Saturday, 21 May 2016


Hello to all my friends, 
Hope you are all having a lovely week.

Today we have rain so time to write and share with you.
We have 100s of bedding plants to go into the garden we have almost planted them all but we wanted to finish them today but the lovely weather stop us , never mind there is always tomorrow.
Another busy week here but I have had a little time to stitch .

A  little late but love this one , I will put it into my finish basket for when I get around to seeing how I will finish it.
It is a Danybrod design called Muscaris .
28ct and DMC threads.

And here is my lovely lady growing slowly .
My SAL with Angela.

 I took a photo of this lovely throwover one of my ladies made at our club.

So bright and colourful .

 And another early birthday treat from our  sweet friend Michelle.

Thank you so very much Michelle I can never have enough needle work bags with all the different designs I am always working on , love every thing and the little tin of sewing goodies I can take everywhere.

Below these little mini Daffi's have a sent from out of the world .

                                                                Heaven I would say .

Ok we are not going to take a walk into the garden today because it's raining ,
So yesterday this is what photos I took .
And yes roses are out in May.

Most of our Spring flowers are coming to an end now has we move on to summer ! 
Where is the year going next month we will be 1/2 way to Christmas HELP.
 And here are more summer flowers coming into bloom.

Before I go thank you again for such lovely comments and a very warm welcome to new followers .
Have a wonderful week  what ever you are doing .


  1. First thing I opened your blog, and I spotted Poppy up top there! ;)
    What pretty stitching you completed. Michelle sent such nice gifts for you. Wow. My flowers are just beginning here.

  2. Your flowers are a welcome sight on this rainy morning, June--so beautiful!! We have had so much rain this month that we haven't even purchased our flowers to plant in our garden... I don't even have my wicker furniture out on my front porch yet!

    Lovely stitching and such a nice gift from Michelle--that little tin of sewing necessities is so cute--enjoy!!

    Hope your rain stops soon so you can spend time in your garden :)

  3. Love the rainbow quilt. I used to have a bleeding hearts bush. They are so pretty

  4. Gorgeous photos as always :-) Loving your new header as well - is that Tin Tins little snowy?? and (last question, honest!) did you make the flowers to the left of him - they look a great idea xx

  5. Beautiful stitching and gorgeous flowers June! I love the sewing bag and little goody tin from Michelle. Sweet gifts.

  6. Your garden is always such a pleasure to the eye!
    Hope the weather improves for you, but I can see you took advantage of the weather to keep busy with your stitching :D how lovely!
    Have a great weekend

  7. I envy you the lovely flowers June, our roses aren't even close to budding yet.

  8. What a gorgeous garden, June! And such sweet gifts. Enjoy!

  9. You are making great progress on English Roses and I love your Easter finish too! Roses, I wish, ours won't be out for at least another month.

  10. beautiful garden, English rose is so beautiful

  11. Wonderful progress on your stitching.
    Beautiful flower photos.
    Greetings, Manuela

  12. Absolutely wonderful stitching and flowers. Today in Italy is the santa Rita's day the santa of the Roses.

  13. Cute Easter Egg, and English Roses is looking so pretty.
    Your flowers are always so beautiful.

  14. Beautiful photos I love the purple flower

  15. All beautiful in your post!!I love English roses I have one the Queen in my garden with its parfume!!Have happy week

  16. Both your English Roses SAL and red roses are a beauty to look at. Wonderful gifts received.

  17. SO lovely post again..and your stitched pieces are so pretty !!! I really loved the deep red roses in your garden, I have just potted my firt folowers for the coming summer.I will take photos soon.Thank you for visiting my little blog !!

  18. Beautiful little crosses June!
    That crochet blanket looks fabulous!!! Congrats to the Lady who has worked on it, stunning!!

  19. Such a sweet little Easter stitching and such a nice gift for you - beautiful AND practical!
    Your flowers are so cheerful. I find it very special that your roses bloom at the same time as your bleading heart ... in my garden the bleading heart flower is alreday gone, while the roses need another week or two.

    Have a wonderful week!


  20. Your garden is always super! And you are very good with cross stitch and crochet too!
    I like the little tin very much!

  21. wow, che meraviglie di colori!!!

  22. Well done to your friend on the throw, that does look nice to cosy under on a cool evening.
    Cute finish and such pretty blooms you have in your garden, no roses here yet, but tight buds are forming
    Have a lovely week dear June x

  23. Great progress on the Mirabilia! And I love the bleeding hearts...always my favorite as a kid. My mom always had them around. Thanks for sharing

  24. What lovely pictures from your garden! Great progress on your stitching. Your sewing tin brought a smile as I'm doing a piece with those words. Pretty presents from your sweet friends:)

  25. Lovely...special the trowover ...

  26. The Muscaris are adorable and your SAL growing up nicely. So wonderful gifts too and garden looks marvelous, so so beautiful!

  27. A wonderful post again, June. Here it's still a bit early for roses, at least where I live. But I have already seen some in other people's gardens in some more protected places. But our columbines are blooming in so many different colours that it's a pleasure to look at them each morning when I go out into the garden.
    Such a lovely Easter egg by Danybrod. And great progress on your SAL piece.