Saturday, 21 January 2017


Hello friends ,
Here we are again , this was another cool week.
I know many of us don't like January there are parts I don't like but I am going to give you a list of good things January can bring ,

No more Christmas Shopping .
No more writing out cards and finding friends have moved and you can't find their new address anywhere.
Less stress.
Time to look forward.
More time to relax and do our stitching.
Sitting by a warm fire nice and cosy at night.
Better TV. 
Nice crisp walks .
Watching the snow flakes full , if you have snow.
Pretty frosty morning .
A rest from the garden.
New growth shooting bulbs telling you Spring is almost here.
Sitting watching the birds you can see them much better now.
Naming the new birds that come to visit.
Watching our football team , at the top at the moment .
Watching a good film .
Shopping in the sales and buying many bargains mid January after the rush.
Nice hot soups and stews .
Well I think I could go on and on. 
So we have allot of positives at this time of the year .
I know you could write many more good things .
Notice my new header this is another dresser in my craft room I know many of you like to view it each year . 
I have lots to show you so here we go.

          Almost finished this one just a little more to stitch .
                     Sei Peronaggi in cerca di Natale
                                   Cuore e Batticuore .

I have not finished yet I have her hand and the rest of the top and beading to do so still a few more weeks yet . And she wants to smell her rose! 
Not enough on the rest of the stitching to show  I have been out allot this week.

 Another pair of pink gloves almost ready that's 3 pairs now , 
what colour next ?

 I recieved more beautiful gifts from my wonderful friends.
First from a sweet friend Karen in the US, some beautiful Christmas gifts.
Thank you Karen for all the beautiful goodies I will enjoy every one of them . 

From my dearest stitching sister Linda from Canada two wonderful 
Magazines that I am reading at bedtime at the moment .
      Thank you so much I love them.

And from my sweet friend Titty from Italy  , more beautiful gifts .
Always beautifully wrapped and smell so wonderful .
Thank you my friend .

Yesterday I was out and found this book in a sale .

Was £12.99 down to £3.49 well what can I say ! did I buy it you bet I did .

 Here are just a few pages inside .

                          Well my friends that's about it for today 
Oh I did buy some new glasses at last after my eye test so hopefully lots more stitching . 
Thank you for all the wonderfully comments and I always read each one , so thank you for taking the time to come and visit me.
Will leave you with more photo's of my craft room .
This is last year at the moment it is very messy to cold to tidy up but in the Spring I will be back in there. 
Have a great week hugs to all.


  1. I agree with everything you say about the beginning of the year plus that it is my birthday too!LOL!
    Love all your stitching and gifts of course!The magazines and book look great too!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. I love your view of January. Both my children were born in January so it had been very special for me. Your stitching is beautiful and those magazines and book look great.

  3. Beautiful pieces. January means new beginnings for me. a good list you put together.

  4. What a sweet, little fairy you have stitched. And now pink gloves! You are so good at knitting these up. :)

  5. Wonderful projects and gifts and books. Love the dresser display...pretty pink gloves. Your list is much of what I think also.

  6. What an amazing magical find. Your dresser is beautifully presented. As always such beautiful stitching and what lovely gifts xx Thank you for sharing your list of positives :)

  7. Lots of people with January birthdays, mine too. Love you stitching, can't wait to see the lady done. Love her flowered hat. Lots of nice stitching on your dresser. That is a sweet fairy. Your magical book looks like it has some very nice charts in it. You will have fun stitching from that book. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  8. What a wonderful post, June.
    The lady looks great and will be beautiful.
    Wonderful gifts from your friends.
    Your new book is fantastic. So pretty pattern.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  9. I agree with you, I am very glad January, relax in white countryside.
    Did you get beautiful gifts, enjoy them!
    Your embroidery and knitting I like!
    I send cordial greetings to you!

  10. Gorgeous photos-thanks for sharing I love looking at your stitching goodies I am in awe of how quickly you get things done xxx Have e a lovely weekend xxx hugs xxx

  11. June: What a beautiful dresser photo, I love seeing when you change the items in it.
    Love all your gifts, you are loved.
    That lady design is so pretty, I like to see what you are stitching, it does inspire me to get to stitching.
    The gloves are a beautiful color.


  12. Your dresser is always a feast for the eyes! Great stitching progress on your pretty WIPs. Wonderful presents too. Your posts are always a joy to read.

  13. I belong to those who don't like January too much because it's usually filled with snow. Just too much white for me. A good idea to make a little list with things that are good in January.
    Wonderful, your new little stitching project. And it might even be finished by now. And your beautiful lady has seen further progress.
    You have received some great gifts from your friends. These magazines look so great and it must be fun to leave through them and finding new stitching projects that appeal to you. And I'm sure that you nearly always find something in them that you want to stitch.
    Lovely picture of your dresser.

  14. A very positive list for the drab and dreary days we have been experiencing this past week.
    The little fairy on the spotty fabric is adorable.
    Your lady does look nice surrounded in pink gingham.
    Enjoy your week June xx

  15. Oohh June I would love to come to your craft room and sit and look at all the lovely things there. Your book you bought looks beautiful and so you.Lovely gifts from your friends. We are having a real rubbish Summer in N.Z. at the moment, lots of stitching being done and some knitting.

  16. Your dresser is gorgeous! I love it. What wonderful treasures on display.
    Love your spotty angel and the Victorian lady is beautiful.
    I noticed on Friday that the sun is setting a little later so that is also something nice about January.

    Hope you have a good week.

  17. Oh how I love your dresser! It's so pretty and I love everything on it. Did you make the bears yourself?
    And thank you for the list of positives about January - I was feeling a bit down but your list really lifted me.
    best wishes Diana xx

  18. I liked the list -that is how we keep on the positive attitude...The little Fairy you have stitched is very cute and Iliked all the gift you have get ! Enjoy it all!

  19. Great positive January list and beautiful stitching as always.

  20. Yes dearest, Thank you for the pictures of your dresser and your craft room. I like them both veeeeeeery much and your little bears too :-)))

  21. Good list ... but I still don't like January. :) Beautiful dresser. Love your WIPs and finishes. Wonderful gifts and goodies too.

  22. Bellissimi i ricami, con gli occhiali cucirai ancora di più!

  23. I love your many things to be grateful for! What a bargain you found with that book, it looks like you'll have plenty of things to stitch.

  24. I like your list of positive January things, June!! And this year our January has been so mild we haven't even had to battle the snow or ice :)

    Lovely stitching--I'm sure your pretty lad will be finished in no time! And your dresser has so many lovely things to look at--what fun it must be to change it up regularly :)

    Hard to believe February is almost here--enjoy these last few days of January!

  25. Again, there is so much to admire, beautiful stitching, wonderful gifts and your display is so very pretty.

  26. Perfect list for the good things in January - I like it! Here in Austria, we have the most typical Winter since years. Snow and frost - and everything Winter can bring ...
    I love your WIPs, both of them. I am sure you soon will have finished them.
    Lovely dresser - such a perfect display for all your treasures!

    Have a wonderful weekend - I hope you will solve your PC problems!


  27. Beautiful stitching and beautiful photos of your craft room.

    I can't say that I dislike January as I love Winter but it needs to be a proper Winter with frosts and snow like we used to get. I just feel so fed up once the Christmas decorations are down and it's all over for another year.

    Hope your server problems are sorted soon.

  28. Great pictures and gifts. Beautiful stitching as well.