Saturday, 22 October 2016


Hello friends, 
Well I must say it is a lovely Autumn day today .
Fresh but sunny. 

Thank you for your lovely comments it is always good to hear from you all.

Well this week I worked on another Christmas ornament and a WIP, time is still a little short but I am stitching away when I can.
 So we start off with an old chart I have had in my sock for ages and I have two big box's of free magazine charts so I need to get stitching on them .

              This was such fun to stitch and finish .
          I thought I would try and make it into a mitten .
               What do you think ? not bad for a first try.
                             And below the back.

Seraphina Christmas card kit free from 
Cross/Stitcher 1998.
I stitched it on 28ct cream with DMC threads.

The WIP I stitched on this week was 
Garden Lasses "Lucy" 
By Lesley Teare

          This is the one I won from our lovely friend Mii.

 I had club this last week and one of my lovely friends Mo made me this .

She is always spoiling me and this is the second one of Sunny Sue she made for me , I love it so cute.

               Before I start showing AUTUMN pics here are a few more holiday photos.

After breakfast when we would walk back to our room We would count these little fellows .
We had a side each and we would see who the winner was , 
I must say I had the best eye for them.

Our lovely friend Pedro sharing is chocolate with us , 
he worked in the entertainment team . He was dressed ready for his Charlie and the chocolate factory .
Ron would always join in the archery and table tennis and he won us two nice bottles of champagne we are saving for our Christmas dinner party.
Have a lovely week all and enjoy this sunshine if you have it .


  1. Great idea and finish as a mitten,well done.

  2. Great idea and finish as a mitten,well done.

  3. I like the mitten as well! Very nice idea! And your photos are great!

  4. I had Seraphina too and stitched it some years ago!I wonder where it is now! Loved the WIP so cute with all the flowers. And Charlie was so nice in his purple coat!Thanks for sharing!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Love the mitten you stitched and finished... it is very nice! And you are making good progress on your WIP from Mii. The Sunny Sue piece is quite cute--another nice gift! Enjoyed the pictures! Hugs!

  6. Oh June! The little mouse is so very, very precious in the mitten!!
    Thank you for sharing more vacation pictures! :D

  7. Very nice your cross stitch and the gift you have received!

  8. Ooh your mitten is fab!!! Lol I'm going through free kits as well before I get stuck into something that I might need to ask your advice on :-) . Look at your suntan wow xxx Have a great weekend xxx hugs xxx

  9. Love your Christmas mitten stitchery and finish, a lovely idea and beautifully made June.Very much love the Lesley Teare garden girl design, she is going to be really colourful and lovely.

  10. Great stitching and the finished mitten is very cute. Enjoy the sun and the weekend , sunny greetings from New Orleans.

  11. Lovely sweet finish and I like the mitten shape. Also love Garden Lass - she's very colourful.
    Your holiday photos are wonderful. Wishing you a good week x

  12. I love your mitten finish June, so cute!

  13. Love the mitten finish June, that does look a very nice ornament.
    Have a good week xx

  14. Hi June , what a great little mitten you have made ,a very sweet little mouse. So pleased you had a good holiday and I am loving the Sunbonnet Sue piece your friend made you. Hope you have a good week. Hugs xx

  15. Lovely little ornament. It is very cute.
    Wonderfuu progress on your WIP.
    Have a nice new week.

  16. Garden Lass is just perfect for you! It's lovely to see it being stitched.
    Really like your mitten finish too - so cute!

  17. I love the garden lass stitch June, very pretty. It's so good to see the blue skies in your holiday pics - it's pretty grey with us this morning.

  18. Your little skater mouse is so cute and I love the idea of a mitten finishing. Great job the you have done here. I must say that the British magazines used to have very sweet freebies in the past.
    A very nice gift to receive from your friend Mo. And wow, all these holiday pictures are fantastic.

  19. What a cute mouse stitching and finishing is perfect. Received gift is wonderful.

  20. The little mouse mitten finish is soooo cute!!!!!
    So happy you are sticking with the Garden Lass too ;)
    I am so envious of your holiday snaps... we have booked ours for next year!! So excited! A first for us but are really looking forward to it.

  21. I love your mitten. I have the sam kit made up as a hanging decoration which comes out every year. x

  22. Mitten looks great with the mouse. WIP on Lucy looking good. Thanks for sharing your holidays photos. Enjoy your gift from Mo

  23. Your mitten-ornament looks gorgeous, June! I love how you finished this sweet little design.
    Thanks for sharing more pictures of your holidays - makes me feel a little bit warmer, because we have cold and rainy weather here again!


  24. oh the mitten stitch is adorable. great finishing touches.

  25. Nice views from your holiday!!I love little mouse in your ornament...have happy week

  26. I've always loved that Seraphina design, June, and your mitten ornament looks absolutely perfect :) What lovely memories you have from your trip--it looks so sunny and warm. Those photos will carry you through the cold winter ahead :)

    Enjoy your last few days of October, my friend!

  27. Love your ornament and your WIPs is coming along beautifully.

    Lovely photos from your holiday.

  28. A beautiful Christmas finish. Your WIP is progressing nicely. Wonderful holiday snaps.

  29. A 1998 freebie finish, wow! Lovely stitching. Congrats on winning bottles of champagne, a nice way to celebrate, haha. Thank you for sharing your nice pictures