Saturday, 12 March 2016

Rabbits and flowers.

Hello to all my stitching friends .
Thank you again for more lovely comments and hello to new following friends .

Well what a week we have had , you will be happy to hear my cold is almost gone .

I went out with the ladies from our club Tuesday night , we had a lovely meal , when we came away it was raining very hard and that was the start of a bad storm on Wednesday .
We lost 3 lovely flower pots they all  blew over with my plants . So yesterday when we got back from town it was a clearing up day.
And now it is just like Spring we cut the grass today and I did some cutting back and weeding. 
You would not believe that two days were so different in a week.

The girls from the club brought me some lovely flowers and my friend Nancy sent me some lovely gifts for my anniversary.
Well it is almost time to get out our Rabbits and Easter things seems to have come around so fast this year . 
So here is my rabbit I was working on her last year and I finished her this week .

                       I think I am in love with rabbits I just adore them

       And here kitted out with her buttons thanks to my lovely stitching Sister Lynda.

                        Welcome Spring by Stoney Creek  April 2008 Magazine .

Stitched on white 28ct dmc threads.

                                                                 Such a cutie pie.

And below a friend stitched this little Rabbit for me in a card , and Melissa sent it to me in an exchange we were in this lovely sweet blue frame and it fitted in just right. 

And here is my Christmas ornament for March , it's a Christmas SAL I am in 
Here if you want to look at more 

Silent Night by Lizzie -Kate
And below a lovely Anniversary gift from my friend Nancy ,
Thank you dear friend.

And now flowers below some I cut from the garden in the week.

And these are the flowers my club friends gave me when we all went out to dinner last week

I have so many flowers in the house this week we will leave the garden until next time .

I wish you could smell them such a delight.

Until next time have a happy stitching week my friends .


  1. Oh the rabbit by Stoney Creek is lovely indeed! And the flowers as always , I only ahve some freesias now at my balcony!Have a great weekend!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Your finishes are adorable , I love the flower buttons (or button flowers :))
    Your flowers are so beautiful ,too.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Oh, and I love your header :) , so springy .

  3. Your Stoney Creek Rabbit is so cute.
    Happy Anniversary!
    What pretty flowers you received.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Your Rabbit is so cute. I like it.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  5. Love the bunny, rather lovely and the header is so cute too.

  6. Love your rabbits. Aren't they adorable? And - of course - your flowers, too...

  7. I love rabbits too June, at this time of year - even more so:-)

  8. How cute! Are you going to stitch the April SAL from Snowflower Diaries? A cute bunny there too.

  9. Adorable rabbit, just something about them, they are cute and happy to stitch :)
    Your flowers a beautiful, belated anniversary wishes :)
    Smiles :)

  10. I know how you feel about the weather this past week June we had the same , I think you must have sent it this way lol. Flowers here too and sunshine today, I really should be out in the garden but Rugby 6 nations calls louder. Oh the bunny stitching is gorgeous ,please do not start me off on anything else. Always something to enable me here. Take care,glad the cold is going , have a good week ahead.Hugs

  11. Congrats on the cute finish June.


  12. Adorable rabbits and nice stitching. Glad you are feeling better. I love your flowers.

  13. Oh the rabbit is just so cute! Beautiful flowers, I bet your house smells gorgeous.

  14. Great stitching you are right she is a cutie - glad you are feeling better xxx Enjoy the weekend xx

  15. I adore rabbits. so beautifully framed. such pretty pictures

  16. Beautiful pictures I love that iris. You have some great friends!

  17. Another lovely post June! Such beautiful flowers. Your bunnies are so sweet!

  18. What a beautiful post . Your rabbits are so cute, I like them very much . You're right , Easter comes so quickly this year .
    Send you best wishes

  19. Wonderful stitching and fantastic flowers.

  20. Tutaj mogę znaleźć cudowną wiosnę. Kwiaty są wspaniałe. Hafty przypominają o nadchodzących świętach.

  21. Your rabbit turned out lovely, perfect finish for this month.
    Delightful flowers that are adoring your home, how wonderful.

  22. How nice to be able to get into the garden and photograph your Spring finish with the Spring flowers!
    Love the little blue frame for the bunny too.

  23. I just love your bunnies, June--both big and tiny :) The framed bunny with the buttons is so cute and the little frame is perfect for the wee bunny. Of course, I do love any stitching with bunnies in it :)

    Such gorgeous flowers--we have had a warm spell here and, if we're lucky, we may have our first daffodil next week! Glad to hear your cold is almost gone--get out there in that sunshine and get rid of all the lingering germs :)

  24. Just a cute bunnies, lovely finishes. And yes, your beautiful flowers always delight me. I must still wait my flowers, there is snow in the garden yet.

  25. I love seeing all your flowers June, and such beautiful stitching to accompany them. I especially like your LK owl with his cold blue feet! :)

  26. A sweet Spring finish and love your little owl too, so cute!!

  27. I love your Rabbit finish, it's so cute!

  28. Oh your Spring Bunny is just beautiful! Such a lovely finish in time for Spring :o)
    Those flowers are stunning!
    Your little Christmas Owl is rather cute... another sweet finish!
    Hugs xx

  29. You always cheer me up soon June when I come by for a visit. I just adore your stitched rabbit with the pretty buttons and your garden flowers always make me smile. I hope you have recovered from your fall. Take care x

  30. I m happy to know you are good!!Also here in Italia we had bad wind last days!!Lovely your rabbits e beautiful flowers from your garden!!Have happy week end!!

  31. My goodness that Rabbit is adorable and the perfect frame.
    Love your flowers and the Russell Stover candy yummy.
    Your Christmas ornament is so sweet, the theme of the Minnesota Needlework Guild Retreat this year is owls.


  32. Isn't spring a wonderful season? All the flowers that start blooming again, what a joy to see all this.
    I also love to stitch bunnies and could do that throughout the year. Your Stoney Creek Spring Rabbit is so sweet, I definitely love her. And she looks so gorgeous in her frame. The little one is nice, too.
    Great new Christmas ornament, June.

  33. Lots of cross stich, nice header, gorgeous flowers...thank you for let me dream, June!
    Ciao, ciao,

  34. Congrats on the lovely rabbit finish, love the owl ornament too. Beautiful blooms as usual:)

  35. That a big rabbit!!!! Congrat zon your finihs!!
    Really loevly all your finishes.
    Your Flowers, so pretty!!