Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day.

Hello friends it's Happy Mothers day here in the UK.
Hope everyone had a lovely day.

Thank you again for your lovely comments and it's also wonderful to have some new followers wishing you a warm welcome .

Thank you also friends for best wishes on our Anniversary .

I can't get rid of my cold , any ideas you can give me ? I had steak with onions today for dinner because I know they are good for a cold and I will also try chicken soup this week , this is another one that works .  

So on to my stitching  first up do you remember this one my March design. 
Well I brought it out of my basket and here is the finish.

I used a pale lemon sparkle 28ct and dmc threads.

LHN  , Calendar girls, March.

And my third square with Maryse 'SAL.

If you look on Maryse's Blog she is setting hers into white block squares , looks lovely.

Just a few of the cards and gifts we received this week .
Thank you all.

And below I am so happy my youngest daughter brought me this little ornament when she was on a school trip many years ago and I thought I had lost it and I found it this week .
It is so special to me .

And here is my first bluebell I told you about last week.
So early.

And whats going on in the garden , well lots .

And this little man was out and about when we had lunch out.

Untill next week .
Have a lovely stitching time.


  1. Happy Mother's Day my friend, your stitching is lovely as always. Big hugs. Try and get some rest, I think that is the only thing that will help us get rid of our colds. Enjoy your day.

  2. Hello June,
    I wish you a Happy Mother Day.
    The calendergirls looks very nice.
    Your SAL are so beautiful. Wonderful colours.
    Have a nice week, Manuela

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Glad you found the little ornament from your daughter, so that you will be smiling!! The finishing on March is wonderful!! And the SAL is coming along nicely... it is so dainty and pretty. Look forward to seeing each new installment! Hugs!

  4. Happy Mothers day and I hope you had a lovely anniversary. Sorry you've still got your cold hope it goes soon no hints to get rid of it unfortunately I just dose myself up with paracetamol :-) Gorgeous stitching and your garden is still so pretty :-) xx

  5. I love seeing all your flowers June, I do envy your climate compared to ours up here. I don't know what to suggest for your cold - a physio that I work with swears by Vitamin C when she has any type of cold virus. You know the effervescent orange ones - she uses those. It might be worth a try - I hope it improves.

  6. The march stitching is quite lovely and very well finished. Lovely to see how the flowers are blooming in your garden.

  7. Lovely post full of beautiful photos! I recommend a hot toddy for your cold. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Happy Mother's Day June! What a special, special treasure to find the lost ornament from your precious daughter.
    Your garden is just bursting. I am happy the snow is melting today!

  9. I hope your Mother's Day was a special one--how wonderful that you found that sweet figurine from your youngest daughter after all these years :)

    Love your March girl--very sweet with the buttons at the top and your garden is looking fabulous. We are due for a warm-up this week, too, but it won't last long. Maybe it will be enough to get those daffodils to bloom, though...

    Hope that nasty cold goes away, soon--you need to get out in that garden of yours and let the sun help you heal :) Hugs to you!!

  10. Happy Mother's day. Glad you found the lovely ornament from your daughter. Gorgeous finish on March, and the SAL is looking great!

  11. Oh the joys of Spring. So happy and colourful.So glad you found your very special ornament, perhaps you should put a little wee bell around her neck so as you can hear her if she moves away:)Love your March stitchery. I haven't seen those monthly girls where I live so might do a bit of research and see where I can get them. Have a lovely week June.

  12. Happy Mother's Day! Your flowers and gifts are gorgeous :). Your stitching is lovely too :). You should try a spicy burrito it clears out the sinuses. But mostly lots of rest. Good luck get better!

  13. Happy everything. The stitching looks great, the march girl is so sweet

  14. Beautiful embroidery , I find it so amazing . As one goes his own mother's heart with joy .
    Greetings Sandra

  15. Happy Mother's day and anniversary,too. We have Mother's Day here in Hungary on the first Sunday in May :)
    Your March Girl finish is so lovely - it is such a sweet design.
    best wishes

  16. Hello June, sorry you are still suffering, the last cold i had seemed to take a while to shift too, must be that particular strain. Have you tried ginger tea? or ginger and lemon tea?it works wonders, for me anyway.
    Glad you managed to find the little ornament from your daughter, it looks sweet.

    Lovely stitching and finishing, as always you seem to get so much done :-)

    Hope you feel better soon. xx

  17. I hope you had wonderful Mother's day. Your gifts and cards are gorgeous

    Beautiful finish for your calendar girl and SAL by Maryse looks so pretty. Love your flowers!

  18. Hope your Mother's Day was a happy spite of your cold. Lovely stitching finish...and what sweet cards and gifts.
    Take care

  19. Beautiful calendar girl stitching & finishing. That sparkly fabric looks lovely!

  20. Your March Calendar Girl is lovely, I like the material you used so spring like, the finish is beautiful.
    Love coming to visit your blog, your stitching choices are so lovely, your flowers are beautiful, here where we get snow lots and lots of snow, so when I visit I love looking at your blooms.

    Happy Mothers Day


  21. many many best wishes for your wedding anniversary!!! happy Golden days of kisses and hugs!!!! for many years to come! kisses. titty p from italy

  22. Happy Mother's Day ! Lovely March and your SAL is looking good.
    It's always a joy to look at the flowers from your garden. Fantastic gifts

  23. Hello always beautiful photoes with flowers and your crocc stitch...happy mother day!!Here in Italia we celebrate it the second sunday of May!!Love and happy week

  24. Goodness me, your garden makes it look as if not only spring but also summer has arrived! Belated anniversary wishes too. I hope you had a lovely day. :)

  25. Always a treat to visit here and see what you have been doing June. Such a pretty little treasure that you found in time for Mothering Sunday...delightful.

  26. Мне очень понравился календарь и вышитые квадраты! И поздравляю с чудесными подарками!

  27. I am so with Julie afer the hard day of work it is such a joy and blessing to visit your lovely blog. The pictures are allways perfect nd your stitched pieces have also your own style as i told to Vickie also in her blog. The march clendar girl is such an beayty.

  28. Happy Wedding Anniversary! Wonderful stitching and lovely gifts. It's always good to find things we think we have lost, especially something as pretty as your little lady.

  29. Happy Anniversary and happy Mother's Day. We celebrate it on the second Sunday of May, here in Italy. I like all your cards. I like this typical English habit: you have a card for every moment, for everything. Unfortunately we haven' t this in Italy :-(( And...I like the little teapot too. I collect them and it is quite difficult to find them here :-(( maybe because we drink more coffee rather than tea, I think.
    Have a nice w.-e.,

  30. Your March piece looks beautiful!! Congrats! :D
    Mothers day here is just in May, first Sunday of May. Hope you had a lovely day with your family =)
    hugs to you!!

  31. Your garden is a real spring garden now with all the lovely flowers that you already have in there. And the little March girl looks so beautiful the way you finished her. She also greets the spring season.
    You have received some great cards for your anniversary.

  32. Oh my goodness, I have the very same little ornament lady!! I got it as a child and haven't thought about it in ages! I hope you found a nice place for it :) Love your blog and ideas by the way!

    Spring greetings from Germany

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  34. Such a lovely post!
    Real Spring time at your lovely house