Saturday, 28 January 2017


Today feels like Spring after days of cold the sun is out I have even opened the windows for an hour.

Well I am still not g up and running with my email sever yet I think they are having big problems so I found out how to sent a few emails out but don't worry if you don't hear from me you know why , hope it will be fixed next week.
I have been stitching away when I can so will show you this first .
  I finished the rest of this one this I showed you last week.
                   by Cuore e Btticuore .

Stitched on 32 ct 
I have lots to put together soon so will spend some time getting them all finished soon.


Victorian beauty 
by Lesley Teare .

 This next one I can show it is a birthday gift for my friend no blog 
It is going to be a birthday cake.

                            A little bit more added to my SAL.

 Thank you mouse for my lovely gifts I did try to email you .
But I will thank you here just in case you didn't get my email.
And a Happy Birthday to you today your gift should be there soon.

What beautiful goodies thank you can't wait to start this one love the butterfly pin.  Your stitching is so lovely and those little bells.

I found these few snow drops in the garden to match. 

My first daffodils I brought them this week .
But I have seen lots more in some gardens already . 

Well it's been fun setting this post up with whats going on with my PC ! 
So better leave it now .

Thank you for all the lovely comments .
Wishing you all a happy weekend .


  1. So nice that you are already thinking spring . I have also been on the spring mood ,not because of the daffodils ,they will show themselves after many months but because we have now LIGHT at the daytime. You know I live up here in the Northest Scandinavia :)
    You have lovely finish and you have many little x.s to all your WIPs-well done !
    The daffodil ornament is very pretty !

  2. Snowdrops and Daffodils!! wOw! Well, you are getting extra stitching time at least June. ;) Take care!

  3. Wonderful progress on your lady.
    Happy Weekend.

  4. Beautiful stitching. Lady is looking lovely and those daffies are so bright and cheerful.

  5. Lovely progress and lovely gifts too. Snowdrops are such pretty flowers.

  6. Wow, you've seen daffodils already?! That gives me hope that spring IS on the way! Your stitching is lovely. I must buy some of the fabric with white dots. It's so Christmassy!

  7. Hello June: You finish is so sweet no adorable, your Victorian Lady is beautiful, you are really getting a lot of her done in a short time.
    Wonderful gifts, that pillow is so sweet.
    I do hope your email server gets fixed, I had that problem not too long ago.


  8. quelle merveille cette beauté victorienne,
    de bien jolis petits points
    j'adore les jonquilles
    bon weekend

  9. All looking so beautiful, the snowprops are so delightful, the stitchery and the flowers and so are the lovely yellow daffodils.Your Victorian lady is coming along and looking beautiful.Aahh, computers, they are such a headache at times. There have been some real rumblings down under here in our house then whoops of delight when somehow you have fixed it and not really sure how:) Have a great week June.

  10. Heres hoping your emails get sorted soon June. It must be so frustrating for you. loving your lady she is looking beautiful.

  11. We are also enjoying a lot of sun and warmer temperatures since yesterday. What a treat this is after all the extremely cold weeks. But everything is still covered with snow, so no daffodils can be seen here. I can't wait to see the snow melting and some spring flowers grow.
    Great Cuore e Batticuore finish, that's a great designer. And your Victorian Lady was growing a lot, too.
    Have fun with your new project and enjoy your goodies from Mouse.

  12. What cute projects.
    Hope you get your email situation fixed soon.
    Have a great week!

  13. Lots of cross stitch, June!!! :-))

  14. Love your blog!! Beautiful stitchery and flowers!!

  15. That must be so frustrating to have your computer problems, June! Glad you were able to get a post up, though, or I would have worried about you--you are so good about your weekly posting!

    Love your little finish and your lady is looking prettier with each post. I do hope Spring is early this year. We have not had a hard winter so I shouldn't complain, but I do look forward to warmer weather and I'm sure you can't wait to get out and garden again!

    Happy Sunday to you, my friend!

  16. ohhh well done on the finish and great progress on your others too :) sooo pleased you like your wee gifties .. enjoy my friend :) yes got email and have replied but hopefully once your server behaves it will come through :) we have daffs coming up as well as crocus too :) love mouse xxxxx

  17. Lovely progress on your flowery WIP's, the lady does look beautiful.
    Nice gift from Mouse, your snowdrops are early, ours are still tightly shut.
    Have a lovely week, I hope your server is soon fixed and you are back up and running smoothly.

  18. Very lovely stitching and beautiful finish!

  19. Another post filled with loveliness June! I am eagerly awaiting our first snowdrops, I think it is too cold yet here for them.

  20. It is so dull and horrible here after all the lovely frosts and sun. It sounds like the next few days are going to be awful.

    Beautiful finishes and WIPs.

    I love the gorgeous stitched gift that you received from Mouse and the hornbook and chart are beautiful. I'll have to take a peek at that!

  21. Computers are great ... until they go wrong! Wonderful stitching. Your gifts and goodies from Mouse are lovely.

  22. Beautiful stitching June and lovely flowers to remind us of the spring to's so dark in our corner this morning!
    Susan x

  23. Hello June...I love snoedrops from your garden...and all your cross stitch eorks especially Victorian beauty...relly a masterpiece!
    Have a good week end

  24. Every time I see the sweet snowdrop design I promise myself i will do it!!! Now to go through my free patterns and find it. Happy February. x