Saturday, 7 May 2016


 Hello to all  my friends hope you are all  having a nice sunny day.
Here it is so hot for early May . I have been outside working in the garden but thought I better come inside and put my post on. 

Good news my hand is better but still can't lift any thing heavy .

Thank you so much for the lovely comments, and I still need to catch up with every one of you.

My PC is so slow it's my line coming into my home so we are working on it this week.

The year is still moving on to fast for me , and  I need to get my head around everything going on in my life right now lots of exciting things.

So first up a little May stitching and then my rose lady I am stitching in a SAL with the lovely Angela.


This was out of my basket of to finish designs  stitched on a blue 28ct and var threads.

 MAY by The Floss Box.



She is growing into a beautiful lady .
Just stitching three threads per day.

Look what a sweet friend of mine Pauline no blog made me out of paper.

I think he is so cute.

Some more May displays .

Time for a walk outside .

Have a wonderful weekend sweet friends and a happy week.
I am going back outside making the most of this beautiful weather I think I will take a book and some stitching with me , but first just a couple of jobs to do inside .


  1. Sweet, little May stitch. What a gorgeous garden! Oh my, how it is bursting!

  2. WOW!!! your photos are always so beautiful. The garden looks just perfect, it must be really lovely to sit there this time of the year. Love your May finishes too.
    Have a relaxing weekend, so glad your hand is doing better

  3. Gosh!! I opened your blog and was greeted by the most beautiful flower I have ever seen.... Is it a clematis flower at the top of your blog? All your flowers are beautiful, I love seeing your photos as, well..... I have none! Flowers that is!
    What a cute little may finish, it's adorable. And such lovely gifts too, I especially like the bird it's lovely.
    Happy smiles 😊😊

  4. Lovely stitching and flowers as always June.


  5. I love your May piece but your Angela - oh my, she's going to be so gorgeous! blessings, marlene

  6. Your May finish is soooo beautiful! Every one of your displays is enchanting! I love them all!
    Rose Lady is looking stunning already:) LOOOOVE your garden - all those incredible blooms....
    love Annette

  7. Happy to hear you are feeling better. Magnificent flowers...sweet May finish too

  8. Lovely stitching, flowers and May display.... Glad you're feeling better.

  9. Lovely! I have creeping phlox too, one of my favourite plants. :)

  10. I love your Rose lady so much more on your fabric than mine. A lovely finish for May and a great display.

  11. Love your header photo, it's glorious. Lovely May display and love your flowers.

  12. Neat pictures, love all those flowers and your stitching. Glad to hear your hand is better now:)

  13. Your photos are all so beautiful! Gorgeous stitching, lovely displays and your amazing garden. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Lovely little May finish. Wonderful progress on your lady.
    Have a sunny sunday, Manuela

  15. I hope your hand is feeling better.
    English Roses is so pretty, can't wait to see her done. :)
    You have such cute little displays, and the flowers are beautiful.

  16. Oh June, I'm so envious of your weather. It's the opposite with us and it's so cold for the month of May. We were in Edinburgh yesterday and my hands were red with the cold.
    I love all your little "knick knacks" they are so cute together. It's so good seeing all of your blooms - so much colour.

  17. Beautiful progress on your sal
    Great stitches, you did a fantastic work.
    I always adore your flowers.
    They are a magic for eyes. Happy Sunday Giovanna

  18. Ohhh...your May little pillow and your May display are very nice. Your friend is very good with the paper and your garden is simply...gorgeous!
    Happy to read that your hand is better.

  19. Wow i cant believe how much of the lady you have stitched!!! Gorgeous photos as always - thanks for sharing p.s. hope your hand continues to improve xx

  20. Beautiful flowers and stitching :) your garden pictures are always so lovely!

  21. Your little May finishing is beautiful and your rose lady stitching looks great as well.
    Received gift is pretty too and of course your flowers are gorgeous. It's always lovely to see them.

  22. Great progress on your SAL piece and love the little paper bird :)

  23. I sure wish I could come visit you, June, as our May weather has been cool and rainy. So much worse than April (which, thankfully, was lovely!). Your little May piece is so sweet--and the SAL with Angela is really growing. I'm amazed at what three strands a day can do. How long are the strands that you use? I should really try that method :)

    Have a happy week--hope the year slows down for you; I know just what you mean!

  24. ow I wish your garden was nearby.. really in love with it!!! Your flowers so beautfull!!
    here we have also warm weather, we are enjoying it so much!!
    Lovely lady.. she is progressing welle.
    WE will see what May will give us!!

  25. It's so wonderful to get to your blog and the first thing you see is this gorgeous purple flower in your header. A great colour!
    Your May stitching is so lovely. The Mirabilia lady looks more and more beautiful and it's incredible what you can get stitched with only three threads per day. And a nice little May finish to add to this month's wonderful display.

  26. What a beautiful May display and finish. Your garden blooms are so pretty.

  27. Very pretty May finish, the blue fabric does look fabulous with the bright thread colours.
    Love the anemone header picture, very vibrant.
    Have a lovely week June, enjoy your book.

  28. What gorgeous photos, stitching, flowers and that lovely paper bird.

  29. Beautiful stitching as always. The paper bird is great. Your garden is just a riot of colour, I hope you have been enjoying it as much as you can.