Monday, 29 February 2016

Take time to smell the roses .

 Hello to all my stitching friends.
How was your week? 
Lots of lovely stitching time for you all I hope.

Just like to thank you all for your wonderful comments on the last few posts , I do love to share my stitching with you all and so happy I inspire some of you , I do try and tempt you all to enjoy your stitching . 

Stitching is such a beautiful gift, and I do hope we do not lose this beautiful craft , with everyone living such busy lives. 
It is so good to see many younger stitchers today , and some I know stitching well passed their eighty's how wonderful.

I started  to cross stitch when I was 5 years old,  at school I made my Mother a little mat it was  11 ct adia and I stitched row after row of little crosses  Mother put it on top of the TV . I never crossed stitch again until my 40's when I re found this beautiful craft .
With such a busy life the world was just passing me by , my DH and I were working around the clock , then I had a life changing time after I lost a loved one , and I needed time for myself time to smell the roses , time to do something to heal , and I found it ,
I found a chart in a magazine it was cross stitch and I went out and brought all the threads and materials and I was off stitching and never looked back , I found again this wonderful craft  to heal my broken heart , and I do really take time to smell the roses in my garden with my DH .
I know I say this every year but every year seems to go faster it will be March tomorrow !
Where have the last eight weeks gone.

If you find your life is whizzing past , please do take time to smell the roses.
Life is to short , not to enjoy a few simple pleasures .

                        So talking of roses here is a simple stitch by Dany .
                        I used white 28 ct and a mixture of varied coloured threads.

                                                   Roses for you by Danybrod .

                                 Thank you Dany for another beautiful design.

                                              Last week's design is now finished .

A Little Love by LK.

More lovely flowers from my sweet hubby.

 And a few of my Christmas roses that are still in flower .

And a few garden delights .

I can't wait to get back to the garden but it has been very cold this week .
I did notice a bluebell coming into flower will show you next time .
Well after I posted last week I went down with a nasty cold , so I stayed in the warm .
I am feeling much better now , almost gone.
I am still stitching away on my SALs and my larger stitching and will have a few more to show you next week .
Have a lovely Spring week every one , March tomorrow that means our Anniversary will be coming up and next year will be a very big one for us .
Have fun.


  1. Oh June, you are so correct. Thank you for sharing your heart and your words of wisdom.
    What a lovely rose piece. And I "LOVE" your LK piece. So cheery the way you finished it off.

    1. I forgot! I love your header so very much! Pansies are my most favorite flower. :D

  2. Hugs and kisses to you!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Yes, cross stitching is a kind of therapy,too. It's a very beautiful and relaxing hobby . While you are stitching you can forget about all troubles...
    Your rose pillow is amazing, so sweet... I can smell the roses with you .
    Your other flower pictures are wonderful,too. Thank you for this lovely post. I'm glad that I've found your blog...

  4. hello my dear i love your header so much..its so sweet.
    love your stitching so much..LK finish is so pretty.
    smiles and love x

  5. gorgeous finishes, I can almost smell the roses ☼

  6. Your roses are so wonderful. I can smell them.
    Your LK stitching is beautiful.
    Greetings, Manuela

  7. Congrats on the lovely finishes June.


  8. A lovely post ((hugs)) your stitching is gorgeous as always :-)the joy of cross stitch is you can pick up and put down as and when - I've picked up my knitting needles at the moment - well I say that I'm knitting for the first time on a round needle I've cast on and put it down lol when I'm feeling brave I'll pick it back up xx

  9. Flowers are so beautiful and you did a very great projects

  10. Lovely stitcheries. Your sentiments are so true. Love the flowers. Hugs and best wishes for a good week Shirley

  11. Beautiful post, June. Your words are so thoughtful and wise. Love your finishes and gorgeous flowers. Take care, my friend.

  12. Beautiful finishes and flowers!

  13. Beautiful stitching and finishing!

  14. What a lovely post full of beautiful flowers, stitched and real. Your rose finish is so pretty and so is LK piece too. I have also this Dany's pattern in my to do list.

  15. Lovely thoughts - sometimes we are too busy to take note of the simple things in life. I expect the flowers in your garden will be smelling just as lovely as roses soon. :)

  16. What a lovely post June ,which is nothing new as your posts are always full of pics to enjoy . We too have an anniversary this month March, and like you a big one next year. What date is yours. Hope you will soon be fully recovered from your cold.

  17. Wonderful stitching...and lovely flowers.... days seem to be just passing so quickly.

  18. Beautiful finishes, as always!
    I do prefer the cute LK one, you've found perfect matching fabrics :)

  19. Beautiful finishes June, I simply love your LK finish :)

  20. The flowers are gorgeous and so are your stitching.

  21. Two lovely finishes - you always find the perfect fabrics and finishing touches!
    It was interesting to read about your cross stitching history. I think I would go insane without my stitching!

  22. che meraviglia i tuoi fiori, e i ricami sono bellissimi

  23. The roses pincushion is sooo beautiful! Lovely garden awakens!

  24. Lovely stitching June and you are right we should all take time out to smell the roses. Its scary how fast the years of late seem to be flying by xx

  25. I can hear you, dear June, on smelling the roses. Life goes by so fast and I also try to "smell the roses" each and every day. I enjoy all the wonderful little things that every day offers - a walk through the garden, discovering the first very small primroses, watching the birds at their feeder, seeing how the snow is melting - all these little things warm my heart and make me happy. And stitching of course.
    I love your two finished smalls. You always finish-finish them in the most beautiful way.

  26. It is nice to smell and look to all your beautiful flowers: naturals and stitched!

  27. Piękne prace! U Ciebie wspaniała wiosna w ogrodzie i w haftach :)

  28. Life really is speeding by too fast! Here it is already March 2nd! Love your two finished projects... you did a good job on them! Thanks for sharing your garden also... My garden is not quite there yet... daffodils are up but not blooming yet! Probably not till end of the month... Hugs!

  29. Wonderful finishes. Ahh you have daffodils out ... I love to see them ... so bright and cheery.

  30. I also made a mag for my mother at school! She also put it on top of the TV. Now we have flat screens there is nowhere for the little mats to go anymore!
    Love your bunch of stitched roses and all the real flowers too.

  31. What a pretty header you have, June! Love the pansies so much :)

    I'm glad you got back into stitching after all of those years--otherwise I would never have "met" you!!

    Beautiful finishes and fabulous flowers. I can't wait for things to warm up around here. I somehow missed your last post but wanted to say how precious your newest great grandbaby is--you are so blessed!

  32. Really lovely and true what you write about's true and good try a time for cross stitch to relax our mind!!Lovely your works!!Have happy week end!!

  33. Such pretty stitching and lovely flowers June. I keep saying this but we are so far behind you with our flowering seasons. All we have to show is a smattering of snowdrops.

  34. Love your pillow finish's so sweet, vey creative with the Home Grown Label looks lovely.
    Your color combinations are perfect for both pillows.
    I am in awe of your flowers so beautiful.
    I started to stitch in my teens and have been stitching for 46 years I love it.


  35. Thanks for sharing, I love all the beautiful flowers in your posts. The LK finish is gorgeous. I too stopped stitching for a while, when my mom passed away in '09 and got busy with work. Restarted slowly around '13 and started blogging late '14 and never regretted connecting with beautiful people like you:)

  36. Great post! Thank you for sharing :) I'm surprised to read you stopped stitching for so many years but happy to know you found on xxx a way to heal your broken heart =)
    Gorgeous flowers!
    Hugs&smiles to you my friend

  37. I still need to restart stitching.. Can't remember the last time I did it.
    Only have my crochet needle at the moment!!