Sunday, 7 February 2016


Hello friends , 
February is here and I think so is spring  ! well it is in my garden .
It 's been a funny week this past week and I don't do stress but It seems everything went wrong .
So you can get a feel of what my week was like.
Anyway I am feeling much better now, my bug which came back twice I think is now gone .
The last part of this week we have been out and about , yesterday my friends and I went to a stitching show , well we got drowned it did not stop raining .
And when I took my glasses out of my bag to look at things they broke good job they were my old ones ha.
And there were no cross stitch stands !  not one but I did buy a few bits will show you next time , a few more ribbons and lace and lots of material and some card toppers and glue 
some felt and some felt patterns .
 Then I was sorting in a box that had sale things in there and I found some cross stitch kits and one I really liked so YES I brought it .
I must say I was happy to get home the roads were flooded and branches in the road broken from the storm.

I will show you what I made for mouse for her birthday.

Another from the sewing chart of Les brodeuses Parisiennes.

                                                      28 ct and dmc threads 
                                          A little heart to hang up in mouses new craft room.

And I can now show you what I stitched for Kim on the SCE exchange.

                          Christmas Bird house by CCN 

                            And a few extras .

And from Christina for me  a beautiful Christmas ornament.

                       And some lovely extras

                   More lovely flowers from hubby .

                            And Spring is trying to pop in.

Thank you again for popping by and your lovely comments .
I am very short of time today but will be coming to visit you all this week.
Wishing you all a fun week until next time have fun with your stitching and crafts.


  1. Oh my goodness, your Husband is wonderful, the flowers are beautiful.
    Love all your stitching projects, that heart for Mouse is adorable, I love the bows added.


  2. Oh the endless rain June, it's been so wet this winter.
    Your flowers are way ahead of us, I've got a tiny bunch of snowdrops showing and that's it.
    My sister said that they had a lot of things in full bloom a couple of weeks ago - that's Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire.

  3. Sorry to hear about your rough week. Really like your stitching, June. Beautiful exchange gifts.

  4. Sorry to hear about your bad week June. Your finishes are adorable, and I love your gifts from Christina especially the lovely snowman.
    Here's hoping for a better week coming up!

  5. Oh my, you have Spring popping up and I have snow on the ground with more coming for the next 3 days. I love all of you little stitch items. Great gifts.

  6. Wonderful gifts. I do hope the new week will be much better.

  7. Beautiful gifts June, and yes we have some signs of spring too, but with this weather I fear everything will be battered. Yesterday and now the rain is lashing down!
    Have a great week. X

  8. Sorry your craft fair was a,wash out (in more ways than one!) Gorgeous stitching and lovely goodies to enjoy - hope you have a great week xxx hugs xxx

  9. Such lovely gifts you made. And what a treat the gifts you received are.
    It DOES look like Spring popping up in your garden! We are still covered in snow here.

  10. I adore all projects that I'm seeing
    Flowers are so beautiful
    I love colours and perfume

  11. Lovely gifts you made and received. Spring IS popping out. What an encouraging site to see.It is relentlessly hot here in N.Z.and also horrible humidity.Today sitting in front of the fan and stitching and crocheting and watching cricket.Don't like closing the house up to turn the air con on during the day. Do that in the evening.We so need some rain. Ironic isn't it?

  12. Lovely spring pictures from your garden and gifts so nice!

  13. You exchanged lovely gifts. All of the ornaments have been so beautifully made.
    I hope you keep safe from the crazy weather today and that good luck and your stitchy bug return to you soon. :)

  14. The heart you made is so pretty and so is also the another stitching with all those wonderful extras. You received lovely gift too. Your new header piece is lovely and what a gorgeous spring flowers.

  15. Your garden already looks like in the middle of spring. But we have had some warmer temperatures as well for a week now. And I have discovered two little shy primroses starting to bloom protected under a bush. But unfortunately the have forecast new snow for the middle of this week. Not what I was hoping for :(
    You have stitched two gorgeous gifts for your fellow stitchers. And received such a lovely snowman ornament and gorgeous goodies.
    I hope the new week will be better for you.

  16. All your finishes are so wonderful. I like the little heart.
    Have a nice week, Manuela

  17. Beautiful stitching & finishing! Your heart is my favourite this time :)

  18. Lots of lovely projects ..they all so pretty
    Pretty flowers...
    Big hugs x

  19. Lovely post as usual June, The header is so sweet and I can smell those hyacinths from hear,heavenly. The wind is horrendous here today and when it rains it is almost horizontal. I am so fed up with rain, we did take a walk when we had a sunny day which was so nice to get out and not come home drowned.
    Have a good week and I will get a blog post done hopefully tomorrow. Many hugs

  20. Sorry spelt here wrong , fingers not doing what brain is telling it lol.

  21. Sorry spelt here wrong , fingers not doing what brain is telling it lol.

  22. The ornie that you stitched for Kim is adorable, June. I love the little sprig of holly that you added. I'm so pleased that you like what I sent for you. I think I spied my ornie on your tree in one of your Christmas posts and I was thrilled to bits!

  23. awww june, your garden is always the best!
    And I LOVE the tulips... your hubby spoils you :) well deserved!!!

  24. So many lovely gifts on your blog. I am sure the ornie will look wonderful in the new Mouse House Craft Room.
    Look at all the Spring flowers too!

  25. Lots of beautiful stitching. the flowers are so pretty.

  26. It's so wonderful to see the first flowers of spring in your beautiful garden, June! We are due for some snow this week. Oh well, I can't complain--it has been an easy winter so far.

    Your gifts for Mouse and Kim are delightful and I love the ornament you received from Christina. I really need to try a beaded edge again--haven't done one in ever so long.

    You stay healthy now and I look forward to seeing what you purchased at the stitching show!

  27. Hello June ! I really loved everything in this post and your beauifull stitching makes me to want lern more. This week I have been waiting my pair of glasses so I have done some traditional embroidery instead of cross stitching. Your spring flowers looks like miracle to me...we have it snowy with very cold or icy and wet depends on the week ...Both the French pattern and CCN piece are lovely !

  28. Pretty finishes and what lovely flowers, all is dull and dark here, no flowers to see, roll on Spring

  29. What a beautifull pieces you have made!!!
    LOVE LOVE your flowers.. and so many. really spring already.. here it's fall. rain rain, brown and dark

  30. Beautiful stitching. I really love the bead work on your gift form Christine, it must have taken her ages. x

  31. That is such a sweet gift,so adorable. I always admire how you finish them, so neat:)

  32. Beautiful stitching and all of your finishes are so wonderful. My favourites are the heart and the bird house.
    Lovely gifts you made and received.
    Very pretty flowers.

  33. Lovely gift for Mouse :) We got some snow finally so no hope of flowers around here anytime soon.

  34. Beautiful gifts for Mouse and Kim. Your gift from Christina is lovely, I have that freebie, it's good to see it stitched up. Ah Spring flowers, nice to see them make an appearance.

  35. So nice presents and stitchs especialli heart!!nice flowers,spring is near but a lot of rain also here!!love!!

  36. Yes, it does look like Spring has arrived in your garden now! Not here... we will be getting a bit of snow tomorrow and frigid temperatures till next week. Your giftie for Mouse is very cute--sure she loves it! And your Christmas Birdhouse finish is also great! It reminds me I still have not finished mine! Ack! Glad that you are feeling better...Hugs!

  37. Your flowers are gourgeous and the stitches too! :-))

  38. Thank you once again for my gorgeous heart ... it is hanging in my room atm awaiting its final best place which hopefully will be sorted tomorrow paws crossed :) spring is showing signs of arriving here too :) love mouse xxxxx

  39. Beautiful stitching, June, I love it all.