Saturday, 7 January 2017


Hello again friends ,
Well that week went fast! 
Today is Saturday and it's always a happy day for me , it's my day and I don't have to do anything , I never cook on a Saturday.
I told DH this is my day to do what I want and I do , he is so good at the moment he his doing the shopping and later he well fetch a take away , I always love fish and chips best .
Well I have had another busy week hospital yesterday and my eye lid is better now and my black eye almost gone .
We packed away the Christmas things and cleaned the house and  put everything always,  looks so bare when you pack it all away.
We did go out a couple of days around the sales I brought some Christmas paper 1/2 price and Christmas cards but not much else.
I have made a start on my January stitching and will show you more in the coming weeks .
Here is another Christmas stitch , I want to keep stitching Christmas all year around.

Loved stitching this one so sweet I will try and put it together in the week.

           Winter wonderland free chart from 2008 cross stitcher.

                 Re-picked up this WIP for the New Year .
                                         Victorian Beauty 
                                                by Lesley Teare 
                                         Cross /stitcher Gold.
 I stitched up some gloves  from the pattern that Michelle brought for Christmas with the wool . They are so warm .
So I sent for some wool and I am also knitting lots for next Christmas for gifts for the family and some friends.


            And here are the next pair I have started in blue.

               The wool I sent for came in this lovely bag.

                           Made from Alpaca and wool it's so warm .

         Where we went shopping in the week the gardens are full of birds and ducks , this one come running up to us wagging his tail bless him .

And Mr peacock was watching on the fence .

Well that's it for this week my friends .
I am going to play now with my crafts and sewing .
It's dull today but mild but a damp feel to the air .
My bulbs I see are bursting through the soil will Spring come early I wonder ! I really think we will have some cold weather yet and maybe snow , there are so many berries out there and that is a sign we will see.
Thank you for all the friends who left me a comment I love to hear from you all , have a lovely week and hoping it's a happy one for you all.




  1. Happy New Year June!
    Winter Wonderland is a sweet little finish. It will look adorable when made up, i'm sure!

  2. Saturday is a good day to do exactly what suits you June, enjoy! Did you have any joy with the Peter Rabbit patterns - if not then let me know.

  3. Lovely stitching as always the top one is very cute - I probably have that magazine - so I might pinch your idea :-). Glad you eye is on the mend too. There must be smoke coming off your knitting needles!!! Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your do nothing Saturday xxx

  4. Great stitching and happy Saturday to you! Love those gloves, they look soft. Victorian Beauty is lovely....

  5. Lovely stitching. I wish you a wonderful Saturday.

  6. Oh that little bear you stitched up is precious! Those fingerless gloves are great.

  7. Today was a nothing day for us, we didn't wake till 10.30 - still both recovering from the bug that's been about and an afternoon/evening playing with a 5 year old tires one out!
    The wool looks delightful, doesn't it make you feel special the way the Wool Warehouse package your parcel. Those lovely bags are so useful. Love the patter for the fingerless mitts, great idea for a gift.
    Have a lovely week June, so pleased to read your eye has healed well.

  8. Happy new year! I agree your Christmas stitching is really cute and pretty. Oooh that selection of wool looks wonderful...and a lovely bag to keep it all in too....perfect! Fingerless gloves, great idea!!!
    Happy smiles :)

  9. June: Today was a stitching and visiting day, Church in evening and dinner out, Saturday is our date night, after 40 years we still have a date night.
    Love your freebie so sweet.
    The Lady is beautiful and you are almost finished.
    Someday I will learn to knit and crochet.
    Love the gloves.
    Those birds are fantastic.


  10. Glad to hear your eye is mending June. I love the sound of your Saturdays! Your Winter Wonderland stitch is really sweet and I love your wool choices for the mittens!

  11. We all deserve a day to ourselves each week, June! Your Saturday tradition sounds very relaxing :)

    Wonderful to read that your eye is healing quickly--I'm sure you're relieved to have that off your mind. Lovely little piece you've stitched up and your glove will be very practical this winter. It has gotten so very cold here, but, luckily, we've escaped the worst of the snow. Have only about an inch!

    Have a wonderful week, June :)

  12. Hello, June! We are having snow these days. The South of italy, and expecially Apulia, my region, is covered with snow. We are not very used to it, that's why there are troubles on streets and in the little towns where in summer there had been earthquake. But we are at home, having relaxing days, full of warm cooking, sweet cupcakes in the oven, nice pizza.... hope you have a wonderful week, full of stitching and sewing, and tricot too! kisses! titty p. from Italy

  13. Happy New Year. I have started back on some of my old wips too, this year I want to get a lot of them finished but it is always tempting to start another gorgeous chart. x

  14. I thought getting paper and cards just after Christmas was the law! Love the winter stitch freebie, so cute. Your new gloves are great.

  15. Happy New Year, my dear friend!
    I am happy to read that you had a wonderful Christmas and wonderful start into the New Year. And I hope your eye will get better day by day.
    What a great idea to reserve one day a week for all the things you love to do.
    Wonderful crafts you made!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  16. Hello and Happy New Year to you too. Ti is nice to bear that your emesso is bitter and...I love the little Christmas little bear.

  17. Winter wonderland is so adorable. Lovely progress on your WIP too. The gloves look great:)

  18. This little teddy bear is so cute and I look forward how you will finish it. You have already picked perfect finishing materials. Your WIP and knitting projects look great as well.

  19. Your little Christmas stitch is so sweet, I love it a lot. And the ribbons and fabric you pulled out for the finishing looks just perfect. In my opinion the freebies that the British magazines used to have many years back were so much more beautiful than the ones I find with them nowadays. If ever I find a British magazine somewhere in my region, lol.
    Glad that you will get out all your WIPs this year again. I always love seeing you stitching on them. The Victorian Lady is a great start. I also intend to get out another one of my WIPs each Friday and I hope it will work.
    Great knitting and great new yarn.

  20. Beautiful works and views!!!Happy week end