Friday, 5 August 2016


Hello friends ,
How are you all ,  are you finding that the  summer months are so busy like I do .
 There is always so much to do.

Thank you for the lovely comments and a warm welcome to my new follower.

We had our Garden and Craft show last week so that was a busy week , and  also spending time with family and friends life just goes by so quick .

DH and I always make sure we have one day a week out if we can and have lunch, and sometime to smell the roses. 

Ok I will keep the writing short so I can get this blog up or another week will whizz by ha . 

How did we do at the show DH won a cup yes but it won't be back just yet he will have his name engraved on it then I will show you , he won 5- 1sts and 2-2nd with his veg and flowers.
And I won 2 -1st  5 -2nd and 1- 3rd  for stitching , knitting , felting , flowers and photo .

So here is my Rabbit I knitted .

                                  She is so soft to feel.
                                Look at her sweet tail.

                           I won 2nd with Suzy .

And I won a 1st with my round lady cross stitch a few blogs back now , and flowers and photo.

This is my Victorian lady at the moment  a few more stitches stitched.

           And a Christmas coaster , I have lost the name I have had four of them for years  so here is the first one stitched .

We have flowers every where in the house and outside so will leave you 
with the scents of summer , hay fever is high in our house  I wonder why .

                              Beautiful lilies

These are our winning cards 

Have a wonderful week and thank you for coming to share in my little space of happiness.


  1. Oh how wonderful! You and Ron did so very well! Good for you both!! :D Your flowers are just lovely. And that bunny is so precious.

  2. Well done to you both of you for getting so many 1st and 2nd places. I love the knitted bunny, she is lovely and such pretty flowers.

  3. Wonderful flowers. The bunny is so sweet an looks so cuddly. The Viktorian lady looks very fashionable. Funny little Snowman.
    Have a nice weekend

  4. Ah a lovely post - I cant believe that rabbit is knitted - wow!!! Its amazing - congratulations on all your wins - they are all well deserved - big hugs xx Enjoy the Weekend and I hope the sun shines xx

  5. Well done to both of you June, well deserved.

  6. Your flowers continue to be beautiful. I love the rabbit. Congratulations on your winnings.

  7. Congrats on all of the wins June. Your flowers are lovely.


  8. Such happy news! Congrats on the wins. The flowers are so pretty...and that is the cutest little bunny I have ever seen! :)

  9. Hello June,
    what a wonderful post.
    congratulation on all the wins.
    Your little rabbist is very cute. I like him.
    Wonderful stitching progress.
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. how ever did you knit that bunny? I love her. Congrats on all your wins and the flowers are beautiful as always. I love your lady, where ever did you get the chart. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  11. Congratulations on all of your ribbons! That's wonderful. Your stitching is lovely, but I really, REALLY LOVE the bunny!!!!!!!!!

  12. The bunny is so sweet. Well done on the First too. very well deserved.
    The flowers are beautiful too.

  13. Your flowers so beautiful and stitching lovely! Have a nice weekend!

  14. Congrats on all those wins. Woohoo! Your bunny is so adorable. Love all those flowers. So very pretty.

  15. Adore the Victorian Lady, she is so beautiful and also your bunny. It looks a beautiful yarn that you used and so soft looking.Great show of flowers.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful flowers - as always in your posts! Thanks for sharing.
    I really hope you will have more relaxing days after all this busy weeks.
    Congratulation to these fabulous wins - both to you and your husband.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear June!


  17. Very nice for you both! Wonderful flowrers and beautiful cross stitch!
    :-)) Miriam

  18. Congratulations
    Post is fantastic
    I adore your flowers

  19. Congrats to both of you on you winnings.
    The Bunny is so cute.
    Your Lilies & Glads are beautiful.

  20. Well done for the Garden and Craft show. Congratulations to you both!
    Love the new banner:'Garden pleasures' suits your blog. I relish watching the photos from your garden :)
    have a great weekend

  21. Congratulations on the many awards you both won! I can't believe the bunny is is perfect!! Really cute!! The garden is in full bloom now... gorgeous colors everywhere! I sure enjoy seeing that! Hugs!

  22. Hello, June! nice to read you again! congratulations for your many prizes for flowers, veggies, stitching and other crafts. but....did you really do that little suzy the rabbit? it's wonderful! you are so good at it!!!!!!!!!many beautiful flowers in your house and garden, as usual. hay fever is not a problem if you can enjoy such a marvellous colour anf beauty show every day! have a nice week! have a nice month of august. time passes by quickly, that's true! kisses. titty p. from italy

  23. That is wonderful that you and Ron did so well at the show, June! But, I'm not at all surprised--your creations and the flowers you show are always so lovely! Your bunny is adorable--such a cutie. I do hope fall slows down for you, but I know with Ron's job as Mayor--you are likely to be busy this whole year!

    Happy August to you!

  24. Congratulations to you both. The bunny is adorable, you can just see how soft she is. x

  25. Congrats to both of you on your win. Fantastic flowers and that bunny is such a cutie pie.

  26. Congratulation for all winners at the show!!Really the rabbit is so lovely!!!Victorian lady grow very well as your flowes in the beautiful them!!Pass to my blog we celebrate together his birthday with a giveaway...I wait you!!Have happy week

  27. Hello Butterfly! Thank you again for this beautiful blog post ! I am very happy for your succes in the show wish there would be some shows like that here too!But we do not have any !!!The Victorian Lady looks very elegant and I love your cute snowman Too! I have been very busy too but I promise to update my blog asap. :) :)

  28. Congrats, congrats, congrats......and how I love that little bunny tail!

  29. Congrats on the wins! Your flowers and stitching are gorgeous and the little bunny is adorable. She looks so soft

  30. Congratulations to your husband on the prizes he won.
    This little bunny is just so sweet, June. And how delicate the Victorian lady looks. Wonderful stitching and knitting.
    Thanks for all the great flower pictures from your garden.

  31. Well done, congrats on the cute bunny. Lovely progress on the Victorian. Your garden blooms are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing:)