Sunday, 19 June 2016


Hello friends ,
I want to thank you all for your kindness and lovely words through out last week.
Well what a bitter/ sweet week it was.
After I wrote my blog last week my GD was rushed back into hospital again and she had two blood transfusion and an operation early on my birthday morning , so I was so upset .
But do you know my sweet GD phoned still phoned to wish me a Happy Birthday such a sweet girl .
I am happy to say she is well and resting and getting better each day .
 It was such a busy week for DH and I ,  we were just about every where , and lots of Queens birthday party's.
Another busy week coming up too .
So not much stitching time or blog reading I do try and read a few blogs a day , but forgive me I will catch up.
You are just some of the nicest friends and your comments and letters are so lovely .
 Welcome to my new follower hope you enjoy my small part of my life and my beautiful loves in life my stitching and gardening. 
Happy fathers day to all I will be lighting a candle my my dear dad this evening .
I finished my rose lady but I am trying to find a way to finish her , like Angela I have just stitched the middle part , Angela is going to put her lovely stitching on a box and I  know it will be just beautiful , so I will think up something different this week , so keep watching,  the chart will be up for grabs next time.
So first today here is a finish of my sweet wren.

So here she is , I corded some fluffy wool I wanted her to look soft and fluffy .
And hopefully she does .

Now I know I am naughty but it is Summer and I wanted to start something new , well I fell in love with this next design .
You won't see that much today , but hoping you will come over and see this one grow I must say it is just beautiful 
So can you guess what I am stitching my DH thought it was a spider ha.                      

So now a little walk in the garden and then some of the beautiful gifts I have been blessed with from friends.

Some of these rose petals my friend dried and used at their family wedding the smell is just wonderful.

Yes you can see the dew drops we do have rain, and it's not been to warm the last few days.

Below my chocolate rose and yes smells of chocolate.                                  

Lots going on in the green house we have just picked 16 cucumber's , most of them go to family and friends.

                               First tomato of the year.

     Ok it is only a small one but one of many to come.
                           And more strawberries 


                   And some lovely gifts from sweet friends so many I will have to show you over the next few weeks.
Once again I have been so blessed , thank you my dear friends for all of your kindness.
                            From our sweet friend Linda 
she already sent me a boxful of goodies this was an extra bless you.

From our dear friend mouse ,
lots of lovely goodies .

                         And lovely pin cushion.

                                    Thank you mouse.
And from our sweet friend Lisa V , thank you for such a lovely Autumn themed gift set just wonderful.

        Seeing this card was looking back in years just like my daughter years ago. Thank you Lisa. 

Well just one more I am running out of space, but will show you more in the next few weeks .

From Nathalie a dear friend from France such lovely gifts thank you so much.

So I will leave you today with thanks to you all , sending 
and hugs and xxx's , for your kindness and friendships .
Enjoy your Sunday and the coming week have fun.


  1. Your wren is so sweet June. Your foxgloves are so tall! I used to have that lovely chocolate rose years ago. You have wonderful, beautiful gifts!!

  2. wow, what a lovely garden, You have so many lovely flowers in it. I hope I can get mine to look lovely too. Love all your beautiful gifts and I love Mr.Wren, he dose look soft and fluffy. Glad your DG is getting better. hugs to you and Ron. love Lynda Ruth

  3. dear June, please give my blessings to your GD. hope she is doing fine right now. your garden is marvellous, as usual. Your cucumbers and strawberries make you happy and proud, well done! Enjoy your week and again happy birthday! Kisses. Titty p.

  4. I can't wait to see how you will finish your lady. Hope you GD is doing better. Lovely gifts :)

  5. Hi, June! So sorry to hear about your GD...I hope she's doing well now. Your stitching is lovely, as is you garden. Enjoy your week....

  6. Lovely little bird finish.
    I like the photos from your flowers.
    Greetings, Manuela

  7. Oh June it must have,been awful for you regarding your GD hope she continues to improve xxx lovely photos as always and gorgeous stitching. Hope things have calmed down and you can relax a little - take care xxx

  8. Hugs to you and your grand daughter. Happy birthday. x

  9. The bird finish is so pretty. The rose garden it beautiful. The garden pictures are so nice

  10. the wren is soo sweet .. glad you enjoyed your wee gifts you deserve them ... you were truly spoilt from others too :) glad to hear GD is doing well after everything ((gentle hugs ))) being sent your way ... love mouse xxxxx

  11. So lovely to see your garden and all the beautiful veg, fruit and flowers. Your wren is sweet, what a simple but good idea with the fluffy wool! Best wishes to your GD love Diana xx

  12. Beautiful roses and beautiful gifts!Hope you GD get better soon.

  13. Lovely flowers, I do love roses. Your produce looks wonderful. Happy birthday for last week and best wishes to your GD.Love all your gorgeous gifts.For your busy life you have June you are amazing with the turnout of lovely stitched projects. The one you have just started, I wondered if it was a little blackbird. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  14. i enjoy reading your blog and your wren is adorable with the trim you chose. As for your flowers, they are just beautiful. It looks like something out of a magazine.

  15. Happy birthday I'm glad your gd is doing better I hope she gets better soon. Lovely gifts and flowers!

  16. Your little wren finish is adorable and thanks for walk in the garden, it's always nice to see your beautiful flowers. You also received wonderful gifts and I'm sure you will find lovely charts from those French magazines. They are my favorites too.

  17. Glad you enjoyed your gifts. I love your little wren finish.

  18. This is definitely a sweet fluffy little wren :)
    Beautiful gifts too, plenty to keep you entertained!

  19. Beautiful stitching
    Happy birthday
    I wish you all the best

  20. Lovely gifts June and your garden is stunning as always - so much gorgeous colour.

  21. Fond subsequently Birthday! So wonderful gifts you have received. I am very pleased with you.
    All the best improvement for GD.
    Your bird is so delicate embroidered, beautifully.
    Greetings Sandra

  22. Glad to hear that your GD is doing okay now, must have been such a worry for you. Your wren is so delicately wrought and the fluffy cording works just perfectly. xxxx

  23. Cute bird finish. Your garden is such a beautiful sight.
    Enjoy your gifts.

  24. I hope your granddaughter is getting stronger each day, June... How very sweet of her to call you on your birthday with all she was going through!

    Lovely little wren--so sweet and your garden flowers make me want to fly over and sit and stitch with you! Hope you are having a relaxing week so far--eat a juicy strawberry for me :)

  25. I always enjoy looking at your neat finishes, that wren is so pretty. And of course, your garden pictures are beautiful as ever.

  26. I just discovered your blog! I adore your roses, so very pretty. Can you tell me where you got the pattern for the sweet little wren? I love stitching birds and that little chap looks like a sweetie. :)

  27. Such lovely things! I love the little wren:) Can you tell me what the chart is behind the little bird: the little rose sampler?
    Your real roses are so pretty too, and I am sure you will enjoy all your wonderful birthday gifts. I have some old issues of Creation Point de Croix and I just love looking through them every once in while.
    Happy Days!
    JEnn M

  28. Wonderful gifts from your friends that you can show here. All of them so very thoughtfully made and put together.
    Your little wren is just so sweet and I love how you finished her. Pretty picture with her among the roses :)
    It's always nice to see what your garden looks like at different times of the year.
    I hope that you will find some time to relax and stitch.

  29. June: Such lovely birthday gifts, what a lucky Lady you are.
    I truly love the Wren and what a beautiful and sweet finish.
    Love the garden photos and the strawberries yummy, I have a strawberry patch myself love when I can pick fresh fruit.


  30. You have received some wonderful birthday gifts. Lovely garden photos too. The wren pillow is such a sweet design.
    My best wishes to your GD, I hope she is on the road to recovery. So touching to think of others when she is going through difficulties herself. I imagine her to be out of the same mould as yourself. :)

  31. Nice gifts and nice flowers! Thank you for sharing!

  32. Beautiful pictures as always June. Your Strawberry display on the dresser is just gorgeous!
    Hope your granddaughter continues to grow stronger.

  33. Great post with beautiful photos as always! Love the finished wren... a great design! And all those goodies from friends... superb! Glad to hear that your granddaughter is improving. I know that she is a part of your heart, and you want only the best for her! I have four GDs, so I feel the same! Hugs!

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