Saturday, 14 May 2016

Stitching & flowers what could be better.

Hello sweet friends ,
On this sunny day in May . What a wonderful time of the year this is.

Well another busy week for me , I thought I would have so much time when I retired but no life seems to be getting so busy.

I did have time to think about nature this week, I got on to our town country bus to go and meet a friend for coffee , and how wonderful this was  seeing the new leaves on the trees the wild flowers covering the banks and hedges , buttercups , bluebells , white daisy's and many other beautiful wild flowers , watching the little robin and a few other birds playing in the bushes and then a short way around , seeing the sea coming into the estuary with fishermen getting their boats out , and after another bent ,  field upon field of yellow flowers what a beautiful sight , and I thought how lucky and blessed I am for that moment with nature .

Thank you once again for such lovely comments , and a very warm welcome to new followers.
You are so kind and I am so happy to share some of my world with you.

The reason that we are so busy is that my DH is the new town mayor this year . So there will be many duties and events to go to , like this morning .

So I have had very little time to read many blogs the last couple of days but I will be coming around this week to see what you are all up to.

So I dug into my baskets of to do finishes and finished this one this last week.

  Such a sweet stitch .

Printemps Au Jardin by Danybrod.
Stitched on 28ct cream and assortment of threads. 

Stitching and flowers what could be better. 

And my SAL with Angela.

Just made it this week 3 threads per day.
And look what my lovely friend Lynda sent me for my Birthday next month .
She sent them early because our posts always seem to take forever .
Lynda said go for it and open so I did and wow how she always spoils me .
Lynda has such a big heart thank you my sweet friend I just love it all .

                                  Thank you so much Lynda , and for your friendship.

                                              Yesterdays showers on my tulips.

Walking by this lake this morning ,  how still it is.

Just a couple of household jobs then I am hoping to get an hours stitching in .

Take care everyone , have a happy and fun week.


  1. What great gifts Lynda sent you!Congratulations on your husband's new position!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. How cool to be the mayors wife! Great new stitchy stuff and finish :). I love the lake pic too I hope you get some stitching in!

  3. It's cute and upbeat!
    Simply, we have spring!

  4. Eeeh its like I know a celebrity - being the town mayors wife!! Very exciting for you both - enjoy every moment :-) - gorgeous stitching as always - loving the cushion and MORE goodies for you to play with - hope you are able to find the time maybe you can stash some away in your handbag :-). Have a lovely weekend - take care xxx

  5. Congratulations to the hubby....lovely stitching and gifts!

  6. Very pretty pictures. Printemps is a beautiful springy piece.

  7. Congrats, Mrs.Mayor! Lovely finish and such lovely gifts, June!
    Many, many hugs

  8. I know that Ron is a fine Mayor. Your garden is lovely, as is your colorful stitching. Oh what wonderful gifts from dear Lynda.

  9. Congratulations to you and your husband. Your stitchery is beautiful.Lovely gift from Lynda.

  10. Your lady looks lovely, I see too that you started the beading as well :) Lovely finish and pre Birthday gift :) I look forward to seeing our Ladies next week.

  11. Lovely little finish and wonderful progress on your lady.
    Have a nice sunday, Manuela

  12. I adore yours posts.
    Stitching are always super and flowers's photos are fantastic.
    Very good work
    Ciao Giovanna
    Pssss sorry for my English

  13. I hope you both have a wonderful Mayoral year with lots of happy and fun times as well as the official stuff.
    Gorgeous little pillow you finished off and hasn't your lady grown.
    Have a lovely week x

  14. I am so with "La trame de la Galaverna " because I also adore everything in yoyr posts..This time the stitching is happy colourfull ans love the seasinal feeling too.The flowers are always so beautifull...and my english is also quiete poor ..but friends do not care ??! :)

  15. Congratulations to your husband!! mayor of the town! WOW! You are pride of yourselves, I hope! and..... flowers and stitching, this is Always a very good combination for perfect happiness! kisses. titty p. from italy

  16. Congratulations on your husband becoming the Mayor, you will such an interesting year ahead.x

  17. Oh June what wonderful news for Ron that's fantastic. So well deserved. Lovely post my friend xx

  18. Lovely finish!! Looks so pretty =) congrats!!
    And your SAL is growing fast! That method is working really well :D
    hugs&smiles, Nia

  19. Such a sweet and lovely finish. Very Spring. Congrats to your husband, what an achievement.
    A wonderful package from Lynda. Enjoy.

  20. You received great gifts from friend and how lovely is your stitching and finishing. So pretty spring flowers and cute gardener.

  21. Congratulations to your husband!
    I like the three pillows.

  22. che bello questo post, pieno di fiori e primavera, sei bravissima

  23. Wow Lynda really did spoil you! Her pillow is gorgeous and those Stoney Creek charts look perfect for you. Your Printemps finish is so pretty.
    Congratulations to you and your husband on the mayoral appointment - what an honour!

  24. Lovely finish as always. What a nice day you had, always take time to enjoy even if you get too busy now being the mayor's wife. Congrats on the appointment, you know just how much people love you, and that sweet gift package is another proof what a good friend you are too:) Take care.

  25. Dear June,
    I so much can understand about how happy and bleesed you feel, when you can take a ride through lovely nature. I enjoy such rides or walks too and love seeing that there is still healthy nature around us!
    Your little finish is so cheerful. So perfect for this time of year.
    Dongratulations to your husband on being the new town mayor! No wonder you are busy all the time!

    Have a wonderful new week in May!


  26. Lynda has again been so sweet & generous!
    Love your latest finish, the flowers are all so pretty & colourful.

  27. Your description of spring in your part of England sounds so lovely, June! I sure wish we were having a nice spring--April was actually much nicer. May has been cool and rainy...

    You will have lots of busy, but fun events to attend as the Mayor's wife--congratulations to Ron!!

    Love your latest stitching--that garden piece is perfect for you and Lynda's early birthday gifts are wonderful...

    Hope you are having a lovely day, my friend!

  28. Congrats to you and your Hubby...sounds like you will both be very busy now!
    Your birthday gifts are lovely :o) Happy early Birthday!
    Well done on your beautiful finish - you have made a beautiful pillow :o)
    Hugs xx

  29. Wonderful stitching and finishing. Your pillow is very pretty and so you with all of the flowers. Love the gifts from Lynda. I didn't realise her pillow to you was so large until you showed it displayed with your others. I would think DH is kept very busy with the Mayoral duties ... out of mischief. :) Have a good weekend.

  30. I agree with you on the title of this post. Both make me very happy too. And your little stitched piece just underlines these two things. It's a great little design by Dany again, designer whose designs I dearly love. Your finishing is so sweet, too.

    A great gift package that you received from Lynda with lots of nice things to enjoy.

    It's this time of the year when you see so many wildflowers on the meadows, it' so wonderful to be outside. And I can now sit outside in the garden and read. Enjoy your stitching and your garden.

  31. The Lady Mayoress, how wonderful! It should be your mission to promote stitching during your DH's reign!

    Lovely Birthday parcel from Lynda, she obviously knows you well.