Saturday, 15 October 2016


Hello friends ,
Hope you are enjoying a good weekend , here it has just started to rain , and we had some heavy rain last night .
Well this morning we got our flu jabs , I wonder if they will be better than last years ? 

I have had a busy week catching up and I am almost back to normal .
I have been stitching a little and have another ornament to show you and a few more holiday photos.

But first thank you for the lovely comments and it's good to be back home.

I have lots of stitching ready but not finished so in the winter months I want to finish them I have been looking at different blogs to see how to finish , and I am hoping to get better at this and not keep doing the same finish. 
So watch the space for different finishes by me ha .
But for now here is a very quick finish , with not having lots of free time.

I have taken this one from Shabby Advent Calendar 
                                 by Cuoree Batticuore 

                               Stitched on 32 ct grey 

I have stitch a few of these this week but need to finish them .

One night on holiday we did a 10 hour trip 
Teide by night .
We went up the third tallest volcano in the world .
We were way above the clouds and I must say it was so cold .
We had a glass of cava to see in the sunset , then a 3 course meal and after we watched the stars at night .
That was fantastic and I saw two shooting stars .
Our professional star guild , showed us almost every star .
Tenerife is know for stargazing and home to a famous observatory situated in the summit .

The sunset was beautiful.

Above the clouds at 7000ft  

You can see where the last eruption was , the Teide is still alive.

Our guide

Even a little church was there . 
The air was very thin but it was so clean.
Sorry we could not take photos at night .
This is another one to take off my bucket list .

Well more stitching next week have a good week .
Oh no flowers here are a few bye for now.

                                 Still a few flowers left , before the frosts come along.


  1. Thank You for this lovely blog post -the Cuore et Batticuore piece is very sweet.

  2. The little ornament is very cute.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  3. lovely ornament and beautiful photos. So glad you had a wonderful holiday!
    Have a relaxing weekend

  4. Your finishing is always gorgeous!! I only seem to finish in cushion form lol (or cards lol) . Your trip sounds fantastic- something my hubby would like. Xxx enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

  5. I like this design by Cuore et Batticuore - very beutiful! Wish you happy weekend!

  6. That was very interesting about the volcano and stargazing on Tenerife. I think my husband would like that, and I'm going to suggest a holiday there!

  7. Oh how very interesting June. Lovely pictures also!

  8. How wonderful you have embroidered and then processed so fantastically. Great!
    Greetings Sandra

  9. Adore your finished ornament June.Great photos of your trip.Your flowers still look fresh and not hurt from weather conditions.We are into Spring but it's not totally trustworthy re warmth yet. Cool grey day today. Stitching day today. Have a great weekend. Hugs,Shirley N.Z.

  10. Your finishes always look beautiful June! This one is no exception.
    That trip looks interesting - I've never been to Tenerife, looks like it's definitely worth a trip!

  11. What a great trip to do June, it's one to remember for you.

  12. Such a pretty round ornament, June--you did a wonderful job on it :)

    I enjoyed seeing your photos of Tenerife. I had never heard of it so had to look it up on Google maps :) That was quite a long trip for you--sounds like a wonderful time was had. But, I'm sure it was good to return home. As much as I like to travel there is no place like home!

  13. Love the ornament. Your pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  14. so now you are climbing volcano's, what have you planned for next year. ha ha that looks like allot of fun. your stitching is beautiful. glad you had fun. good to get away and relax no matter what you do. hugs

  15. Welcome back! Very nice your little stitching!

  16. My Son would have loved to climb that Volcano, the pictures look gorgeous. Love your ornament finish too!

  17. Another lovely ornament finish and beautiful holiday pictures.

  18. Great stitching & finishing!
    This ornament looks really nice.
    How funny, we have been looking at holiday in Tenerife and hubby was all for booking because of Teide!! ;) You are really selling it to me, methink a booking will be made very soon!

  19. Hai espresso un desiderio con le stelle cadenti? Bellissimo il ricamo

  20. Oh I love that stitched ornament!! It is so cute!! And that finishing is perfect!! I don't think I could go that high with asthma, but glad you had a great time! I will enjoy it through your blog! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  21. Such a beautiful finished ornament! Congrats!
    And thanks for taking us along on your trip up to the top of the volcano!

  22. Your finish is beautiful June.

    Lovely photos from your trip to the volcano. I bet the night sky was amazing.

  23. Oh I love your sweet little finish, June! I stitched this design too, but still not have finished it. I love most of the designs of that Advent calendar!

    Your trip to the Teide sounds amazing. I have never been to Teneriffe up to now, but I am sure it must be wonderful there. So nice to read that you had such a wonderful vacation!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  24. Stunning finish, love the edging on it.
    My daughter hated her trip up Teide lol xxx

  25. Love the Christmas ornie and great holiday snaps.

  26. Such a lovely little ornament, June.
    Your trip to the Teide must have been a real adventure.

  27. Lovely ornament you finished. 3rd tallest, That's a lot of climbing! Glad you had a nice trip. Thank you for sharing the pretty pictures, esp the one with a church👍

  28. Beautiful photos and finish :)