Saturday, 29 October 2016


Hello friends how are we today ? 
This week has been a week of mist , cold , damp , and sunshine what a mix of weather and today is so mild .
I have been out in the garden putting in some spring bulbs .
Just a few parts  in the garden left to do.
I have noticed there are so many berries on the tree's they say it is a sign of a bad winter , and it is a way of feeding the birds and small creatures so they have plenty to eat , so we will wait and see.
I don't know what the real forecast will be I thought I read some where it would be mild !

Well I found a little time this week to finish a pillow and I made a start on another new WIP . 
I also stitched another Christmas ornament so will show this next time.

So first up is my finish , it was one I stitched late last year .
It was sitting inside my box of ready to finish ones.

                           Autumn stitch by the lovely 
                                       Dany brod.

                              Stitched on a white 28ct evenweave.

                         Using DMC thread and varied

 Sitting in my window brings Autumn  colour inside.

                             My new WIP 

Winter Stamp by  Vervaco

Some Autumn leaves 

Thank you friends for the lovely comments last week.
Always lovely to hear from you .
I know how busy we all are at this time of the year so thank you for taking the time to come over and visit .
Have a lovely stitching week . 


  1. Such a pretty make and lovely finishing xx You new make looks lovely too, Happy Autumn!

  2. So great to see your little new autumn pillow. The colours you used are just as beautiful and bright as the colours one the trees. We also had lots of berries on the trees and shrubs but they are nearly all gone now. I don't know if this is a sign of a bad winter to come - I hope not!
    I love your new start a lot. I love all the designs that have birds :)

  3. Lovely autumn colours June and pretty stitching too.

  4. Oh what a pretty, little finish. Much too nice to be languishing in a pile any longer. ;)

  5. That Autumn pillow is so beautiful, full of the colors of fall! Looks great! And I LOVE the Vervaco Winter Stamp with Chickadees! Going to be very cute! Hugs!

  6. A beautiful Autumn pillow. I do love the colours at this time of year. I'm eager to see progress on your new WIP, looks a great winter-time project.

  7. A lovely little finish in wonderful autumn colours.
    Your new project looks great.
    Happy Weekend, Manuela

  8. Beautiful autumn survival!
    WIP winter I really like!

  9. Lovely Autumn colours and a sweet stitchery.

  10. That pillow is beautiful. I love how you finished it. I am looking forward to watching the progress on that Winter piece.

  11. A beautiful Autumn pillow finish!

  12. Pretty autumn finish, the little acorn button is so cute.

  13. Wow very very gorgeous
    Colors are vibrant

  14. the beautiful autumn colors and a sweet embroidery.

  15. Such a beautiful autumn finish, lovely bright colors and your new WIP is wonderful too. I love birds and flowers, so pretty design.

  16. Love the Danybrod piece.
    That little birdy is cute too!
    Have a great week!

  17. A beautiful Autumn finish!!
    Great new start too :)

  18. Such a pretty finish, June! I love the colors and I love how you finished it. I am a big fan of all Dany-Desings too!
    Your new WIP looks gorgeous. Pretty process so far!

    I am really curious if your winterforcast will come true. I am urgently waiting for a hard and cold winter. My garden is attacked by voles heavily and only very deep frost can really do something against this ...

    Have a wonderfu last day of October (Happy Halloween, if your are celebrating this day ...)


  19. I love your Autumn finish! It's really beautiful. I think we're going to have some nicer weather this week - fingers crossed! best wishes, Diana

  20. Lovely stitching the little leaves and acorn really finish it off. Looking forward to seeing your progress on your new wip :-) have a great week xxx

  21. I hope that all the berries forecasting a hard winter isn't true, June! We've had the most beautiful fall that I hate to see it end...

    Love your autumn finish and your new WIP has the prettiest colors. I'm sure you will really enjoy stitching it :)

    Wishing you and Ron a lovely November!

  22. Such a sweet and cheerful autumn colors. Great start on your new WIP.
    Happy stitching June.

  23. Beautiful stitching and lovely autumn pics too...your new project looks so pretty,
    Happy November!
    Susan x

  24. I love your Autumn finish, great colors! Great progress on the new WIP too.

  25. che bello l'autunno, i tuoi ricami sono stupendi

  26. Lovely autumn color in your work and garden!! also love new winter cross stitch work!!have happy week end!

  27. Very nice autumnal stitching. I remember when you were stitching it about one year ago.