Saturday, 4 June 2016


Hello sweet friends , well June as arrived and so have the roses.
Another busy week for us we have been on our duties and all is well.
We have had a great week with lots of cream teas .
So I am looking forward to getting back to the garden and my stitching .
Thank you for all the lovely comments for my last post , always warms my heart to know you are there.
This week I did manage to stitch a wee little one from a dany's design. One of my favourite flowers a sweet violet.

Violettes 2016 from Danybrod , I stitched on 28ct with DMC 

                  My violet colour collection is growing 

And now my English rose lady SAL with Angela.

I did not stitch allot this week but I did some beading on here yesterday.

 I am just going to stop for coffee with hubby I will be back 
soon .
I am back now and DH  picked out the winner of the chart 

Yes it's MOUSE .
Well done , I wish you could all win but carry on following it you could win the next time when mouse has stitched it.
Ok time for our walk around the garden and the sun brought out lots of flowers this week.

This was a new rose but I have already forgot the name how bad is that! 

Lynda sent me some lupin seeds and look they are out Sis. 

Well that's a wrap for today .
I need to make lunch then I am going to work in the garden for an hour before I stitch a little .
I should be cleaning the bathroom and doing my ironing 
but that can wait it will always be there .
Have a happy week and I have a little more time spare this coming week so I will be around to look at your blogs . 


  1. Beautiful lavender still life!
    In your garden is all very nice and romantic, there is certainly well relax!

  2. oooo oooo oooo ... you are the first blog post I have seen since I got back from my jolly hols yesterday to find I have won wooooo .... will let you know when it arrives ...and will stitch it asap and pass on too .. gorgeous flowers both in stitching and in your garden .. and cream teas yummmm :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Lovely stitching and the flowers are so pretty. Enjoyed your blog posting.

  4. Good for Mouse! Your garden looks so very lovely June!

  5. Happy stitching Mouse 😊😊
    Ooooooooooooh!!! I adore your garden, it's beautiful. Such lovely colourful flowers... I bet your garden smells wonderful.
    Happy smiles 😊

  6. I totally agree with you: cleaning and ironing can wait indeed!! Unfortunately, as you say, they will always be there. But they won't complain if we let them wait a little longer!!
    Love your violet collection and thank you so much for another wonderful garden walk
    Happy weekend

  7. I love your rose garden....the fragrance must be wonderful. I love violets also and your collection is very sweet. Congrats to Mouse and I will sure be watching for the next drawing ....

  8. Hi Sis, glad to see the lupins are blooming. I so love your garden,so sweet and beautiful. We have the guys here today doing the gutters and then I will be starting on my flower garden. I did not want to start until they had done their job. Don't want them stepping on my flowers. I have gotten two rose bushes to start. Thanks for the advise on roses. Congrats Mouse on winning the chart.hugs Lynda Ruth

  9. As allways is was great Joy to read your post.The Violettes is very charming piece of stitching and i really liked your violet colour collection..ahhh-the roses were so beautifull...I bought a new rose to my small potted has aswedish name Sommarvind ..meaning the Summer Wind. :)

  10. Wonderful photos from your garden. The roses are so beautiful.
    Have a nice week.

  11. Sweet violets stitching and finishing :)
    Beautiful blooms too, as always!

  12. Lovely crisp colours in your stitching June. Your garden is always so vibrant - it's a joy to see.

  13. Is that sunshine??? Lo I've forgotten what it looks like :-) lovely post - gorgeous stitching and pictures as always xxx

  14. Love your stitching. The lady looks so pretty with her beads.....and congrats to Mouse!!!

  15. Your Roses and Lupines are gorgeous! Love how your lady looks on your choice of fabric. The aqua/blue colors really stand out. My post will go up tomorrow night :)

  16. A real pleasure walking through your beautiful garden.It must make you feel so peaceful. Dear violet stitchery beautifully finished. Have a good week June.

  17. gorgeous stitching, love the violet stitching. And your garden is so beautiful, gorgeous flowers

  18. Lovely progress and gorgeous flowers

  19. Congrats to Mouse!
    Your Violet collection is so pretty.
    English Roses is really taking shape now, pretty colors.
    I love your garden pics, it's so beautiful!

  20. Your whole post is a feast for the eyes! Beautiful stitching,and beautiful flower photos

  21. Lovely stitching, English Rose looks gorgeous. Your garden blooms are so pretty, love the rose:)

  22. Hello June!
    Your garden looks amazing. It sounds like you had a lovely week with all of those teas.
    Lovely Violet stitching.
    Have a great week!

  23. Congratz to the winner.
    Your collection of violet is so pretty and English Rose look stunning.
    I gotta say "WOW" to your beautiful garden.

  24. Beautiful collection of violet stitching and your new one is wonderful addition. Thanks again awesome garden photos, I love your roses.

  25. Beautiful stitching
    I love them
    You are very speedy.
    I like very much violet.

  26. Your little violet finsh looks right at home with its friends on the dresser.
    Enjoy the sunshine x

  27. The violet is so cute, June, and your collection of purple stitching is wonderful all grouped together like that.

    Such exquisite flowers--maybe some day I will actually live in an area with better weather an no deer so I can grow things like yours :)

    Happy June to you--such a nice month to have a birthday!!

  28. Yes, June is a HAPPY month, especially since it is your birthday month and your name! :) Great little violet project... Congrats to Mouse! Love all the flowers... wish I could grow some! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Twój ogród jak zaczarowany Eden. Pozdrawiam.

  30. It's always wonderful to see pictures from your garden. I can never get enough of them. June is definitely a great month because of all the colours that you see outside in nature. Just all the different hues of green are so beautiful.
    I also love violet, your violet display looks so charming. And so does your newest addition, the little pinkeep with violets on it.

  31. Your garden looks like a perfect haven just to sit, relax and wind away the hours. Beautiful stitching. Hope you are having a good week.

  32. June is one of my favorit months too - altough it developed to a "Monsoon"-month here around. But even the rain can't ruin the month of roses, right?
    Your garden is so beautiful, June - and oh the roses. I love them!
    I also love lupins, but also the snails do and they normally do not exist very long in my garden ... unfortunately!

    Have a wonderful rest of week and a pretty weekend then!

  33. All is very beautiful by You! And very nice violet Stitching. Mariuccia

  34. I like very much youe violet/ lavender corner and I would like to sit and stitch in your garden!

  35. I love your violet stitching and all the beautiful flowers in your garden. Such a treat for the eyes!
    Lovely SAL piece with Angela too.
    Congratulations to Mouse on her win!

  36. Gorgeous, gorgeous violet stitching, how lovely to have such a sweet collection of smalls now. Your garden is stunning, June and I love your SAL piece - so elegant. Congrats to dear Mouse on her win. xxxx