Monday, 22 February 2016


Hello Stitching friends , 
Hope you are all having lovely stitching time .
This past week has been another rather busy one for us .
We had a load of appointments and family times this week.
So I will keep this writing short today and share with you my stitching and photos.
Oh dear DH has just dropped a bucket of paint in the conservatory , good job it's only cream and right by the back door , so happy it was not me would never  hear the end of it so he is busy cleaning up ha.

So on with my stitching , first up I had one ready for Valentine's day but never got around to finish it but I will soon when things are not so busy .

                                              A Little  Love  by Lizzie Kate .
                                                  Such a sweet little design .
                                                Stitched in a pale lemon 28 ct with a mix of threads .

 And my SAL with Maryse is ready and I am just waiting for the next part.


Below is what I stitched for sweet Barb for her Birthday .
If you go over to her blog you will see the finish I was so much in a rush forgot to take a photo , the material  I backed it with is a French one that you can see here.

 Here is the start on the lovely design I won from Mii.

I have changed the adia for 28 ct  , really enjoying this one.

Below a lovely card from my sweet friend Karen no blog .

She also sent me this yummy cake.

And another card from my sweet friend Nancy no blog .

And from me to DH and DH to me .
he brought me a cross stitch kit too will show you soon.

Flowers are open now and smell wonderful .

And look who came to say hello to GGN & GGD .

My new GGS looks like a little angel.

Talking about little Angels we spent most of yesterday with the GGC 
We had lots of fun , came back covered in chocolate and sticky stuff , DH was rolling on the floor with them all then giving donkey rides , he couldn't walk last night and fell asleep in the chair , when we left they screamed the house down , such happy times .
Thank you once again for all the wonderful comments , I love to read every one of them .
This week I will catch up with you all on your blogs .
Have a great week.


  1. Oh that sweet baby!Maybe he be healthy and lucky as we say in Greece!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Oh your GGS! How precious!
    Your latest stitching is so sweet. I especially love your gift for Barb. Is that a French design?

  3. Your love piece is so cute. Nice gift for Barb too. The baby is so cute.

  4. Sounds like a lot if fun! Great gifts and lovely stitching too you have done good friends :)

  5. Gorgeous stitching as always xxx your new hugs is gorgeous enjoy your cuddles xxx

  6. Ohh wow beautiful post
    I saw beautiful things
    Many compliments

  7. Oh June love your stitched pieces. Baby is beautiful. How lovely that you spent the day with them making memories. Poor Ron but you know they will remember that when they are older. I remember my Grandfather playing games with me as if it were yesterday xx

  8. So many wonderful stitching projects. My favourite is the SAL from Maryse.
    Greetings, Manuela

  9. Beautiful stitching - and what an angel! He's beautiful.

  10. What lovely post! Baby so cute!

  11. Lots of beautiful pieces you are working on. nice photos. the baby is adorable.

  12. Adorable finishes June.


  13. What a lovely and joyful post. Look like you had a wonderful and fabulous week June.

  14. che amore di bambino, proprio un angelo, meravigliosi i ricami

  15. Super sweet finishes and beautiful stitching..
    Such a lovely post my dear x

  16. I love that little LK Love design, it's very pretty & the colour palette is perfect :)
    Great start on your gardening lass!!

  17. Such a happy post filled with beautiful things! Your stitching is great - love that Lizzie*Kate piece! And what a cute baby!

  18. What a beautiful post despite being busy:) I love all your beautiful stitches. The SAL is so adorable. Lovely presents. Sleeping GGS looks so cute!

  19. A sweet baby , it seems happy and looks healthy. Your embroidery like me all again very good. The Love lettering and to the beautiful fabrics , wonderful. But the best I find the thread spools with the flowers on it . It is my favorite today .
    wish you a good time
    Greetings Sandra

  20. Beautiful stitching as always June and what a gorgeous baby boy!

  21. What a beautiful baby, so contented too.
    It's good to spend time with family June. A lovely "feel good" post as usual June, it's always a pleasure to stop by.

  22. You HAVE had some busy times!! Wow! Your newest grandson DOES look like an angel--so very precious!! Glad that you spent time with family, as it is such a lift to everyone's spirits to be with family! I believe I stitched that LK chart a while ago... it is very cute! As are the JP SAL squares so far! Have a great week! Hugs!

  23. Such a beautiful post filled with delightful things including your little person....
    Have a wonderful week June x

  24. Your grandson is precious! What is his name? I think that becoming a grandma was the greatest gift ever given to me. And now my sweet baby is already 7 years old and growing up so fast! Your stitching is lovely...especially love the Lizzie Kate...I wonder if I have that one in my stash....

  25. Lovely stitching and gifts. You're one lucky lady! :)

  26. So beautiful, your latest stitching projects. And you received some lovely Valentine cards and gifts. I'm very curious to see what cross stitch kit your husband gave you.
    Wonderful to spend a day with your great-grandchildren. So precious, your little great-grandson.

  27. What a lovely post, all is so beautiful, your stitching and gifts you received.
    And your header is adorable, love it!
    Your GGS looks so cute, too!

  28. I am so with Irmeli ...everythinh is so sweet LK piece is darling cute as well as the Baby Boy. You are rally blessed to have a such an Angel to visit you :)

  29. Beautiful stitching and pretty gifts too. Your dear GGS looks so adorable.

  30. I love the Baby picture so sweet, your Valentine stitch is lovely, the chocolate cake looks yummy.
    Beautiful cards, and a very smart man who gets stitching for his wife.
    All your projects are lovely.


  31. Sweet, sweet baby and nice stitching here!

  32. Słodkie maleństwo :) Piękne hafty. Sal z różami wspaniały! Pozdrawiam.

  33. The fabrics you picked for your LK Love finish will be perfect! Can't wait to see the finish :)

  34. I love your Lizzie Kate finish! The fabrics are the perfect choice!
    What a beautiful, sweet baby!

  35. What lovely stitching! Such a precious child!

  36. What lovely stitching! Such a precious child!

  37. Lovely stitching and love the LK so much I have ordered it, wonderful precious times with your GC xx

  38. Sleeping babies always look angelic!
    I like the L*K on the lemon fabric, I think I need more yellow fabric in my stash!
    Barb's gift is a sweet design and how nice that friends sent you Valentine's cards, you must feel very loved!

  39. What a beautiful blog! All your works are amazing.

    best wishes from Hungary


  40. hahahahah I'm laughing while reading how happy you are because you weren't the one who dropped the paint :D LOL
    Such a lovely post :) but I have to say the most precious photo is the last one!!! Sweet little baby, so cute =)