Thursday, 17 November 2016


  Hello friends
Well I went out with hubby this morning and picked up more
Christmas shopping , well It was so crowded I was so happy to get home .
 I just have one or two bits left to buy and then the food shop in a few weeks time.
I really feel it's not the same any more all this rushing around 
I would love to have the Christmas pasts once more . 
 But you have to move on with the flow and can't keep looking backwards , but I do still dream about times gone by.
We have had some good times but there was always something special  about years ago and we would always get a white Christmas and the smell of mince pies , puddings and cake hitting you when you came through the door ,  you would come in shaking the snow from your boots and your hands were so cold , in time to watch a movie.
Watching Christmas movies my favourite and I loved , A Wonderful Life.

Ok lets move on because I will be here all day , we had a very warm week but today is rainy and windy .
We have also had a very busy week lots going on .
But I did get a little stitching done and some more work on one of my WIPs .

Natale in Tazza

                                  by Cuoree Batticuore

Stitched on a white 28ct material from my box , using dmc threads.

There are 5 designs on this chart and I fancy stitching one every year for my dresser.
I love all cup designs.

We had my clubs Christmas party in the week and it was great fun , and in two weeks we are all going for a Christmas dinner.
I set the girls a challenge ,  everyone had a secret partner to buy a gift for and the best wrapped one would win a prise .
Here are some of them .

Some beautiful gifts .
I had two because we had a new friend join us and here is what they gave me.

                Lovely notelets and buttons from Jackie.

                 And look at these goodies from Carole .
Both gifts were wrapped beautifully and sorry I forgot to take 
many photos I was oh so busy.

I would like to take this moment to thank all my wonderful friends for leaving such wonderful comments and I see I have a few more followers , so a warm welcome to all.

I still have a garden of flowers just about hanging on.
And what a wonderful surprise I found yesterday .
A rose without a mark on it !

See you soon . 


  1. Oh June, your little French stitching and the way you finished the pillow off, just lovely my friend! I cannot believe you still have fuschias!!!

  2. Oooooohhhhhhh...I looooove your dresser. I am very curious to see it ready for Christmas! :-))

  3. i tuoi fiori sono sempre meravigliosi e anche il Natale in tazza!

  4. Love your stitching - so pretty as always. Great gifts as well - I've only just discovered I like Gin & Tonic this year - oh my its so refreshing!! Take care and have a lovely weekend xx

  5. So beautiful your little pillow.
    Wonderful gifts from your friend.
    Best wishes, Manuela

  6. I love love those flower photos--and that pink rose is awesome---
    love all the gifts and the wrappings--thanks for sharing photos--
    love and laughter, di

  7. opps forgot to say--I miss Christmas past alot toooo--it seems now that we just go through the motions with no emotions, unless it is depression, loneliness, confusion of what to buy and how much to buy--who to send gifts too--and sooo many now not sending Christmas cards--just emails--I am still sending cards though--it's just not Christmas if you don't send cards--
    love and laughter, di

  8. a pretty finish. lots beautiful flowers

  9. Lovely pink flowers June, a treat at this time of year. I can't get into the Christmas spirit these days - the shops ruin it for me, they are so busy.

  10. June, I just love reading your posts. Your reminiscing about Christmases past made me stop and think about growing up and the wonderful Christmases I had with my parents.We lived in the country, I was an only child, so our Christmases were quiet. Thank you for being the vessel that brought back sweet thoughts of my loved ones. Your stitching is so pretty - the finish perfect.

  11. I agree, June--I wish things would slow down and not be so crazy-busy at this time of year. It seems like everyone is stressed and doesn't have time to enjoy the season like we used to. I am starting to cut back on gift giving--just can't keep up with things like I did in the past.

    Your stitching and finish is so cute and I loved seeing the array of gifts--all so prettily wrapped. (I would have lost that contest, for sure--I am the world's worst gift wrapper!!).

    Hope your flowers continue blooming even longer! Amazing what you have in your garden in mid-November :)

  12. I wish Christmas could be a simpler time too. So much crazy and the focus seems to be on how much you can buy others. Love your stitched finish and the flowers are still lovely! We are expecting our first bit of snow on Sunday, the flowers have long gone.

  13. This little cup is so sweet, June, and it's just wonderful how your finished this little beauty. I also love designs with cups very much but have to admit that I have never stitched one. But on the last craft fair I visited I bought a very nice chart (Spring in Cups) from an Italian designer. It's all kitted up and ready to go.
    Wonderful goodies that you received. And it's amazing how many flowers your still have in your garden. All are gone here ...

  14. I miss the Christmas pasts too.
    Mom's tree-shaped plate full of homemade cookies just waiting to be eaten! :)
    The teacup ornament is so cute, and lovely flowers.

  15. Very beautiful flowers
    Stitches are fantastic

  16. I always love your blog and your wonderful stitching. This cup design is such a beauty and you did great finish for it. And the flowers still in bloom, it is amazing

  17. A sweet little finish and lovely goodies!
    I too still have a few roses and fushias in the garden!! Unbelievable, we're in Nov and it's still so mild... saying this & we had a big frost this morning :)

  18. Pretty stitching and what a wonderful array of wrapped gifts. Love your notecards. I miss past Christmases too but maybe that is because I don´t live in England now. It seems odd to me to have a Christmas party in November!

  19. Love your Christmas in a cup!
    You're so right. There is something about past Christmases that it's difficult to find nowadays.
    It's so warm here at the moment, it does not seem like mid November at all.
    But your garden... It looks so beautiful!
    Have a great weekend

  20. A great little pillow. Such beautifully wrapped gifts. No doubt A Wonderful Life will be on somewhere on the TV channels, if it hasn't been on already. I have said to myself no Christmas films before December ... as much as I would like to ... no. :)

  21. Beautiful cup stitchery and finishing, I love it. The gift wrapping was amazing, such a lot of fun. How lovely to have such a perfect rose at the end of the season.Our rose season is in full bloom now but gosh the Spring winds can do some damage which is what is happening right now. Still a little cool.The little notecards are nice.

  22. A lovely finish June and what beautiful wrapped gifts xx

  23. Im getting back to blogland..
    Dont have the time to comment on all. but ow ow , when I look at all your posts so beautifull!!
    LOve your new Winter Wip
    Ow that little christmas ornimant... to cute.. one of my favorite birds.. don't know the Englisch name
    Your vacation pics are awesome!! I see your had a really lovely time!!
    To many beautifull stitching pieces I see, and your flowers... really awesome!!!
    have a great week, enjoy all your time

  24. YOur WIP is beautiful indeed. What a wonderful time you must have at the Christmas party.
    The flowers from your garden are lovely as always. Happy Thanksgiving

  25. The lace trims looks so elegant on your little pillow finish June.
    I'm with you on Christmas, we are just about finished with gift shopping, just need to wrap them all now!
    Your nerines in the garden still look grand.

  26. June: Your pillow finish is beautiful, I lobe the red and white lace so pretty.
    All your photos looks like your party was a smash.
    As always your floral photos are beautiful.


  27. I love your latest finish, it's just so you with the sweet teacup! Really lovely and perfectly finished as always.
    Thanks for sharing your meet-up and garden with us.

  28. Always a great atmoshere at your home flowers cross stich and presents!!!Love

  29. Lovely post. The gift wrapping alone is already a gift of love, seeing how much effort was done, I would probably have a hard time unwrapping them til Christmas, LOL.

  30. I feel the same way! Lovely stitching :)