Saturday, 9 April 2016


Hello Friends,
Hope you have all had a good week and you had plenty of stitching time.

We really have had a busy week , so need to start catching up with my blog reading . 

Thank you for all the wonderful comments , you really know how to make a person feel good . 

I know some of you are still getting snow ! I must say it's gone a bit colder here and we have another storm coming tomorrow , just when the garden is looking so nice .
And so many April Showers . Just had a wonderful hail storm .

Well  I had another little accident I was getting some things out from under stairs cupboard 
And stood up and BANG knocked my head so hard almost knocked myself out , I won't be doing that again , my head is still sore .

This week we welcomed a group of French people to town , and my DH made a speech to welcome them  ,they belong to our town's twinning group of Orbec .

The day after we were asked to the opening of a new theatre in Teignmouth .
It will be a lovely night out there to see a show, play or film.
So we were in the newspaper and on TV if you blinked you would miss us ha.

Tuesday I had club I must show you some of my ladies work , next time I am at club I will take a few photos  .

We have also been busy in the garden pricking out seeds and our tomato plants are flowering already.

Received a lovely gift from my sweet friend Karen for Easter will show you a photo. 

I have the sweetest singing black bird in the garden he sings at 5.00 in the morning every morning until about 10.00 he has a rest then he sings on and off all day.
I don't mind him waking me up , I love his singing.

Talking of birds here is my little Wren . Not sure how to finish him yet I will have to give some thought about it. 

Fly into Spring by Lesley Teare .
Cross Stitch Collection mag February 2010 .
Stitched on cream 28ct and DMC threads.
And below Ele's SAL 
Love the colours I think I will cover a thread box with this lovely SAL.

                   Lovely Easter treats from my dear friend Karen no blog .
                                                 Thank you my sweet friend I will so enjoy the gifts.

Many families in our town look after the friends from France for a few days and then the year after they go to France and they do the same.

lots of lovely food and a Hog roast.

Now do you keep ornaments in your garden ?
Well I do I mix them around my flower beds .
so here are just a few of them .
They look cute once the flowers fill the spaces up and you just see the odd glance of something hiding in the greenery.

The garden awakes ! 

                              Little fairy dipping her toe in the water.

                                    Odd pots  shells even broken ones look great .

                              Butterfly charms give you music.

An old pig money box and Alice in the magic garden.

                            A little cherub peeping .

A lovely old plate, I could not throw away after it was cracked at the top , 
The picture is so like my daughter when she was small .
The ivy grows around it and you just see a little of the plate in the summer , always a good talking point

Fairy on a old mushroom .

                    Lots more daffodils are coming out and below a large double one.

                                                              A double daffodil.

                                        If you look hard you will see a few more ornaments .

Well thats it for this week folks , hope I can spend a little more time stitching this week .
Have a lovely weekend what ever you are doing.


  1. We are still getting snow flurries. Your garden is so gorgeous already June. I am so very sorry you hurt your dear head. Be careful! That wren you stitched up is so very pretty.

  2. Beautiful stitching. the food looks amazing. the garden some some interesting pieces in it. the clay pot man so cute.

  3. What a lovely garden you have!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Love the little wren June, so pretty. So sorry that you banged your head, sounds like something I might do. Your garden is so colourful already, ours is always behind but worth waiting for. Lovely ornaments in the garden and gorgeous food for the French guests.

  5. Your garden is so beautiful, love all the ornaments in it. I just love your wren. That food is making me hungry. It looks so good. Take care of yourself and don't hurt yourself any more. hugs

  6. Wonderful stitching. The little bird is very cute.
    So beautiful and colourful flowers in your garden. I like it.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  7. Your garden is so lovely, and I love the little wren. Beautiful x

  8. Your garden is gorgeous! I love the idea of all the little heads poking out of flowerbeds. Your wren is very cute too. Is there a series of them?

  9. Your yard is stunning as always June. Love all of your hidden treasures.


  10. Your garden is sooo pretty. My hubby banged his head this week as well - he said he really did see stars :-( hope you are ok. Take care xxx

  11. Love your little wren, can't wait to see how you finish it. You have such a pretty colourful garden. Hugs

  12. Your garden is really a true splendor , so much thriving there to marvel at and then the cute elves everywhere . I like it very with you . Your embroidered bird fits perfectly to spring.
    Wish you lots of sunshine
    Many greetings Sandra

  13. WOW!!! Your garden looks really wonderfull!!
    Its time to sit there.. let the sun come over!!
    Your little bird is so pretty!!
    Really looking great!
    Ow My all thos yummy pie's...
    Have a wonderfull week, the Spring begin

  14. Your wren is very, very pretty June. I love seeing photos of your garden, it's so full of colour - you should see ours. The only thing showing at the moment is some muscari. It is so cold.

  15. Love the little wren - absolutely adorable. Your SAL is coming along nicely. I can hardly wait to catch up on the SAL....your garden is beautiful - and I love the plate. So sweet.

  16. Oh my, June, you have been so busy this week with all the social events in your community. We also have a twin town in France and at the moment a group of French pupils from there is visiting. When I was still working I always was involved in these exchanges as well.
    Such a lovely little bird that you stitched. I love Lesley Teare's designs a lot and have a couple of them on my wish list.
    So great to see pictures from your garden decorations.

  17. First of all, you must be aware of anything that comes on since hitting your head! My husband ended up having two brain surgeries from hitting his head! The symptoms came on a few weeks afterwards... so do be aware! I really love that wren design! It is very cute! And your garden is just gorgeous! Love the bits of whimsy you have created with the different ornamentals! Thanks for sharing!

  18. wow! il tuo giardino è un piccolo angolo di paradiso! Che bello!
    mi piace molto il tuo sal,belli i colori dello schema!
    un abbraccio

  19. Your little wren is so cute and your garden is already so colorful with all those beautiful spring flowers, it look great.

  20. Sweet little bird stitching!
    How cool this meet up with the French people. I couldn't help but notice the sign which is for the Seine Maritime department (county), this is where I come from too :)
    Great food, I bet everyone had a great time!

  21. Oh June, your wonderful garden reminds me of a garden in my childhood. A nice old lady owned it and I remember that I loved walking around and finding so many pretty little things, hidden between tha plants in the borders. A true little paradise ...

    I love seeing all your other pictures to. Thanks for sharing!

    I hope your head is healed and everything is ok with you!


  22. I just finished my dinner, June--sure wish I had one of those yummy looking desserts to eat right now. I would have a bite of each :)

    The little wren finish is darling--I'm sure your finish will be very special. Love to see your garden with all of its special touches. What a lovely place that must be to sit and stitch.

    Please take good care of yourself, dear June--you've had too many accidents lately!

  23. wow, la prima cosa che ho visto sono state le torte ha ha!! Che bello il tuo ricamo, e hai un giardino favoloso

  24. Lovely stitching! Your garden is so beautiful.

  25. I love English gardens: my heart beats looking at this one!:-))) I wish to be there with tea and stiches!

  26. Your garden is looking wonderful. So many beautiful flowers. Lovely stitching too along with great gifts. Love the little wren. You're going to have to go around with a hard hat on if you are going to continue having accidents!

  27. I hope that your head is feeling better by now. I adore the little wren finish, it might look cute as a little pillow finish :) I have a few ornaments in my little garden but it's nowhere near as gorgeous as yours. Take care.

  28. Hello so magic your garden full of flowers and ornaments I love little fairy!!And delicious food!!Little robin finish is very nice!!Many kisses...and I hope all ok with your head!!

  29. Beautiful stitching and gorgeous garden!

  30. Such a beautiful garden, June, I love all of your pots and figurines. Lovely stitching on the wren and it sounds like you are having lots of fun with French people and theatre openings. Wonderful!

  31. I love your post... all those beautiful pictures of your garden :o) and that yummy food!
    Your little wren is so sweet :o)
    Hopefully those April Showers will bring you lots of May Flowers!!
    Hugs xx

  32. What a fabulous garden you have. The little ornaments in your garden will make great conversation pieces. The little bird is so pretty.

  33. June: What a lovely post, the Wren is so sweet.
    all your garden pictures are beautiful.
    Nice little gifts you received.


  34. Ах, какое прекрасное и красивое сообщение! И очень интересное! А вышитая птичка очень милая и симпатичная!

  35. My eyes are delighted with your garden photos =)))
    sweet hugs to you

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