Sunday, 11 December 2016


  Hello friends ,
How are you all ? I hope you are not stressed out or down with any colds .
Am I stressed YES but getting there so much to do and not allot of time , but it's all the fun of Christmas .

Thank you all for such wonderful comments I think that's what keeps us all going and the lovely friendships we make in blog land , but so sad to see some of our friends are leaving us.
I must say I still love it and it's a little place of my own where I can get lost in all the wonderful things you all make it is like a sweetie shop to me . 
Everyone's blog is different and I take a little from each one , I would be lost with out my little space , and I know life is so busy so it's good to get away in my space once every few weeks and to catch up with friends , that I would never have known before.
Well life has been busy the last few weeks I had my first Christmas dinner with friends from my stitch club .
We have been to a few Christmas events and even bingo yes bingo  and we won had to give some of the prises away we won so much ha.
I have received some lovely gifts some I have opened and some I have not.
I have only put one small tree up this year and dressed my dresser and fire place and that's it , oh and DH put the lights outside up .
Most times I have 4 trees but it is all the packing up .
Most of my family like to stay at home now with the small babies , so we will go and visit them all before Christmas and my daughter is working Christmas Eve and part of Christmas morning and will come to dinner late afternoon.
We are both looking forward to a rest before we get busy again in the New Year.
I had better show you some photos before you go to sleep ha.
First up meet Mr Pilchard .

I love doing felt work and this is Mr Pilchard I made for DH.

              He will have a girl friend in the new year ha.
I finished 8 of the ornaments for the dinner party and stitched the others but still need to finish them .
        Eight ready , below to follow , wish me luck .

Sweet Andrea sent me some lovely gifts 
Thank you very much Andrea they are wonderful.

Andrea's work is just beautiful .

And from another sweet friend Michelle.
Thank you my friend I love this and will be knitting over the holiday .Then I will have to knit all my girls in the family a pair , maybe for next Christmas.

 This is just a few things we won at bingo .
Must have been a lucky table .
It was nice to win food.

Below is a beautiful arrangement the club brought for me.
Thank you my sweet club friends .

I saved these few roses from the morning frost.

And here some lovely homemade cards.
First one from my lovely friend Ali.
How cute is this I love it I always love little girls.
Thank you Ali.

And my friend Nancy stitched the candle she sends me a stitched one every year I must make a pillow with them all one year, thank you Nancy.
And the other stitched one is from my lovely friend Margaret 
I just love reindeer's too, thanks Margaret.

Ok almost there , I will leave you with some photos of my dresser .
Have a great week and I will try and get back before Christmas , hugs and kisses to all.


  1. So many pretty things. You did great at bingo. The small pieces are so pretty. Like you, I enjoy my blog. I have had it for years. A lot of bloggers have left. I am not into instagram, Facebook or anything else. Your display cabinet is so pretty. Have a merry Christmas and take time to enjoy it.

  2. I am with Cindy.s stitching..I have joined in Instragram and still love to write my little blog.Your post is again awesome..And you have stitched so many lovely items!

  3. I am with you and Cindy. ;) Blogging for me,not Instagram or Facebook.
    Your dresser is gorgeous June. I love the arrangement your club brought for you.

  4. Hi Sis, as always lovely stitching and finishing. I love your flowers from the stitching club. Quite fellow for Ron. I love your dresser, so Christmasy. Have a great week. Hugs from Canada.

  5. Gorgeous photo's as always you've been so busy with your needle. Yes, a few blogs ive liked to follow have gone to instagram but I can't seem to click with it :-( enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

  6. I don't facebook or instagram June so you are stuck with me and my blog.
    Your dresser looks superb, a wonderful collection of festive delights adorn it.
    Lovely gifts you have received and such a wonderful collection of ornaments made and yet to be finished off.
    Have a lovely Christmastime with your family. xxx

  7. Hello June,
    I don't have instagramm or facebook. I love blogging.
    Your dresser looks wonderful with all the little christmas decoration.
    Lovely little finishes.
    Have a wonderful new week, Manuela

  8. Beautiful Christmas decoration!
    Advent beautiful days!

  9. Love all the ornaments you've made, especially the penguin! The knitted wrist warmers look lovely.

  10. I agree with you June, I think blogging offers friendship that is unique. Your blog posts are always an inspiration to me and your blog is a pleasure to visit.

  11. Lovely stitching as always, June--don't know how you manage to create so many lovely ornaments each year! I'm sure you will finish them all beautifully, too :)

    Your hutch looks great--so many pretty things to admire! I think some years it is just easier to not put out as much. I seem to put out less each year, too. Seems like too much of an effort when it comes to having to pack it all away after such a short time!

    Blogging is more personal, but it is sad how many are closing their blogs. I do love Instagram and have enjoyed "meeting" new stitchers, though, and it doesn't take nearly as much time as blogging. For now, I'll do both!

    Enjoy your week :)

  12. I feel exactly the same about blogging, June. I love to visit all the different blogs and leave my comments. And as long as there are stitching friends who like to see what I stitch I will stay with my blog.
    The little penguin for your husband is so sweet. And oh, you stitched some wonderful ornaments, absolutely gorgeous. No doubt you will finish the remaining seven before Christmas as well.
    Enjoy all the great gifts you received from your friends.

  13. Oh ha che meravigliosi ricam, rifiniti benissimo e complimenti per il tuo angolo natalizio, buone Feste MGrazia

  14. che belli i tuoi ricami, sono meravigliosi sulla vetrina

  15. Where to start? Well I love it all. The gifts are so special and your display is as usual, beautiful.

  16. Your dresser is just beautiful. Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas. x

  17. Absolutely wonderful post
    I adore your stitching work

  18. \wow what a fab post. Mr Pilchard is very cute, I'm glad he's getting a GF. Wonderful prizes at the bingo, haven't had custard creams in ages, they're great for dunking. :) A beautiful display basket as is your cabinet. Love all of the nic-nacs. Have you tried putting the lights on the lttle Santa, they'll drive you mad!!

  19. I love reaading your blog, and so glad you intend to keep going with it. Your Xmas things are so lovely x

  20. Wow, finish galore!!! I love the little felt penguin ornament, it is so cuuuuuuute!!!!

  21. All your ornaments are so beautiful and the little penguin is cute. The dresser looks lovely and it's so Christmassy. Some wonderful gifts also received.

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  23. Your dresser is gorgeous! I watt one similar! :-))

  24. All your ornaments are so pretty. Everything in your cupboard look perfect especially the teapots are very pretty. Merry Christmas to you

  25. Your ornaments are so beautiful! Lovely flowers and cards you got. The dresser is a sight to behold, great job:)

  26. How many lovely Christmas things in this post and beautiful your dresser,have a good week waiting Christmas

  27. Such a beautiful post June. Lots of lovelies to look at. You have been very busy. The floral arrangement is so pretty.

    I think I am ready for Christmas. I just have fresh food to buy and a Yule log to make.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  28. Great sentiment about the blogs :) I love your photos and your stitching is lovely