Saturday, 16 April 2016

Lots of Goodies

  Hello friends,
Well this past week flew by .
We had a few sunny days so sat outside with our coffee and enjoyed the sunshine.
The rest of the week was very busy .

I have not done anything silly this week so I am back to enjoying my stitching .
The only thing I have at the moment is Hay fever so will take something for this.
It's another beautiful day but feels a bit cooler .

I have an exchange to show you today, and some wonderful gifts from sweet friends.

My DH is out today helping to clean up our swimming pool ready for the opening . The ladies there do a great job all year , they have to fund it them selves and it's hard to find the money each year , so they need as much help has they can . So some of the men are going to get it painted and cleaned up ready for the opening.

I need to get a few jobs done this morning too , then this afternoon I may be able to put a few stitches in
But the gardening is calling too , so will have to share my time.

 Ok here is the exchange stitching I sent to Christina.

Another french design from the set I showed you before .

                                     And the one I received from the lovely Tina.

And gifts from wonderful friends.
My sweet friend Titty from Italy no blog. 

                      Thank you sweet friend love everything so sweet of you.

                               And another lovely Friend Nathalie from France no blog

       Thank you Nathalie beautiful gifts  and those chocolates are yummy.

                                        And from another friend my stitching Sis with a heart of gold Linda.

And more 

Beautiful hand made card.

Love the edging .

And more .

And more .
Even a gift for DH . 
And Lynda also sent me a set of buttons for my chart thank you so much Sis you are an Angel.

I can never get over the kindness of friends that I have had the privilege to get to know through the blog world these last few years .
Thank you to you all.
Here is a little fellow waiting for his ladies.

                                     Oh where are my girlfriends have you seen them ?

                                      Well yes looks like they have fallen out with you
                                        Take care everyone have a wonderful week .
 Thank you for the lovely comments you simply are the best , and warm wishes to my new followers.
                                                          See you all next week .


  1. What wonderful exchanges :) The french design stitching is excuisit. And what a fine peacock x

  2. What great gifts! I love the cover of the magazine Lynda sent you, you should stitch it soon!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Oh June.I am so happy when I see such gorgeous swaps like today. You deserve such pretty, pretty gifts my friend. You are so good and so generous to us all. Thank you!

  4. Lovely makes from the swap and plenty of great gifts received from your friends :)

  5. Wonderful gifts....and what a handsome fellow on the fence

  6. Lots of wonderful exchanges June. Glad you have been accident-free this week. :)

  7. Lovely swaps sent and received. Love the peacock..... Looks like he has been truely stood up...shame he is so handsome.

  8. Beautiful exchange gifts and pretty peacock. Too bad his girlfriends don't think so ;)

  9. Lovely gifts June. That peacock is stunning.


  10. The peacock is so sweet my dear..
    Lovely gifts you x

  11. Glad you are uninjured this week:-) xxx lots of gorgeous goodies xxx Enjoy the rest of the weekend xxx

  12. Wonderful gifts from your friends.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  13. Full of lovelies. I love the pink dress, adorable. Everything else is just as pretty esp. that handmade card, so beautiful:)

  14. June: Your exchanges are wonderful, it looks like Christmas to me.
    Love the peacock, it must be mating season, for them.


  15. Such wonderful gifts. I love all the pictures....especially the peacocks.

  16. You received such beautiful gifts June. You are very lucky to have such generous friends. :)

  17. Love all your stitching! It's very inspiring. I look forward to reading your blog every week.

  18. So many great gifts , since one is quite speechless . What have fantastic friends for you , gorgeous . The design of LesBrodeusesParisiennes I have and I want it absolutely still embroider , I love his designs .
    Best wishes and a good time for you

  19. Your little heart with the birdies is so cute.
    Great goodies given and received!
    Oooo, love that Peacock.
    Have a wonderful Spring.

  20. I really love the dress pattern, so lovely and beautfull!!
    It's a long time i saw a peacock.. need to find a little kidszoo soon

  21. Lovely exchanges and gifts. I'm almost ready to start our SAL, just waiting for my enlarged chart.

  22. The exchanges are both beautiful, it is lovely to see how much effort people put in for someone they often don't know. x

  23. Such a lovely ornament! Charming piece you made =)
    Lovely parcels, lucky you :D
    husg&smiles, Nia

  24. Thank You again for this beautiful post fulfilled with lovely stitching and pretty gifts ! The French pattern is very chic and i know that it has been lots of color changing when stitching it-well done !

  25. What lovely gifts June :-) You manage to get so much stitched and finished! love the little hanger you made for Christine.

  26. Oh wow June!! What beautiful gifts and exchanges :D Titty and Linda are wonderful people :D My Katie writes to Tittys daughter!! Small world :D Enjoy your gifts and you garden!! I loved watching your garden grow over the past few years! I am so jealous as the house I am in now has very little garden space! Just weeds and nettles but you have given me the inspiration to get out there and clean it up! It was a disaster when we moved in and sadly I haven't really had the time or the notion to get out there'!! Have a great day!


  27. Such lovely, lovely things. It lifts the heart to see so many beautiful pictures, thank you x

  28. Beautiful gifts both made and received June. Your French charts are certainly well-used!

  29. What a feast for the eyes this post is. Crammed full of delightful goodies you have received from friends. The heart shaped finish is so delicate and delightful.

  30. Beautiful exchange. Love what you stitched and enjoy the wonderful gifts.
    What a proud peacock, so elegant.

  31. You have stitched and finished so lovely exchange piece and you also received wonderful gifts.

  32. Beautiful cross stitch for you and for friends, little pleasures for the heart!

  33. All is very nice with your exchange!!But I falled in love with French cross stitch....Have good days!!!Love

  34. You have received such lovely exchange gifts from friends in so many places in the world, such lovely stitched gifts and sweet goodies. Enjoy them all, June. I am sure this chocolate from France has been delicious :))
    I love the cute heart that you made for Christina.
    Enjoy your time in the garden!

  35. I'm finally back from visiting my mom, June, and am catching up on my blog reading! How nice to receive all of those wonderful Easter goodies and the little design you made for Christina is darling. I'm sure you enjoyed stitching in all of those pretty colors :)

    My goodness-- Mr. Peacock is just brilliant! I'm sure one of his lady friends will eventually pay attention to him!

    Hope you are having another uneventful week (not getting injured, that is :)

  36. Oh wow! look at all those exchange gifts - how wonderful to receive all those packages in the mail :o)
    I love the piece that you stitched for the exchange - such a lovely design.
    Oh I love peacocks... and he is beautiful :o)
    Have a great week and weekend! Hope the hayfever settles down...
    Hugs xx

  37. che scambi meravigliosi, il tuo ricamo è splendido

  38. Wonderful exchange gifts but my favourite is the one you stitched for Christina. Could you please tell me the design and designer name? Just so sweet and so beautifully stitched. And look at that gorgeous peacock!

  39. What beautiful stitching and great exchange gifts! I love the design that you stitched....can you let me know who the designer is, I would love to see/stitch some of their work :)

  40. What beautiful stitching and great exchange gifts! I love the design that you stitched....can you let me know who the designer is, I would love to see/stitch some of their work :)

  41. gosh, what an array of pretty stitching and gifts, love the little french design and the bright, colourful pillow.

  42. All stitching very nice: pretty gifts. Mariuccia