spring flowers on the table so funny for warm days...but winter come soon!!love

  10. You received very pretty gifts..
    Wishing you happy new year dear x

  11. Happy New Year!Enjoy the time as you wish!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. happy new year. the dear stitched pieces are so pretty. some beautiful gifts.

  13. Happy new year! Sounds like a good wish this past year flew by!

  14. The stitched deer and little bird made me smile. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Your received some very pretty gifts. Enjoy your stitching.

  15. Beautiful finishes and presents. Happy New Year to you too:)

  16. Happy New Year dear friend. Some lovely gifts you received, I especially love your robin pillow, it reminds me of my Grandad as they were his favourite birds.


  17. I wish you a wonderful New Year! Good health and happiness for you and your family ! Your embroidery is beautiful again and also all the gifts you received . Wonderful!
    Greetings from rainy Germany

  18. The girl and dear stitching so very pretty those charts and just purchased one in the theme "Broderie "Ouvrages " .Picking spring Flowers in the <new year sounds like a fairytale for me. We have -17 C here in our village :

  19. I wish you a wonderful New Year.
    All the gifts are so beautiful.
    Your little cushion is beautiful, too. I like it.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  20. I'm looking forward to reading many more of your posts in 2016 and admiring your beautiful work and garden. Happy New Year! :)

  21. I share your feelings about New Year's Eve, June, and was quite weepy this year. I am trying to also "put on a cheerful face," but it isn't easy. I'm just hoping 2016 brings a happier, healthier year...

    I'm so glad you like my little bird... I thought it would be perfect for you and is something that is not just for Christmas. I love your other gifts and all the cards--your house must have been full of Christmas cheer this year.

    Wishing you peace and contentment throughout 2016, my sweet friend!

  22. Happy New Year June!
    My first wish is for good health for Rich and myself. The second is safe travels. I have set a few goals that I hope will help with the good health :)
    That deer ornament is very sweet. What lovely gifts you received.
    Wishing you and yours and wonderful 2016!

  23. What beautiful gifts you received June. I love your sweet deer design and the two finishes are so different.
    Happy New Year!

  24. All the gifts are reaaly beautiful.
    I love the ornaments.
    Happy New Year!
    Greetings from Portugal

  25. that beautiful embroideries!
    happy new year to you!

  26. I am glad that you had a blessed Christmas and a very good year! Praying that you have a good year in 2016 also! We are not quite in winter weather yet... and because it was so warm at Christmas, my daffodil bulbs started to come up. I do hope they make it till real Spring arrives! It is refreshing to see your spring flowers! Hugs!

  27. Beautiful stitching and gifts received.

  28. Hello!

    Lovely stitching and very nice gifts.
    Your blog is beautiful.

  29. Happy New Year and Happy Stitching too.
    You have received some lovely gifts from your friends this year.

  30. I do wish I could pick such lovely flowers at Christmas, we have snow and it melts when brought into the house.
    Lovely gifts you have received.
    Beautiful finishes on your ornaments, so sweet.
    Great way to display Christmas Cards.


  31. Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year. It seems that it will be another busy year for you and your husband, but I hope that you will always find enough time for your lovely stitching and for your wonderful garden.

    Such a beautiful little gift that you stitched for a friend. I love all the designs by Les Brodeuses Parisiennes. And you received some wonderful gifts from your friends. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will pull out of your box with kitted projects next.

  32. A wonderful post to start the New Year off with. Behind already with posts now I'm back at work!

  33. Dear June,
    wishing you and your beloved a wonderful New Year with luck and - above all - health.
    Your stitching is so sweet but you have also been gifted with so wonderful things - you really deserve it, my dear friend.

    I am so much looking forwar to another wonderful year of blogging!


  34. Happy New Year to you June! Your finishes are beautiful and you have received wonderful gifts too.

  35. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you and your family! All the best!

  36. Happy new year sweet June!!:D
    beautiful banner on your blog header ;)
    Love the design you stitched twice, so cute!