Saturday, 26 November 2016


Hello friends ,
Well the time is going by so fast I am always playing catch up .
How are you doing are you ready for Christmas ?
I am getting there but no way am I ready yet still lots to do.

Well it as been one of those week's for me .
My crown came out so a trip to the dentist was a must ,  but when she looked at it the part that held my crown in had spilt , OH NO so had to go back in the afternoon and have my tooth out and a plate made because it was on the side where you can see it.
So I was not a happy cookie , it as been hard to eat but at last I am getting use to it .

The weather as been up and down we did have a bad storm and lots of floods , we are so lucky that we live on a hill so we never get flooded .
Then we have had cold damp weather and some beautiful sunny days and yesterday I was in the garden pulling out dead plants  and gathering leaves , and my little friend my robin came to day hello he was helping me move the leaves next time I will try and take a picture , last Spring he was with me most days , so when I had finished I put some cake crumbs out for him.

I have also been unable to put a post on , but I see goggle have changed my setting , so I am just getting use to this .

This coming week we will get the Christmas decorations down I am not going to get my big trees down this year , we are just so busy .

We just got back from a coffee morning and I won a big tin of chocolates and we were given a box of cake looks so yummy.

Stitching , well I have been working on another WIP and lots of Christmas ornaments some felt work and knitting . Most I can't show until next year.

Over the next few weeks I will start looking for what to stitch in the New Year .

Thank you once again for your wonderful comments I always love to hear from you all.

This is my WIP I worked on this week.

            Winter 's   Stamp  by Vervaco  growing slowly.

                              And here I am working away at lots of Christmas ornaments.

These are the ones I was working on a couple of posts ago by
Cuore'e Battiecuore .

They are nice to stitch don't take to long but need to finish about 15 of them ! 
Wish me luck .

A lovely gift arrived from my sweet friend Titty from Italy 
My own advent I have never had my own before , thank you Titty.

 My DH brought me a little gift last week look at this.

My own little robin  how cute .

 I also brought a large white tree that I can use all of the seasons .

I still have to open up all the branches and set it out it all lights up too.
So I am going to look forward to decorating it each season.

                                   This is a lovely angel my friend Sally gifted to me last year

                                                  I was at a Christmas fair and found this little beauty it is hand painted .

 Well I am off to read my magazine in a moment and make a coffee  .

  Have a good week everyone .
Just before you go look at my bulbs  Liz brought me they are growing .
I wonder what colour they will be we should know by next week.


  1. Wonderful progress on your wip. The ornaments are beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  2. What lovely ornaments you've created :) Is the Oriental Princess on the cover a Joan Elliott design, it's lovely. Have a great week!

  3. I am so happy you like my Advent Calendar!!!! and I like all the beautiful ornaments you are stitching. well done! Have a nice week end! Kisses. titty p. from Italy

  4. Lovely stitching June, Can't wait to see the bulbs bloom.Love your little robin, he's very sweet.Nice Advent Calendar. Hugs Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh such nice ornaments you are creating. What a sweet little robin from Ron. I hope you have much success this weekend my friend!

  6. Those ornaments are very pretty. I am nowhere near ready for Christmas. I love all those pictures especially that beautiful teacup. So sorry about the crown. Such an annoyance when those things happen.

  7. Love all your stitching they are beautiful.Also love your new teacup. I tried to get Crosstitch Gold at our local stationary shop but unfortunately they are unable to get the magazine.Lovely ornament June.

  8. Love the ornaments, and that Christmas find is precious!

  9. Sorry to hear that you were having trouble with one of your teeth. But good to know that you are getting used to the new plate.
    Your Vervaco WIP looks so nice. And these little ornaments are all so lovely. I love Cuore e Batticuore designs but have never stitched one so far. But I will soon start Spring in Cups by them. All your ornaments will be very sweet.
    Lucky you to have received such an advent calendar. I send some each year to my daughter and her family. They love them.
    The little robin looks so sweet. And your new tea cup is a dream in pink. Very romantic.

  10. June: What a lovely post minus the tooth problem, I am so sorry this happened to you, you are lucky you did not have to wait a week to get a plate made, I hope it all came out well.
    Love the Robin how sweet he is to give this little bird to you.
    Love the tea cup and saucer so beautiful.
    June your ornaments are lovely, Cuore'e Batticuore designs are always so sweet,I like the color fabric it is so pretty, is it gray or a light blue?
    I like Advent Calendars, its always exciting to open the next little door and see the saying or photo inside.
    Your Vervaco is lovely, I have just found out about Vervaco designs.
    I love spring and summer but when the plants and leaves start to die off for the winter it makes me sad.

    Merry Christmas

  11. Sorry about the tooth. My Dennis had the same problem and is still getting used to it! Hang in there. Love the pictures...all of them!

  12. I'm not feeling any Christmas Love at the moment lol, although I've made advances with some shopping :-) your stitching is gorgeous as always (as is your finishing!) Enjoy your advent calender and have a great week. (My blogger dashboard and stuff has changed too - I wish they'd just leave things alone!! lol)

  13. Beautiful ornaments and a wonderful cup. It is precious!
    Have a good time.
    Greetings from Germany

  14. Рождественские украшения прекрасны!!!

  15. Ughhh ... dentists. Wonderful ornaments, beautiful tea-cup and I love the little robin. Have a good week.

  16. Your stitching for the ornaments looks wonderful! I love the teacup and pretty, what a great find.

  17. Don't envy you the dentist trip June! A delightful collection of ornaments in the making, what lovely gifts they will make. Great cup and saucer find, I do like that. Love your new tree, I keep saying I could do with one of those myself to display my gifts send from friends throughout the year.
    Have a lovely week x

  18. What a gorgeous post as always June. I love your little robin ornament though nowhere near as lovely as a real robin helping you in the garden! The angel from Sally is gorgeous too.

  19. All your Christmas ornaments are lovely, so pretty designs. And flower cup is so beautiful.

  20. Oh, I hate it when I have to go to the dentist, June! Hopefully, that will be it for you for a while :)

    Lovely stitching and ornament making! I love that pleated red ribbon trim on the one ornament. Will have to look for that :)

    Hope things slow down soon, my friend, and you can enjoy the magic of the season!

  21. There is still enough time until Christmas, my dear friend, so don't worry. Well these words I do not only say to you, but also to myself, because I am absolutley not ready for Christmas. But thats normal in my life ....
    I hope you will have more tranquil times the next weeks so you can slow down and do all the things you love at Christmas time.
    Your ornaments are so cute - I love this designs (and I have already written this before).
    Am looking forward to seeing this pretties all finished up!


  22. I like your ornament and your tree...but I love your new cup and saucer and the angel sitting on the shelf.

  23. Hello Butterflye! Thank you for this so very beautiful post again ..I love every single picture in this post and because I had a have been home bound ( I have a ganglio problem in my right ankle...the doctor has operated it now twice )I love to see lovely pictures and they make mee happier in this situation of mine.

  24. Pretty little ornaments stitching you've stitched. That teacup is a treasure. I hate going to the dentist. Enjoy your gift.

  25. wow gli ornamenti di Cuore e Batticuore sono bellissimi e che bel regalo

  26. Hello all lovely your husband with the robin for you...nice to knowa true robin follow you in the garden!So magic tea cup...nice cross stitch works and the white tree for every season!
    Have happy week

  27. What a sweet little robin!!
    Looks like a lot of little ornaments will be coming up soon ;) Great stitching!

  28. Lovely stitching :) I'm ready for Christmas...almost lol still a few presents to wrap and buy!