Saturday, 30 April 2016

Ready for May.

 Hello again my friends , another week passed by far to quick  again.
It has been a cool week with the odd days of sunshine .

My hand is still playing me up but at last I think it's on the mend slowly.
I changed the bed cloths today with the help of my DH I was in fits of laughter my DH has never changed the bed covers . Well I have never seen anyone make the bed this way . It took him a few min's to put the duvet on he was almost inside it too.
I had the best laugh for years it was so funny. 
He is learning new things every day .

We have a long weekend so I am going to make the most of it ,  we have a street market in the town Monday so I want to go to that to see if there are any new plants to buy.

I took another item out of my basket of finishes  , and carried on with my SAL I am doing with Angela , just 3 threads per day , and I stitched a Christmas ornament for May. 

                    So first up ,                         Hoppity by Stone and Thread  

I used some Variegated thread on 28 ct .

A pretty rose edging

The sun was very bright so not a good photo.

My SAL is growing after two weeks.

          And my Christmas Stitch ready for May. I made a few changes .
             Christmas Angel by LHN , with Dmc threads 

This is a very different daffodil I found in the garden.

And a few displays I did for April , on one of my dressers 

Some of the above I stitched and some my sweet friends stitched for me .

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and hello to my new followers how lovely for you to come and visit me .
Have a lovely weekend what ever you are doing .


  1. Wonderful post today and beautiful flowers...

  2. Glad your hand is improving xxx gorgeous stitching and finishing as always - so pretty xxx amazing flowers too xxx have great weekend I hope the sunshines xx

  3. Lovely stitching and finishing,love the flowers from your garden,the dresser looks lovely.Glad to hear your hand is improving x

  4. Glad to hear your hand is improving. More pretties for your dresser! I love the Hoppity bunny, so sweet.

  5. Sounds as though Ron has been very well taken care of? ;) Your stitching is so very sweet. That daffodil is amazing my friend.

  6. Wow! The rose edging looks amazing! Very nice pictures!

  7. Beautiful!

  8. Ha hubby's are funny. I had to teach mine how to sweep and mop. He does more of the picking up and I do a lot of the actual cleaning. Great pictures I love the odd daffodil!

  9. Oh my!! May already...well in a minute! Gosh!! I adore your stitching, it's beautiful, all of it! I really enjoying seeing what you have been doing and how you finish things too. The Rose edging is so unusual, very pretty indeed.
    Happy smiles 😊

  10. Love the spring displays. The bunny finish is so pretty. Flowers are so beautiful

  11. Congrats on the cute finishes June.


  12. I'm enchanted stitches and flowers. ..
    I adore all of them
    Many compliments Giovanna
    I also love your Mirabilia project

  13. Wonderful little finishes.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  14. Lovely stitching, lovely flowers and lovely post June. I just wish the weather was lovely too!!!

  15. Each one of your finishes are very pretty ..the edging in the rabbit one was super fine :)

  16. All stitching are vera nice! Mariuccia

  17. Hi June,
    I love your little Spring finished - so charming with its edge of roses!
    Hope your hand is getting better soon!

    Your stitched little treasures look so darling on your display - I love the colors (especially the blues)


  18. What beautiful stitching! And the rose edging is gorgeous!

  19. Happy May. Happily is very sweet, and beautifully finished as always. x

  20. Oh June, so many lovely things here again. Wonderful what you made with your little rabbit. A nice oval finishing and that ribbon around the edge is beautiful. I love hoe you display him on the different flowers. Your forget-me-nots are a dream, here it is still too early for them.
    Great progress on your SAL and nice new ornament.
    I always love to see your monthly decorating.
    Hopefully your wrist will be better with each day. And when your husbands helps you with the household chores it will even go faster :)

  21. Sweet stitching & finishing!
    Beautiful flowers too, as always :)

  22. Lovely sweet oval finish, a delightful border of roses you added to it.
    Your comment about Ron and the bedding did make me smile
    {hugs} x

  23. Everything is looking beautiful. I hoe you have a better week with your hand this week, especially as the sun is going to shine for us! :)

  24. Such a sweet finish on the bunny and the cute Angle. The flowers are gorgeous.
    Good to hear your hand is improving.

  25. Your bunny finishing is cute and rose edging is perfect. Your spring displays look so wonderful and of course, flowers are beautiful.

  26. I can just picture your husband making up your bed, June :) I am lucky--my husband puts our clean sheet on each week. That is our agreement--I was, he puts them on (but I help him many times as it is so much easier with two!). I'm hoping your hand is much improved by now and glad that you can still stitch. The bunny is so sweet--such a delicate edging on that finish. And I love your LHN angel, too. I need to get busy on my Christmas snowman ornaments. Have the next two stitched, but not finished. Maybe tomorrow :)

    Happy May to you--enjoy your time in the garden!

  27. All is lovely flowers and cross stitch works!!I wish to you a nice week end!!

  28. Always love your pieces on display. The bunny is so cute and a lovely finish too. I have the Angel too in my stash, maybe I should put that on my list of ornaments to do, yours looks beautiful. Have a good weekend, plenty of time in the sun resting that hand. Hope it is improving.

  29. Here hubby always does the bed changing.. it's to heavy for me.. I needed to laugh too the first time he did it....There is a movie on the how to change you duvet.. we trye it many time stogheter.. its really easy.
    You need to put your duvet inside-out. put teh blanket on it. roll it up, and then put the it throw teh hole of the duvet. shake it and tada....
    What a lovely display!!
    Your always going so fast!