Sunday, 31 January 2016


Hello friends ,
Well here we are the last day of January ! have you kept to your goals ? 
I did , well this year ,  I never made any .

How has your week been , I hope it was a good one .

We had a new little GGS a few days ago now  how lovely is that to start the New Year  so I am busy making and knitting little things for him.

But the start of this week I was hit by some kind of bug , so I am sorry I have not been reading so many blog posts but I have read a few when I was feeling a little better , then when I did feel better Thursday I went out for coffee and a little shopping and it hit me when I got home and Friday , I don't do unwell very well I hate not doing any thing . So when I could I was sorting out my ribbons they get in a right mess when I get busy I have a big jumbo bag of them so I have been buying some large nice boxes and will stack them in my craft room in the Spring , I seem to have allot of ribbons , I buy them up at the sales and after Christmas also my friends have brought me some very pretty ones in the past , but it is so good to go to a box and find just the right colour and not have to wait until you go shopping again.
I also have allot of lace and trimmings and want to put these into nice boxes . 
By the way I am better now thank goodness , just in time for the craft show in February .

My DH can't understand why I have to buy more ! but that's just me , I love ribbons , trimmings , lace, and buttons almost as much has my cross stitch.

My DH went to visit this lovely lady of 86 the other day and what was she doing a cross stitch map that she is going to put in our Garden and Craft Show , boy I was happy when he told me I was jumping up and down , I have years yet to get my pile of  WIPs done YES!

So that got me thinking about the show I had  better get sorting on what I am going to enter this year , I looked at my WIPs and found one I started last year or before ! 
so I have picked it up again . 
But first I will show you what I stitched for one of my best friends Sally we have been friends since my girls were small , I can show you because she is not into blogging , and won't see it . She loves magic and  fairies that sort of thing so I found a lovely little chart for her birthday in March.

Her favorite colours too.

I found this chart inside a booklet called fantasy collection .
From the Cross Stitch Crazy mag Dec 2015 .
Called cast a spell  by Shannon Wasilieff. 


I use some unknown 28ct material, with DMC threads and a gold unknow thread.

And here I have started stitching on my garden one maybe for the show .

 Au Coeur Du Jardin by the lovely Passion Bonheur

And once again many thanks for your wonderful comments and a warm hello to new followers. 
I will now leave you with a few photos of my many ribbons and trimmings , there are lots more in the jumbo bag and craft room 

Have a super happy week.

So where do you keep your ribbons please show on your blogs would love to see how you keep all your stash together.

I think could open a shop , that would be fun .
Enjoy your week dear friends.


  1. You do have allot of trimmings, love the spell stitching. Glad you are feeling better. Big hugs Sis. Take care.

  2. Glad you are feeling better dear..
    Love the spell stitch piece so much
    Big hugs x

  3. Hope you are ok now ((hugs)) - wow!! That is a lot of ribbon and lace :-) I never seem to have the right stuff to hand lol. Your stitching is gorgeous as always and such beautiful designs xx Enjoy what is left of the weekend xx

  4. Glad you're a bit better June, it's that time of year unfortunately.
    Love the stitching - the Passion Bonheur is so fresh looking. Congratulations again on the new arrival - what a lovely way to begin the year.

  5. Очень красивая вышивка!!!

  6. Lovely stitching...and just look at all the pretty trims.

  7. Your embroidery is I really like!
    Your stocks are not surprised! Are you sure you can open shop :-)
    Have a nice new week!

  8. Wonderful stitching as always.
    The little fairy is very cute.
    Wow! So many ribbons.
    Greetings, Manuela

  9. You have some lovely ribbons and lace there! I like to have everything to hand too.
    I love the enchanting stitch for your friend and I'm sure she will love it too. It's so nice to stitch for friends who appreciate our handiwork. And your Passion Bonheur piece is just gorgeous!

  10. Wow I love love love cast a spell! I love the embellishments you added as well they fit in perfectly! I don't have any ribbon really other than a spool or two so no pics and my scrapbook in stuff is all in storage. But that's okay lol I have my stitchy stuff :). Lovely progress and organizing :)

  11. Congratulations on your new GGS! My, oh my you have many ribbons!!

  12. Oh my goodness that is a lot of ribbon and lace. It must be a real treat going through those when choosing for a project. They are kept in lovely boxes. Congratulations on becoming a GGM. Love your stitcheries, lovely fresh bright colouring.

  13. I love seeing all your ribbons and trims! I have quite a few myself... Maybe I will do a post about them soon... Hugs!

  14. Lovely stitching . June, you have nice collection of beautiful ribbons:)))
    Have a nice week!

  15. I am sorry you have been unwell.... But pleased you are on the mend now.
    Wow!! Gosh!! Love the colours of all your ribbons and trims, they are lovely. I really like how you have stored them all too.
    Lovely stitching.. Your stitching is always so pretty and makes me smile.

  16. love your finish and stitching, you can never have to many ribbons.
    Hope you feel better soon♥

  17. Lovely stitching. Your friend should adore her little cushion. I love ribbons too and have a huge stash from my scrapbooking days. Pity I don't use many of them for my stitching projects. :)

  18. Wow stitches are absolutely wonderful
    I adore them

  19. Huge congratulations on the new arrival to your family, a wonderful way to start the year.
    Gorgeous little gift you made for your friend, a fun design and so colourful too.
    Now that is a lot of lovely trimmings and ribbons, mine are in bags according to their width and lay flat in a drawer.

  20. Cast a spell finish for your friend looks fantastic, I love it!!
    I love your ribbons/lace storage. I've outgrown my box, so at the moment they are all mixed up... Really must buy a bigger box & sort that out!

  21. la mia scatola dei nastri e delle passamanerie è un disastro, in disordine. Bellissimi i tuoi ricami

  22. Now that's a lovely selection of ribbons and trims to choose from! Love your pillow finish and glad to hear you are feeling better.

  23. Good to know you are feeling better June. Both stitching looked wonderful and cheery.
    Lovely selections of trimmings and ribbons you have in your stash.

  24. You stitched nice gift for your friend and Jardin by Passion Bonheur looks wonderful, so pretty colours.
    Oh boy how much you have ribbons on your stash!

  25. Glad you are feeling better now June.

    Such a lovely variety of stitching, I love what you stitched for your friend, and i'm sure she will too!

    Some of my ribbons are in a box, others in my stash cupboard and yet more in a cookie jar!
    I must get myself some pretty boxes like you :-)


  26. Good to read that you are already feeling better, June.
    I love your new header, it's such a lovely piece. And wow, such a lot of ribbons and lace. No wonder that you always find the things for your perfect finishing:) I love the little pillow you stitched and finished for Sally. Wonderful colors.
    Garden looks gorgeous, it would certainly a great piece for the show.

  27. What a great collection (and very organized too!) of ribbons and trims! Lovely stitching, they are both lovely designs.

  28. What a great collection (and very organized too!) of ribbons and trims! Lovely stitching, they are both lovely designs.

  29. I do hope you are feeling better by now, June. My husband is sick with something, too--hope I don't catch it! Congratulations on your new GGS!! How many do you have now? Such a wonderful family--I hope you get to hold him very soon.

    Love your piece for Sally and the garden WIP is just lovely. Oh, and those ribbons and trims--I would be in heaven :)

    Take care now, my friend, and happy February to you!

  30. Śliczna wróżka :) Twój nowy projekt piękny, pachnący wiosną.

  31. I am happy to read that you feel better! Compliments for the new header and for your box of ribbons and trims: very organized and in order!
    Miriam from Italy

  32. Cast a spell is so beautifully finished. Your things are so organized. Luckily I'm just into cross stitch so I don't have too much stuff:)

  33. Oooh... That is an enchanting finish. Sally would definitely love it. I recently just found out about Shannon Wasilieff and I must say her designs are fab.
    So much trims and ribbons. You're making me drool! :P

  34. I am so ahppy for you having a new GGS!!! Passion Bonheure piece is almost too pretty to be real ..and Your trimmings really are something to mention!!!

  35. I am so ahppy for you having a new GGS!!! Passion Bonheure piece is almost too pretty to be real ..and Your trimmings really are something to mention!!!

  36. Beautiful post - love, LOVE the enchanting pattern and all your pretty ribbons.

  37. Congratulations on the little arrival to the family :) don't forget to show us a pic of the little baby boy =))) I miss when my boy was that little!! ;) Can you believe Lourenço is almost two?? Time flies.. oh well, with so many children on your family, you know it better than me ;) heheheh
    Glad to hear you are feeling better by now!
    Love you collection of ribbons!! :D Any crafter always needs a little more stash ;)
    Your wip looks beautiful!! :D
    hugs&smiles, Nia

  38. Really love your fantasy stitch!!oh...a paradise of ribbon and lace...I love them...I have a little...but I hope to increase my collection...Congratulation for your!!Kisses

  39. I hope you are feeling better June. Congratulations on the new arrival. Beautiful stitching and finishing. You certainly have a few ribbons. I have 2 Really Useful Boxes and hopefully on my next post I will answer your question.

  40. I love that exchanted piece.. cool colors!!!
    Your finsihed it off so lovely!!!
    Ow My you have so many ribbons and lace!!!!!!
    Love them all.
    I have mine in one box, but your really dont want to see a pic of it.
    Its very messy. How more i look in the box, how messier it will be