Sunday, 14 August 2016

Relaxing week .

Hi everyone , 
What a lovely week we have had , sun is back out and gets a little hot in the afternoon , so I have been stitching and watching the Rio games really enjoying them this year .

So after a few busy weeks I have had a relaxing week and feel good for it , and must say needed it.

But I still do my gardening everyday and a few jobs in the house but try and get them done before lunch.
I am also spending time in the craft room oh dear it was and still is in a mess but I am in there for an hour each day , sorting my charts into boxes of Spring, Summer , Autumn and Winter , also Baby / children , Weddings /Anniversary's .
I am marking my box's up so I know where to go when I need the right chart , much better for me . 
I also love looking at my charts does anyone else out there love to take a day just looking at them I see so many I want to stitch .
I also have a big box of charts already kitted up love this because I always have one new one ready to start ,when I feel like I need a change .

Thank you again for your lovely comments you are just the sweetest friends.

Ok lets see what I have to show you this week .

First up a gift for a sweet friend who loves my stitching so I thought  I would make her a cake ha.

                               Added a few bits to make it sparkle.

This is from the birthday cake charts  from Brooke's Books 
this one was a September one but here in the UK sunflowers are more for August , so I just left the S off , but really thinking about it my friends name starts with a S  ! silly me.

Stitched on a pale blue evenweave 28ct
and dmc threads .

And now for a new start to add to my WIPs , ok I know I have so many WIPs on the go but it makes me feel good and thats what counts.

       Here is the chart of the kit , it is by Vervaco , what do you think pretty or what , I fell in love with this one.

This is so me so I just had to start this one and will rotate with the rest of my WIPs each week.
So here is this weeks stitching  so far .

And last week forgot to show you my felt ornament I put into the show , I think I got third or second not sure now.
( must be getting old ha ) 


         This was a change from cross stitch , I do like felt work so watch this space . So cute and soft  .

I cut some sweet peas yesterday , they have not been so good this year but I did get a few to pick.

Ok are you still with me it's garden time.

 First look at the tomatoes .

We are getting plenty of tomatoes this year they are so yummy.

 And now my other love my garden spend most of my life working and and sitting here. Watching butterfies dancing together and the birds bathing in the water. What could be better than this.

Well a couple more jobs for me to do then I am back into the craft room . DH is a judge today at a car show . So I have all day to do what I want to.
And this afternoon stitching and Rio .
Have a lovely week all , hugs and xxx.


  1. June, your garden is so beautiful!! I always love your photos :)

    As for charts, I am the same... probably this is why I keep starting new projects!!

    Have a lovely sunday

  2. Always love your garden pictures. Great felt bird. The Olympics have been fun to watch.

  3. Always love your garden pictures. Great felt bird. The Olympics have been fun to watch.

  4. A wonderful stitched cake for your friend :)
    Great start and choice on the colourful Vervaco kit.
    Have a lovely week x

  5. Dear June,
    your garden looks very, very well. The gift for your friend is so wonderful. She'll be very happy. The new Vervaco kit is very nice. I like the sweet birdhous and the pink felt-bird, too.
    Have a nice week

  6. Your garden is a much colour!
    Love the gift for your friend. Great stitching and beautifully finished.

  7. As always a beautiful blog, Love all the garden flowers so pretty, I like your felt bird so sweet, and your new stitching is going to look great. How is the lady coming along. We finally got some rain today. It's been weeks since we had any. hugs my friend

  8. Wow!! The garden is absolutely beautiful!! Everything is blooming, so full of color... I would also spend time there as much as I could. Here it is is hot and humid, they say stay inside--it is not safe! Worst summer I can remember! What a lovely gift you stitched for a friend...and the felt bird is really cute. I have really admired many Vervaco pieces, but we don't get them here. They are always such vivid colors. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  9. Beautiful projects and so much colour in your whole post today June, everything is so pretty.
    I'm enjoying the Olympics too - it's fun to dip in and out to catch everything that is going on. I like a little felt work too - it's quite relaxing.

  10. Love, love, love your garden!And BDay sunflower cake so beautiful!

  11. Your stitching is always so pretty. I just love the little motifs and designs you find. But your garden,....oh my goodness,your garden is beyond compare! Absolutely beautiful.

  12. Your stitching is wonderful as always. The little cake is very cute.
    Your new WIP stitching looks great. I love it.
    Your garden is amazing. All the flowers are so beautiful.
    Have a nice week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  13. Beautiful stitching and pictures. I love the sweet peas the colors are so pretty :)

  14. Your garden looks "blooming" gorgeous :-) fab stitching as always I love how you have finished off the sunflower ornament xxx Have a great week xx

  15. Oh the cake is wonderful June. I so enjoy your garden. I wish I could enjoy mine. You know I am NOT enjoying this summer at all. Not at all.

  16. Birthday cake looks great, just bite!
    The chart can smell the summer! Flowers and a bird that's cool!
    I send greetings!

  17. Love that birthday cake! Looks good enought to eat!
    And that little bird is so cute :o)
    Your garden looks gorgeous... I am so over winter down under - would love to get some summer and sunflowers happening!
    Hugs xx

  18. I'm glad you've enjoyed a more relaxing week, June, after your busy summer! Your flowers and tomatoes are amazing--I am so envious with what you can grow in your part of the world :) Do you have to routinely water your garden or do you get rain frequently enough? I can imagine watering that many things would take an entire afternoon!

    Love the sweet cake and your finish is darling... Pretty start on your new kit, too. And the felt bird is so sweet with his little pink rose--well done!!

  19. I love everything you have shared with us.Your garden is a real sanctuary.Wonderful tomatoes. Spring is arriving here in N.Z. It's been really great to open doors and windows, spring flowers and blossoms starting to show colour and open up. Have a lovely week June.

  20. Your garden blows me away with all the color!! Love it and all the stitching too!

  21. Your garden is so colorful and all your stitching is so pretty.

  22. Hello June nice to read you spend good relax time also with works in craftroom ...ohhh sio lovely sunflowes cross stitch cake!!Great Vervaco work !!And really a paradise your garden full of flowers!!Have happy week

  23. Very nice everything, the cross stitch and the garden that makes me always dream!

  24. The birthday cake is so pretty. The felt bird is also so pretty. Your garden pictures made me smile. Lots of pretty flowers. You have an amazing garden.

  25. Such a beautiful garden - and not surprising when you say you garden every day. I must take a leaf out of your book! I'm enjoying the Rio games too, and getting some stitching done at the same time x

  26. So good to read that you had had a nice and relaxing week - and I hope the last week was just the same for you - relaxing and full of wonderful things like stitching.
    I love the cake you made for your friend, so delicate :) And yes, I am the same, I love browsing through all my charts and magazines. It's so nice to see all the lovely things I bought throughout the last 20 years, and of course there are always lots and lots of things that I wan too start stitching immediately. And sometimes I do :)
    Your new start is so so sweet, it's so me as well. I would also enjoy stitching it.

  27. What a sweet beautiful gift you've stitched for your friend. The finish is perfect. The Vervaco piece is gorgeous too. I'm always ready for a trip in your garden, it's such a relaxing place to be in. Thanks for sharing:)

  28. I love your beautiful stitching, the sunflower make for your friend is very pretty. Looking forward to seeing more of your felting work, the birdie is adorable. Love your new wip too. Glad to see you have had success with your tomatoes. Your garden looks fabulous.

  29. Your garden is stunning as always June. Such beautiful colours. I love the sunflower cake you stitched for your friend - so perfectly finished too!
    The Vervaco kit is perfect for you- flowers and birds.
    I try to have pictures of all my kits and charts on the stash pages of my blog, that way I can look through them any time I want to on my smart phone, wherever I am!