Saturday, 28 May 2016

Looks like Summer is here .

Hi to all my friends , 
Hope you are all having a lovely early Summer.
I think it is summer here at last , plants are almost in , there are tomatoes on my plants , and strawberries coming nice and fat but not yet red.

I have a chart to pass on to anyone who would like to stitch it next it is travelling chart that Julie past on to me.

So here is the lovely design that I stitched.

Stitched on 25 ct over one using one thread I enjoyed stitching on this count and will 
use this material again.

This time I thought I would place my stitching on  to a box and will keep my Easter buttons and ribbons in this one , I brought a few of these boxes so you will see more of them over the year.

Here is the lovely chart 

If you would like to stitch this chart you must be a follower .
And be willing to add your name to the inside list and pass it on to another stitcher.
So let me know if you want to be next and I will let you know the winner next time I post.
Here is my SAL up to date .
I know our sweet friend Angela is having some pain in her hand so if she can't make it this week I will hold my stitching back next week until she is back to her stitching.

I was so lucky to win a giveaway with Sheryl.
Just look what came in the post  it's beautiful.


I love this , so pretty and I can use it for all my small hoops 
Look at the detail even little crochet flowers even one on the zip , thank you Sheryl . 
I will keep it in my work box after I have stopped looking at it.
          I love the colour blue , and thank you for the threads and beads I always use so many of these .

And from my sweet friend Ali another early birthday treat , wow .

Oh Ali thank you so much , I love all the beautiful flowers in this book and will have fun in the Summer colouring in my sun house.

Love the hand made card too.

I have a little friend who helps me in the garden but he is so shy he won't have is picture taken , he comes within 2 ins of my hand now.

Here he is my friend the robin , I have to watch he does not come to close when I am digging .
We put this standing post up for him now .

Ok I am off into the garden now for a coffee and read a bit of my book .
My DH has booked us up to play bingo tonight ! 
And Monday we are crowning the new May Queen at our Ram roast.
Thank you to everyone who left me a lovely comment . 
Out to the garden we go.

I can see and hear my little robin , and I can see the black bird and sparrows sitting in the bird bath , splashing about .
Have a fun week and hope the sun is shining on you all .


  1. The gift you won on a giveaway is just incredible, such a lot of work had gone into making something so beautiful. Your SAL is coming along too. I am off work this week and need to do a catch up with my stitching now. x

  2. Hi sis, love your post today, I would love to stitch this chart and pass it on, please enter me. I love your robin he's sweet. I love your garden. I am still planing mine. I will wait until we get new eves because the water when it rains will wash away all the flowers if I plan them now. I like your idea of roses. big hugs sis. love Lynda Ruth

  3. Wonderful stitching.
    Lovely little gift.
    Greetings, Manuela

  4. Beautiful stitching, gifts and garden June.


  5. Your lady is so pretty, you've made really great progress with it this week. I adore your box finish, the design is so pretty and the finish is just lovely.

  6. Your posts are always so full of beauty June, they always put me in a good mood. Thank you!

  7. Another beautiful post with a sweet robin too! I have been following this chart around so please put me into your giveaway draw and I'll try again! I love how you finished it and will display on the box lid.
    I saw that you had won Sheryl's giveaway on her blog, I think that hoop cover had your name on it!
    You and Angela are doing a fab job with your SAL.

  8. Beautiful stitching I love your finish on the little case I may have to pinch that idea :-), gorgeous photos thanks for sharing - glad you likes your little pressie xxx

  9. I saw you had won the hoop cover on Shery's blog!It is absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to stitch the bunny but how long will I have?AriadnefromGreece!

  10. How amazing your little robin is! Darling.
    June that purple flower is just stunning. The allium is lovely, but what is the purple one?

  11. Lovely stitching and beautiful flowers. Great mail you have there....

  12. How neat having a little robin to keep you company June. Great inspiration as always June.

  13. A dear wee Robin, your garden is looking wonderful.Love your SAL , have a great week June.

  14. How wonderful.... My travelling chart is on the move again! I adore how you finished it, what a wonderful idea on how to use it. On its travels again soon, lol please don't enter me! I have stitched it! It's great to see people are stitching it 😊
    What a sweet Robin in your garden, beautiful flowers too.
    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend 😊
    Smiles 😊😊

  15. Such a pretty finish! And what a lovely gift from Sheryl.

  16. Pretty finish,love your cases.your SAL is coming on really well.your garden has so many pretty flowers

  17. O Wow all is absolutely wonderful
    Many compliments

  18. Your little Tralala finish looks fabulous!!! Please don't count me in your giveaway, as I have already stitched this one and this is in fact my chart that has been going round ;) I'm sure you'll find a great new stitcher to work on it next.
    Love the SAL you're doing with Angela, you're both doing great with that beautiful design.

    1. Indeed it was originally..... It was one you oooooh some time ago donated for a raffle on a friendly bloggers page.... I was lucky enough to choose it when my raffle number came up! And as it was originally donated I stitched it then on my blog advertised that I thought it great that it should be a travelling chart.... And now it's wonderful to see it travelling and being stitched by many 😊
      Smiles 😊

  19. My compliments, your stitching is beautiful and so are your flowers. Your garden looks so beautiful, I think you spend a lot of time there.
    Greetings from Germany

  20. Your finish of the travelling chart turned out so beautifully, the dark red trim does look good on the blue box.
    Congrats to your new May Queen, hope you all had a good time.

  21. Your garden is always gorgeous and tidy: compliments! The box is simply wonderful!

  22. ohhhh where to start .... gorgeous finish of a really cure chart and I would love to be included in the draw for it if I may :) beautiful gift you recieved too those wee flowers are adorable ... and awwwww the wee robin is sooo cute too .... have a lovely stitchy week and eeeekkk it is your birthday soon isn't it ... love mouse xxxxx

  23. What a lovely post this is again, June. A great new finish, and wow, such a gorgeous idea to attach your Chasse à l'Oeuf to that nice little box where you will keep your Easter accessories in. Don't include me in the traveling pattern draw as I have already stitched this lovely design.
    Lucky you that you won Sheryl's giveaway. Such a beautiful hoop holder.
    Great pictures of this little shy birdie. I love robins.

  24. Lovely finish, June! I'd enjoy stitching the chart, if I'm lucky enough to receive it. And the win from Sheryl is stunning! Lucky you!

  25. The bunny is so cute. Pretty finish. The flower piece is also pretty.

  26. Such a cute finish, June--I like the way you've applied it to the box, too. I love stitching over one on 25 ct., too--everything is just so detailed and cute!

    Great win from Sheryl--she makes such pretty things with such wonderful attention to detail. The blues are lovely along with those teeny crocheted flowers!

    I do love your British robins--so much cuter than their American cousins :)

    Enjoy this new week, June--and HAPPY JUNE!!

  27. That's a gorgeous finish, as always. Your garden blooms are so pretty too.

  28. It's always a joy to read your post. Your SAL is looking fabulous and the bunny is simply adorable on the box. Such a sweet gift from Sheryl. Hoop Art seems to be surfacing a lot lately.
    Have a lovely week

  29. Lovely bunny box top design and book of flowers. So pleased you liked the hoop holder and that it will be useful.

  30. I really like the TraLaLa bunny piece you stitched--it looks good on 25-count! I will be happy to stitch that if I am picked in the drawing. I love seeing your little Robin... they are much smaller than ours here in the States. I have one nesting on the light outside my porch upstairs--can't wait to hear babies chirping! As always your garden flowers are so beautiful! I have to live vicariously through everyone's gardens, as I don't have much sun in my poor yard due to neighbors' trees. Sigh. Thanks for sharing your gifts! Hugs!

  31. Lovely progress and finish! Great giveaway items too :)

  32. Hello dear June. It certainly doesn't feel like Summer here in East Yorkshire. It is like Autumn!

    Your bunny finish is delighful. I love how you've mounted it onto a box.

    Beautiful progress and gorgeous win too.

    Awww I love your Robin. They are my favourite birds.

  33. Congratulations on your win, Cheryl's creations are always so beautiful.
    You have made such a lovely new finish and your lady is so pretty too.

  34. Beautiful finish, love the design.
    Congratulations on winning a giveaway so much fun to get the package and open it to see what is inside.
    Love your outdoor photos.


  35. in my region we have a bad rainy week...nice you have tomatoes we only little plants but we eat our strawberries many times!!Love your new box and Tralala chart!!Sheryl have a good present for you Nice to but your hoops...good!!Lovely and funny your little robin!!Have a good week end!!