Saturday, 31 December 2016


Hello dear friend'
I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. 
Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas .
We had a lovely Christmas ,  thank you all for  the lovely emails cards and gifts .
And also for the wonderful comments that you have left me through out this year.
My gifts went down very well at the dinner party and it was lovely to see how many loved my little wee gifts.
I have been up stairs looking and making notes for this coming year , I need to make a new felt ornament for our garden and craft show , and get back to stitching my Victorian Lady , I have a new SAL to start stitching with Maryse , and some knitting to get on with , so I need to get on with the above starting tomorrow and I also want to carry on stitching all this year round for Christmas and to stitch on two smalls so I think that will be enough for me to get my teeth into this coming year. 
 I also want to be a little more tidy and not throw every thing out of the boxes when I am looking for that right ribbon ha  and I really must tidy my craft room up this Spring .
Well we are in for the New year I had some surgery yesterday at the hospital on my eye lid and I have a few stitches in there and a lovely black eye . I had a skin tag on my eye that was getting bigger I think it liked me to much ha.
Oh and this year is a very big year for me it's our 5Oth wedding Anniversary and oh dear I am going to be 70 ! don't feel it everything seems to be still working  ! 
Ok I know you want to see my stitching not me talking about my self .
So first up is a little gift I made for a sweet friend .

 From  Grande Histoire de Noel .
 Les Brodeuses Parisiennes .
And from our lovely friend Carol I had this lovely gift .

                What wonderful gifts and beautiful ornament .

Here it is Carol hanging on my dresser .
Thank you so much I love everything .

Carol knows I love little girls and snowmen , this is so pretty.

My DH and I have been watching the birds in my back garden we have 6 male blackbirds and it looks like the same big one is back if it is him he has the most beautiful singing voice you have ever heard it looks like him he has a orange beak that is so bright .
He will push the rest of the black birds away when he starts singing the middle of February . 

Happy Spring days are only weeks away now .
Well my friend's wishing you peace , health and
a wonderful New Year .


  1. Happy New Year May you have happiness, love and peace for the coming year. hugs

  2. felice anno Nuovo di vero cuore!
    un abbraccio

  3. Wishing you all the best for the new year!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Many beautiful decorations!
    Let it be 2017!
    For you to will be an important year!

  5. Such sweet stitching June. Not so happy to read of your black eye. Hope that fades quickly. A big hug for you!! My in-laws celebrate their 50th this year also. We celebrate our 25th!! ♥♥♥

  6. Sending (healing hugs),wishing you a speedy recovery xx
    Lovely finish and beautiful gifts
    Wishing you a new year filled with good health and happy times

  7. I hope your eye recovers nicely. All my good wishes for the coming year June, it sounds like a special one in your house.

  8. The little squirrel is so very sweet -I love your stitching and admire your skills ! The post islovely and I like your gifts very much! Blessings to Year 2017!

  9. Happy new year to you and your family- sounds like it's going to be a busy one for you! Your squirrel is very sweet and Carol's ornament is the perfect addition to the gorgeous dresser!
    Hope your eye heals quickly.

  10. I wish you a happy and wonderful new year.
    The littel squirrel is very cute.
    Best wishes Manuela

  11. Happy New Year,June. Miss your dresser with all the decorations!

  12. June: Happy New Year, I hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you and your family, the ornament from Carol is so sweet.
    Your squirrel is so adorable, the finish is perfect, love the coordinating fabric and rickrack.


  13. Happy New Year June!!! thank you so much for the e-card its gorgeous!! I'm loving your stitching and finishing. Hope your eye is ok and not black for too long - we dont want Ron getting the blame :-) lol. I cant believe you will be 70 this year!! You look amazing and certainly nowhere near that age!!! What is your secret :-) Big hugs and I look forward to seeing your creations in the coming year xxx

  14. Have a lovely and magic new year!!

  15. Lovely gifts both received and sent. You have a really special year in front, so wonderful things to celebrate.

  16. happy 2017 my sweet friend!! hugs hug to you :D

  17. The gift you sent is lovely and a beautiful gift from Carol. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your finishes this year. You're never going to be 70! A very special year for you. :)

    Happy New Year.

  18. Happy New Year June. Thank you for you Christmas tree decoration it took pride f place on our tree and has given me inspiration to start doing a tree hanging a month in readiness for next Christmas. My aim is to have a tree full of hand made decorations some time in the future. Looking forward to your next blog Love Carol x

  19. Happy 2017! Lovely ornaments you made and get:)

  20. Oh June, I can hear between the lines how enthusiastic you already are about your plans and your new starts in 2017. And isn't it a lot of fun planning new starts? I always have to force myself NOT to plan too many new starts as this year I want to work more on my WIPs that I really really love stitching on.
    I love the little squirrel that you stitched, and such a lovely gift from Carol.
    I wish you a happy and healthy New Year full of those lovely little stitches :))

  21. Krásne výšivky. Prajem dodatočne všetko dobré v Novom roku 2017!

    Happy New Year 2017!

    Aďka from Slovakia

  22. Very nice gifts you received!! I hope your New Year is wonderful and full of happy nice things!! Joy and happiness to you! titty p. from Italy

  23. I hope your eye is healing quickly, June! So glad that the skin tag is now gone--that must have been so annoying and I'm sure it was affecting your stitching...

    I'm pleased that the ornament FINALLY arrived!! A couple of my gifts still haven't :( Not sure why the postal service was so slow this year.

    Hope your first week in the new year is going well--2017 will be a big one for you :)

  24. Sending healing hugs your way following your little eye surgery!
    You will be 70 this year and I will be 60 - both big birthdays!

  25. Beautiful stitching gift for your friend and lovely gifts for yourself, your dresser looks so pretty.

  26. Happy New Year June! We are in the midst of a blizzard where I live, so a good time to catch up on blogs! The little squirrel piece is very sweet--hope your friend liked it! And your gifts from Carol are delightful. Congrats (to come) on your 50th Anniversary! After a certain age, time just flies so quickly! Or is it after a certain maturity comes on us? I think both! Hugs!

  27. Lovely gift exchange. Your Christmas display is awesome!