Saturday, 13 February 2016


Hello  friend's 
Well this is the week of Love & Hearts , and Red Roses .
I am looking forward to showing you what I made but I need to finish it first so next week I will show you.
This week brought some sunshine and showers and the last few days have been a little colder. 
I did get out a bit and had coffee with friends and lunch one day with hubby.
It was good to get out of the house more but saying that I am a home bird really.

The birds have been down for their food more this week with the cold and I have the most beautiful Robin he sits on a small branch and sings away , what a heart warming little bird I can hear him right now.

So what have I got to share with you today , some SAL's a whip and my thread box , and a few bits I brought from the show last week , can't show you all as some were for gifts .

So first up my SAL with Maryse .

I am still working on the the 2nd square of both SAL's 

                           Notice hearts and roses .


 SAL I am stitching with Ele , she was so kind to let some of my ladies join in from my club too.

                  Below my WIP before 

And after.

           Designer Passion Bonheur , Au Coeur du Jarden.

And now some photos of stash I brought last week at the show.

More ribbons and lace.


I brought this for hafe price and found it in a sale box , I was so lucky because they had no cross stitch stores at the show.
It will go well with my other purple flower stitching .

It was lovely to see how some of you keep your ribbons .
Now how do you keep your threads that you are working from ?

I changed all mine from bobbins to little bags I noticed that the threads were kinking on the bobbin's.
Now I can get every colour into one of my ribbon boxes so I can have every colour on hand when I am stitching so much better and quicker .

So these are the little bags.

And my box.
I have one of every colour in this box so easy now to work from.

When they run down I just replace one from my stock .
 I was so lucky to win a kit from Mii and I have just made a start on it and will show you next week .
Also some Valintine cards and gifts I will show.
Thank you once again sweet friends for your lovely comments .
And wishing you all a Happy Stitching week , and leaving you with some Spring photos from my day out yesteday.


  1. That is a really good way of storing your threads. I don't have any kind of system when it comes to storage of threads to be honest, just a very very messy sewing box. I think I my just try your way of sorting things and see if it works for me. Beautiful stitching as always. Leah x

  2. What a happy beautiful post, love the bright stitching and ribbons and oh that beautiful peacock, now nature knows how to create wonderful colours doesn't she ..that blue and green sheen, just stunning. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day xx

  3. Beautiful SaLs...and love your fabrics and trims. I'm going to check out the SAL from Maryse. Thank you!!!

    1. Kim I saw you are doing some other SALs I'm in. Did you look up Maryse SAL, yet? I love it but couldn't find a place on the blog to translate it.

  4. Again, I remind myself to take pictures of my supplies... You are making great progress on your SALs. They are so dainty and pretty, nicely done! Love the pink pom pom trim. You will make such pretty embellishing with all those ribbons and laces. And Backing fabrics! Love the Vervaco flower kit... it will be gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such sweet stitches you are working on!!! You have an eye for fabrics and trims ~ no wonder your finishes are always so sweet!

  6. Wonderful progress on all of your WIPs, June! I love the colors in each of them--so spring-like and cheery :) Lovely new stash--especially love the polka-dot fabrics you purchased.

    I have never used bobbins for my threads as I feared it would leave kinks, too. So I use a little toolbox type storage box with lots of little drawers for several colors in DMC order. It works great and doesn't take up much space.

    What a lovely spring you are having--the peacock is brilliant!

  7. Love the SAL with Maryse. I could translate her page so I wasn't sure how to join the SAL or get the pattern.

  8. That's couldn't translate her blog

  9. Hi June, as always a lovely blog, I too would love to join in Maryse SAL but no translation on her blog. Your ribbon and fabrics are lovely. Thanks for the flower show, just so spring, better than snow. I too love the peacock and his brilliant colours. Have you done all the Month girls, I like your February. I have the charts of them but haven't had time to do any. Have a great weekend. Big hugs Sis

  10. Lots of goodies. love your February goodies.

  11. Beautiful sal, love the Jardin piece. Great colors.

  12. You are making great progress on all your stitching, such lovely pieces :-)
    Most of my floss is in bags too now, much easier to see what you want i think.

    We have not had so much rain either this week, it's made a pleasant change. I too have a little robin come to visit, he always comes over when i'm out in the garden, such sweet birds.
    Have a good week x

  13. Wonderful progress on your stitching.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  14. Oh June, I do envy you the weather you get compared to us up here in chilly Scotland.
    Today we have had snow and sleet all day. I don't like bobbins either for keeping my threads. I struggle for space as a result but I prefer the fact that I don't end up with thread that kinks.
    Have a good weekend.

  15. Lovely spring pictures and beautiful stitching! Always nice to get more fabrics and ribbons;)

  16. Hello there June, oh I am loving your sal with Maryse , such prettiness abounds on your blog. Hmm know what you mean about the bobbins but I have so many I dont think I could face all that unwinding.Happy Valentines to you.

  17. I must say once again that really love your posts in this blog they fulfilled with lovely stitching and flowers. Sal with maryse is special sweet. The peacock is something you really do not see in our woods.

  18. Those are all such sweet projects! Beautiful photos, too. The peacock is gorgeous.

    I also store my thread in bags. I don't like how curly it gets when it's wound around bobbins. It seems to snag easier.

  19. I shared how I store my floss last year, laid out in order on cardboard, stack upon stack in my floss basket.
    Love the peacock June. Where ever did you spy him?

  20. Love all your stitcheries, they are beautiful. Re Maryse's SAL, I took your advice and wrote to her in English. She will send a Paypal statement then when completed she will send the crosstitch charts. Am trying to decide whether to do them individually or altogether. The spring photos are lovely. VERY hot here in N.Z. I store my ribbons in a large round box, my silk ribbons are in small plastic bags in another box, some ribbons are in small cellophane bags and in another box!!. I love my boxes:-))

  21. Great progress on your beautiful WIPs. As always I have enjoyed the pretty photographs you post. Have a Happy Valentine's Day:)

  22. What a pretty post! You are stitching with some gorgeous colours - Maryse's SAL and the Passion Bonheur charts just scream Spring to me!
    I love your new kit and so glad to hear you have started the kit from Mii. I thought of you when I first saw it!

  23. Awesome pictures in glad your new system works well :)

  24. These SALs are fantastic, particularly the one by Maryse. She is such a great designer. And you made some wonderful progress on your garden WIP. I just love all these little motifs on it. This straw hat is so lovely.
    Great finds at the show. The I was at a craft show the last time (about three years ago) they already had only very few cross stitch stalls. The next show I can attend will be in May and I hope that there will be cross stitch at all.
    I have all my DMC on bobbins but I wind them very loosely and they are fine like that.

  25. Lovely progress on all your SALs and projects. They are all very cheerful and Spring like too.
    You got some great stash at the show, the fabrics look great all together like that!
    I use the Floss-away bags on rings for my thread storage. I like being able to fit more than one skein in a bag and add in any loose threads from different projects. Plus, life is too short to bobbinate!

  26. I love your Sals and the lovely trims and fabrics pretty..
    Big hugs x

  27. All your SALs look lovely! I also love the way you organized your floss in!Love the peacock too!AriadnefromGreece!

  28. Oohhh, I love your new fabric stash. Especially the blue one with the tiny stars. I store my dmc on bobbins in boxes. I have 1 of each colour in these boxes. I also have 'spares' stored in bags in my craft box. My parents lived in Malaysia for many years and dmc threads were much cheaper (about 15p each) over there. I think I have enough to keep me going for a VERY long time!

  29. Lots of lovely little x's you have been putting in June. The birds have been singing here too with a bit more lovely sunshine.

  30. Happy Valentine's Day, June.
    So many pretty crosses you are working on. Love the one from Passion Bonheur so much colour and lovely details. Lots of beautiful stash you've brought from the show. I can't wait to go to the Knitting and Stitching Show in March at Olympia Palace.

  31. All your WIP SAL are looking good. What wonderful stashing you got.

  32. Lovely stitching, stash, storage and spring photos! Will look forward to seeing your new WIPs next week. :)

  33. Lovely stitching update & new stash.
    Looking forward to seeing your new start. So pleased that you have started it :)

  34. I hope you spend a lovely Valentine Day!!Lovely craft shopping and a goop odea for bobin!!lovely view of nature spring is so near!!love

  35. Lovely spring photos and look at all your gorgeous stitching and stash! Great post!

  36. You have me drooling over your stash, fabric and flowers :D

  37. love the hearts and roses just my colours, but even better seeing daffodils!!! have a great week Daffodil - Liz xx

  38. Lovely new ribbons and fabric. Wonderful stitching too. I store my DMC on bobbins but loosely wound. Spare DMC are in bags as are my silk threads, hand-dyes are on floss rings and all are in a box ... but not very tidy. :)

  39. Il SAL è meraviglioso, tutti i tuoi ricami sono belli

  40. Your SAL with Maryse is so adorable and I love your WIP by Passion Bonheur. Great new stash too. And what a lovely spring pictures.
    Have a nice weekend!

  41. Beautiful stitching June. You're making lovely progress.

    Lovely new stash. I still store my threads on bobbins. I don't really have room to store them any other way.

    The photos from your day out are lovely. I really need to get out with my camera but I don't have much enthusiasm at the moment!

  42. Always nice things and stitching to see here!

  43. Oh June what lovely photos I so enjoyed reading through your post - hope you and Ron are keeping well x