Saturday, 11 June 2016


 Hello friends , another week already ! 
Well the week started with hot warm sunshine then it really got  far too hot to do anything so alas not  much stitching , but I do have a finish for you that I took from my basket.
The weather has now changed and it's dull and we have had some wonderful rain I just hope it knows that it has to stop and let the sun come out again .

Thank you to all my friends who have sent me some lovely cards and gifts for my on coming Birthday  I will show a few more today and more next time .
I am so blessed with so many lovely friends.
I am sorry I need to write and email  to lots of you but it's been a very up and down week .

We have been out on many celebrations for the Queens birthday still a couple more to do this week .
So time is a little short , so I am sorry once again on reading your blogs but I am trying to get around to you all.

So let me start off with my finish .

This design was from a old magazine and it was designed by a lovely lady called Sheila Hudson.
Sadly she is no longer with us , I was so upset because I loved everything she designed and you will see many of her designs in the future on my blog I kept them all.
Her family still sells her designs you can look on goggle. 
Look what our sweet friend Vickie  sent me for my Birthday
How lovely a coffee mat , I have it on display it is beautiful and I hope to make a few of these when I find time.

Vickie knows what coloured things I so love.


  And from our sweet friend Carol
our friendship grows so does my lovely row of pillows from you my friend .
Again Carol knows I love the soft colours and the design she stitched me.

Oh Carol such beautiful treats you added in your parcel thank you my friend.

Thank you to the rest of my friends for all the birthday treats , I will be showing you all over the next few posts .
So June is now bringing lots of strawberries and roses in to life in my garden .
So below 
just a couple I will slice on our ice cream later.

 This rose is for my mother who would have had a birthday yesterday .
 Happy Birthday mom if you are looking down.

And here is one for my GD who lost her baby this week.

Sweet blessing , love you so much .
Our family have had many sad times but we are growing stronger .
In life we have allot of things come our way we have to deal with it and move on. 
It will happen to us all at sometime in our life's and the older you get more often .
But I do believe everything happens for a reason .
I do believe in faith and have a open heart . 
I want to leave you with more roses from my garden ,
I know so many of you enjoy a walk in my garden so come this way, but before we do I would like to thank you for your kindness and your lovely comments .
And can I wish you a lovely week.

I send you all roses from my heart .
and now the rain has just stopped and the sun is trying to come out again.
Until next week .


  1. Thank you for one more open hearted blogpost! I am sorry for your grand daughter. Hope she is well. I probably have some of Sheila Hudson's designs too in the ones I have kept all these years from magazines.AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday! I love the coffee mat - another thing on my to do list!! lol. gorgeous photos as always and a lovely finish. Hope you are ok and not wearing yourself out you sound so busy all the time xx take care xx hugs xx

  3. Love your post, June! We do have a lot of sweet friends around the world, don't we?? Your roses are gorgeous - take care and stay cool, my friend!

  4. Oh June, so so sorry about your grandaugher, sending her big hugs xx

    Your roses are beautiful as is your garden and your stitching.

    Happy birthday to you, lovely gifts and i will look forward to seeing what other treasures you have been gifted with too :-)

    Take care, thinking of you xx

  5. A lovely finish June!!
    Belated birthday wishes too :)
    Enjoy the strawberries, I know I am :)

  6. Love your blog June! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person.
    Sending big hugs to you and you GD
    Have a most beautiful birthday

  7. Lovely post June I'm sorry for all of the loss in your life. I hope things get better. Happy birthday you got some lovely gifts :)

  8. Happy Birhtday June. Wonderful gifts from your friends.
    The little pincushion looks great.
    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Beautiful roses and lovely gifts.

  10. Beautiful finish and amazing roses :)

  11. Beautiful stitching and finishing of your sweet little pillow. Wonderful gifts sent for your birthday too. As always I love to see the blooms ... and now strawberries, not ready for eating here yet. So sorry to hear about your GD, I too believe everything happens for a reason. I hope she is well and the heartache eases soon.

  12. I am so glad you like your gift my friend.
    I am still praying for your dear granddaughter.
    Your roses are just lovely June.

  13. Oh June, how sad. Our family had a similar loss just a week ago.
    Take care - love the flowers.

  14. Such lovely roses with beautiful sentiments.
    And your stitched gifts are so very special and beautifully finished.

  15. Everything in this post is beautiful, including the roses and their sentiments. Love and healing to you and your family.

  16. Such pretty gifts. The flowers are beautiful. Sorry about your families loss.

  17. Beautiful gifts , your roses are outstanding. Love the bright yellow one,the last one.Best wishes for your GD.

  18. Congratulations subsequently for your birthday. You've got such wonderful gifts, I am with you. But I am sorry that the family is going through such hard times at the moment, I am sending you a little prayer with hope and good good thoughts.
    Your embroidery is wonderful! The flowers from your garden are gorgeous,
    Greetings Sandra

  19. beautiful cross stitch finishes, best wishes for your birthday

  20. Beautiful stitching, and I love the coffee mat! Your garden is giving us enjoyment as usual. Your granddaughter is in my thoughts xx

  21. Lovely post June. I hope your birthday is wonderful. You received some very lovely gifts. Take Care.

  22. A week of mixed emotions for you June, sending you a (great big hug) and lots of love xxxxx

  23. Your roses are so pretty. Lovely finish and wonderful presents from sweet friends. So sorry for your family's loss. Sending prayers your way. Take care.

  24. The presents are very nice, also your roses. Big hug to your GB!!Mariuccia

  25. Happy, happy birthday wishes to you, dear June. And what wonderful gifts you have received from your friends. They know you well, these gifts must have warmed your heart.
    I love the little pillow that you stitched and finished. I have to look out for charts of this designer, I still have all my older magazines because I always find something new in them :)
    So sorry to read about your grand daughter's loss. So sorry for you all. Somehow all the wonderful roses might be a kind of consolation.

  26. What a beautiful rose on your header and from your garden.
    Happy Birthday to you June, enjoy your wonderful gifts.

  27. So sorry to read the sad news of your family's loss June. I will remember you all in my prayers.
    Your garden and stitching are lovely as always.

  28. Happy birthday wishes to you June. Your friends have sent beautiful gifts, you are a lucky girl.
    Your rose finishing is fantastic and so are your roses in the garden.
    So sorry for the sad loss, condolences to the entire family.

  29. Hi June,
    what a lovely little finish you are showing us today. I remember Sheila and her lovely designs and I was very sad, when I read about your passing away.

    The presents you received are so lovely - and you deserve them all, my dear friend.

    Thank you for this wonderful pictures of roses - I am an avid rose lover and I can never get enough on seeing wonderful roses. Although some of these you show us because of sad circumstances (best wishes for your GD).

    Have some wonderful days until your big day shows up!


  30. Happy birthday wishes June. What lovely gifts you have received and beautiful stitching you have done. Love the flowers.

  31. che rose meravigliose e che bei regali. Tanti auguri di buon compleanno anche se in ritardo!

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  33. I am so sorry for your loss ,,I promise to remember you in my prayers.The June finishing i so very pretty and I really enjoyed to see all those different coloured roses !

  34. I do hope your granddaughter is healing, June--such a sad loss...

    Your June finish is lovely and I'm so glad you enjoyed my gifts. The mug mat from Vickie is very cute, too--too pretty to use!

    Enjoy those lovely roses of yours (our newly planted flowers are slowly disappearing due to the deer :(

  35. Happy BDay wishes to you June! Roses so beautiful!

  36. Big hug for your loss and happy birthday...thank you for uour nice roses...

  37. gorgeous gifts you got as well as stitching finished ... and love the roses ((((hugs to you and your GD ))) love mouse xxxxx

  38. Happy belated birthday, my dear. Look at all the wonderful stitching and roses on your post - such a pleasure to come visit. xxxx