Monday, 7 November 2016


Hello friends ,
Here today we have a lovely November sunny morning , but we are having a few frosty mornings and nights , but I don't mind one bit if it is sunny the rest of the day , in the conservatory it feels like summer when the sun is out it is nice warm and cosy.
I had another busy week last week with the dentist and Christmas shopping for the family .
Just need a few more bits and I have most of the gifts , I do buy alot in the sales .
So I will be out and about looking for bargains I can put back for next year. 
I hate shopping when it gets near to Christmas you can't move and the car parks are always full.

Thank you dear friends for all your lovely comments they really cheer me up and it is always so nice to hear from you.
I have been a little naughty and not read so many blog posts this last few weeks but I will catch up soon.
Time goes so quick this time of the year.

Ok what am I showing this week well there is another WIP I am working on , I love stitching on a different one each week and I have finished stitching sweet Elle's SAL at last we are stitching a square each month at the club so that's why .
I then need to find a nice way to finish it maybe a box.

Summer Nesting Box by Vervaco , I changed the aida from the kit to a 28 cnt I like this better.

Ele's SAL , I really enjoyed  stitching this with lots of different stitches ,  Ele is gifted with talent.

 I took some photos of my friend Lily's work and Sheila her daughter.

Lily is such a wonderful stitcher just look at this 

                           Just beautiful thanks Lily for letting me share your work.

This is a quilt that Lily is working on and below what Sheila her daughter is stitching.

I will show you more of my friends work at the club I run this winter , when we can no longer go into the garden.
But at the moment we still have a few flowers these are what I cut last week from the garden.

Flowers in the month of November !

Ok lets walk outside and see what we can find today.

Well what do you think not bad for November .
Some look a bit ragged 
This maybe the last with our frosts but we will wait and see.
Enjoy the start of your new week , see you soon.


  1. Beautiful little crosses and flowers as always :)
    Have a lovely week June!

  2. Lovely flowers both stitched and real. Your friend's quilting looks great.

  3. I just cannot believe how mild the weather is still here as well! So many leaves on the tree yet. The quilting of your friends is so very sweet.

  4. Your stitching is wonderful as always.
    Wonderful works from your friends.
    Have a wonderful new week.

  5. What a very flowery post! Your garden is always having something for you to share on the blog... it is gorgeous! Love your Vervaco WIP...they are always so colorful! And the SAL piece will look good on a box! Congrats on the finish! Hugs!

  6. Lovely pieces of work,gorgeous flowers.Have a good week June.

  7. Love the cross stitch, flowers are pretty as always

  8. Beautiful flowers for November! You and your friends are a talented bunch.

  9. Oh what a beautiful sewing case made by Lily! We have had some very frosty weather here in the north-west of England, and last week I had to scrape my windscreen for the first time! Brrr... Enjoyed your post as usual xx

  10. Gorgeous photos as always - by you have some talented friends lots of lovely things to admire there and of course your fab stitching :-) xx Have a great week xx

  11. I'm amazed that you are still getting such lovely flowers, June! I've loved our autumn, but our flowers are long gone...

    Such a pretty completed SAL--that must have been very relaxing and fun as each square is tiny enough to finish quickly. And how pretty is the work of Sheila and Lily.

    I haven't even begun to do my Christmas shopping. I tend to do more and more online--it is much easier for me these days. Enjoy your week, my friend!

  12. You are always both a good stitcher and a good gardener.

  13. I am so glad you enjoyed the SAL June!
    What a lovely sewing case you received from Lily. So sweet and useful.
    And thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers: I always adore a walk in your garden :)
    have a very good week

  14. Pretty post full of lovely stitchy things and gorgeous flowers. We only have chrysanthemums now and the end of the bougainvilleas which I have now covered from the cold.

  15. Such stitched gorgeousness! Lovely flower pics too.

  16. Yours posts are always beautiful
    Stitches are wonderful

  17. Both of your WIP and SAL looks so pretty. The quilting works are wonderful too. And what a lovely flowers yet, here the garden is already covered with snow.

  18. You still have lots of great flowers in your garden. But with frosty nights coming up they will soon be gone. Ours are completely gone by now, too much frost day and night and also the first snow already. Not very much to my liking :(

    The Vervaco piece looks gorgeous, June. So good to stitch some summer flowers when the summer is gone. And the alphabet after Ele's designs looks great, too. I'm looking forward to seeing the two pieces finish-finished.

  19. Lovely stitching! Love the flower WIP. Your friend Lily is just as talented, so many beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing the pretty flowers😊

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  22. What a great post, June. I'm afraid I've been naughty, too, and haven;t kept up with everyone's blogs lately. Love all you shared. Take care, my friend.

  23. Oh how I LOVE the first photo of your stitching with the yellow flowers. It is exquisite. And all of your photos are breathtaking. You are a very talented person! So glad I found your blog!

  24. June: Beautiful Floral design by Vervaco, love this post, so full of happiness.
    Thank-you for sharing with us.
    That was so nice of you to show your friend and her daughters items.
    I am so backlogged on blogging I need to catch up.


  25. Beautiful stitching as always June. Also gorgeous flowers in your garden.

    Your friend and her daughter are very talented. Such pretty pieces.

  26. Hallo also if it's november in your garden you have beautiful flowers!!Aso here is warm and chilly in morning and night...lovely works too!!Have happy week end

  27. Talented ladies that meet at your group. Lovely little stitches you have been putting in too.
    I'm with you on the Christmas crowds, I don't like it either and am well sorted for the festive season.
    Have a lovely week. xx

  28. Beautiful stitching and such pretty cut flowers from your garden...even in November ♥
    Happy new week,
    Susan x

  29. che fiori meravigliosi, sembra primavera :) bellissimi i ricami