Friday, 1 April 2016

April Time, Winner, gifts and stitching.

 Hello friends ,
Well we have had beautiful sunshine , storms , and April showers already , this last week .
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter , we had a lovely one but it goes so quick.

Well I am happy so say I am almost back 100 % on my stitching projects also I have been gardening and many other things not much rest in my house right now but I do find the odd hour for myself.
So important for me to have a little me time.

When the sunshine comes out we always make time for coffee and a sit down and watch the birds and bees yesterday I saw another butterfly.

We have been busy sowing seeds I have plants everywhere  the tomatoes are almost 12ins high and most of the seeds need pricking out so another job is calling .

Thank you again for the lovely comments you lift my heart every week and I enjoy showing you a little bit of inside my life.
Welcome to my new follower I wish you a warm welcome to my little place.

Ok lets get started , I need to get dinner on a little later.

Sorry it's another rather long post.

This is a fun stitch I sent my stitching Sister Linda with some Spring goodies .

                               Don't you think he is cute just sitting there eating carrots.
                           Osterhase im Gras , by A kuhn &  Wenckebach stitched on 28cnt using
                                                                     DMC  threads.

              My April Christmas Ornament from the Cross Stitcher November 2013.
                         So happy I can at last stitch on all my stitching , after hurting my hand.

                                  Above stitching on my travelling chart from our sweet friend Julie  .
                                  Below the chart  Lovely Mii sent to me .

And a few more stitches on my little wren .

Now I have been so spoil'ed again by my sweet friend Ann no blog 
She gave me a Daffodil theme Easter gift. 
just look what beautiful gifts she brought for me , even two pots of lovely daffodil's forgot to take a photo of these. 

                         Look at these beautiful gifts made me so tearful bless you my sweet friend.

                            And she made me this lovely sewing set .

So much thought and love put into my gift  Thank you Ann .
I will always think of you when I am using my set .
And now for my Winner    --------- it is --------

                                                            Sweet Angela P. you just made it in time
                                                   And your name was first out of the dish thanks to DH .                          
                                                             Can you email me for your address .

                                  Thank you to all who entered my give away I wish you could all have won.

                                 If anyone wants the chart after I have stitched it let me know .
                  Some sweet smelling flowers out side my craft room thanks to my DH bless you.

                                       Have a lovely stitching week my friends .


  1. Ohh we can finally feel Spring! The warm is coming ;)
    And I can feel Spring in your post too :D Such a happy bunny with all that orange around him! very very pretty :)
    That little bird on your Christmas ornie is such a cutie =) love it love it!!
    Beautiful and happy stitching my friend :D
    hugs&smiles to you

  2. Hello June,
    today the sun is shinning and we have a wonderful Springday.
    All your stitching are so wonderful.
    The little rabbit is very cute.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  3. Все такое красивое! Прекрасно!!!

  4. Oh my, your daffodil gifts are just incredible. Your friend really is so generous and talented too. The little sewing kit is just beautiful. x

  5. Great post - oh June I need some of your motivation!!! Gorgeous stitchiness as always and I love the sewing kit - have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Splendid daffodil gift, such a darling needlecase filled with such an array of dainty little bits and pieces - a very special gift indeed.
    Loving Mr laid back bunny...he did make me smile!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  7. What a lovely and inspiring post June. Everything is so so pretty! Your friend Ann really spoiled you, and the sewing set she made you is absolutely perfect. Glad to hear you are feeling better too.

  8. Lovely stitching and lovely gifts June. I can't believe that Easter is past already - this year is flying by just like last year.

  9. Beautiful stiching,congratulations!

  10. I love your daffodil themed gift. The plates and sewing kit are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing all of your pretty stitching. I am so glad that your hand is feeling better.

  11. All those daffodils are lovely!I have missed them this spring!Yes I am interested in the pattern when you finish it. AriadnefromGreece!

  12. Such a beautiful Springtime post today! I'd love to smell those hyacinths!

  13. This post is very beautiful
    Spring arrived
    Congratulations to the winner

  14. Lovely stitching, gifts and flowers June.


  15. Wow. Wow. Wow. Look at those gifts you received!!
    I am most intrigued by the one you are working on from Ingrid.

  16. Love it all. Wonderful projects and beautiful stitching.

  17. Such lovely daffodil themed gifts you received. Angela will be thrilled she won, she is really getting into the Mirabilia designs lately.

  18. Lisa is right, I am thrilled to discover I won this lovely chart! I look forward to setting up a SAL with you June and I promise to pass the chart along when I am finished as well. Lovely post, lovely stitching finishes and lovely pics from your garden.

  19. beautiful stitching, love the little wren ♥

  20. Wonderful daffodil themed gifts , I love daffodils,too :)
    You made lovely stitching and your flower pictures are gorgeous ,too.
    Have a happy weekend!

  21. Lovely post! So many pretty gifts and stitching.
    Happy spring, your flowers are beautiful

  22. I'm so glad you're feeling better. You have presented us with photos of lovely projects, gifts and flowers again. Spring has definitely sprung - your garden is proof of that! And congratulations to Angela. Seems she's on a wining streak! :)

  23. So many beautiful embroidery . The rabbit lying has brought me smile , so amusing . Quite fantastic I'll find the sewing an incredible gift with so much attention to detail .
    Wish you a great weekend
    Greetings Sandra

  24. Ohhhh...=-O June, everything is beautiful: the little rabbit you are embroidering, the dishes and the sewing set from your friend. Very nice!

  25. Lovely stitching!
    What a gorgeous gift!

  26. Beautiful stitching and flowers! I'm still waiting for my tomatoes to sprout. My lettuce is doing well and so is my basil but everything else is taking its time :)

  27. Glad you're back to stitching these lovelies, keep the long posts comin' lol:)

  28. Gorgeous sewing kit, love all your daffodils they bring so much sun. xxx

  29. The Bunny eating carror was cute as well the little Robin.The sewing kit and with daffodils decorated china plates are so beautifull. Thank you for the flower pictures!

  30. Beautiful :) What a fantastic friend you have :) I'm also looking forward to your garden blooming :)

  31. Beautiful :) What a fantastic friend you have :) I'm also looking forward to your garden blooming :)

  32. Great progress on your various stitching projects.
    Your friend has sent you the most precious gifts!!!
    Congratulations to Angela, this chart was made for her :)

  33. A lot of spring from your post works flowers...lovely but I falled in love with ceramic daffodils set!!Have a good week

  34. Life is good when you can enjoy your stitching and your garden, when you find time for both, isn't it?
    You are stitching on some very lovely projects and you made some nice progress on them. And the two little finishes are so sweet, particularly that rabbit which enjoys himself eating his carrot. Very cool.
    A wonderful daffodil themed package that you received from your friend. This sewing roll is just awesome. Enjoy your gifts.

  35. The gift from Ann is so lovely, June--she really outdid herself with that sewing roll--just wonderful. Love your latest smalls--the little wren, especially. So good to read that you are back to normal stitching again after your hand injury.

    Congratulations to Angela--I know she will be thrilled!!

    Enjoy your time in your garden--I'm sure it's even prettier in real life :)

  36. Oh wow! What a great update... and I just love the gift from Ann. The sewing roll is stunning!
    So good to read that you are back stitching again :o)
    Hugs xx

  37. Ann è bravissima, il suo set di cucito è meraviglioso. Che belli i tuoi ricami!

  38. Everything is so beautiful as always, all your stitching looks wonderful. You also have received awesome gifts.

  39. WOW!!!! What a beautiful Pieces your working on and have finished.
    It's been a while since I've been here.
    My bloglovin only shown this post of you, but I will take a look i you made more post!!
    Love the flowers, I never have them, the smell so bad......

  40. oh what lovely pieces you are stitching on, June, and beautiful finishes too.

    You have received some beautiful gifts.

    Congratulations to Angela!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  41. Love all of your stitching, dear June and I love your Easter gifts from Ann. A generous gift from you to Angela and beautiful hyacinth - what a great post!