Saturday, 4 February 2017


Hello dear friends .
Here we are into the first week in February and it's been a week of storms and rain but mild .
Now it is turning cold but it is dry and a beautiful sunny day .
My PC is back up and running again so everything is good right now.
Today I will show you my little stitch to mouse for her birthday , and another stitch I am going to send to a beautiful lady soon when I finish it. Some more work on my WIPs .
            So first up is this little pillow to hang up,  for our friend mouse , in her craft room for her Birthday.

                  From Grande Histoire de' l'ouvrage
              By les Brodeuses Parisiennes 

Stitched on white 28ct dmc threads.

A free chart from Linen flowers 
called Peace Ornament 
I really enjoyed stitching this one 
so next week it will be posted to a lovely lady .

Back to my WIPs 

A little more work on these two you can look back at my last post to see the progress 

My friend Reba sent me this beautiful home made card .
Thank you I love it so much 

I will show you another one next week.
Spring will be on it's way soon.

 More hints of Spring .
Primroses . 

Lets hope if we get some snow it won't be allot if we do get some .
 Thank you to everyone that left a comment .
Wishing you all a lovely week .


  1. Wonderful stitching as always.
    Happy Weekend.

  2. Lovely stitching. Your February hutch display is so pretty.

  3. You chose the perfect backing fabric for your Peace ornament - such a great match!

  4. Oh such sweet stitching you have worked on June. Spring has sprung by you! Not so here. :(

  5. Gorgeous stitchy makes as always I think the top one is my favourite - Great garden photos - its shocking but I've not even ventured out to our garden to see if anything is popping up - but hubby has informed me we have 2 tulips starting to come through in a planter we have at the front - I really need to get my bum in gear - but the weather has been so awful and then when it has been nice Ive not been in!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend xxx hugs xxx

  6. Spring always hits you so much quicker than it does up here. Today we had a very cold wind blowing - I had tears running down my face whilst walking along George Street in Edinburgh this morning - it was so cold!

  7. Your stitching is beautiful. Your flowers are very pretty also.

  8. Beautiful fresh colouring and beautiful stitching. Love your Victorian lady. The wall pocket on the right of your hutch looks lovely. I have done 3-4 days of that sunbonnet sue design and after seeing yours looking so beautiful has made me want to get on and finish mine.

  9. Love your stitching, and your flowers!
    have a very good sunday

  10. Very beautiful flowers and nice stitching.

  11. ravissant le coussinet MAC,
    ta colombe est très belle
    Quelle belle avancée pour ta figurine, vraiment jolie
    bon dimanche

  12. Love my wee hanging .. I have had it out on display but need to find a special hanging place for it :) room upside down atm as got a leak directly above my stitching chair ,,plumber out wednesday!!! gorgeous spring flowers I have some starting to peep through :) love mouse xxxx

  13. Mouse will be very pleased to receive your wonderful finished piece! And I look forward to seeing what you do with the Peace one! You have made good progress on your WIPs. Your garden is really coming up! I can see the start of my daffodil bulbs... We had a warmish day last week, so I tucked in some bulbs I neglected to plant in the fall... wonder if they will come through this spring? We shall see! Hugs!

  14. Have a good week!!I dream alittle snow usually we have it in february...but spring is soon!!!Good cross stitch

  15. Beautiful stitching June, your Victorian lady is beautiful and the two ornaments for friends are perfect.

    Hurray for daffodils!

  16. Hello there my friend, I just love popping by your blog to get a cheer up fix. It has just started pouring here so not a chance to enjoy the outside. I did have a little gift arrive this morning but it will wait until next week to open it if you don't mind. I saw your name on the outside so thankyou so much in advance. Have a good week and I will catch up properly soon.Hugs.

  17. Happy to read, that your PC-problems are fixed, June.
    Lovely stitching! The hanger for your friends craft room is so sweet - and I also love the little peace ornament (lovely colors).

    Nice progresses on your WIPs - your rose lady will soon be finished!

    Have a wonderful new week!


  18. bel accenno di primavera e bei ricami,complimenti!
    un abbraccio

  19. Wonderful stitching. Lovely flowers too, it's always nice to see them start to bloom.

  20. che bello, c'è già aria di primavera!! Bellissimi i ricami

  21. Super little stitch projects for your stitching friends. I wonder if you are sending to the same person I will be for next week?

  22. Such a cute little gift for Mouse--I'm sure she loves it! And your peace ornament is lovely, June--thank you for the link to the site. I just printed it off, too :) You'll have your pretty lady finished in no time, I'm sure...

    How wonderful to be seeing signs of spring! It has been such a gray and rainy winter here--I would truly rather have some snow to brighten the landscape.

    Enjoy your day, my friend!

  23. Beautiful stitching, June!
    How lovely of you to share the glimpse of the coming Spring, because there are no such signs here!

  24. A lovely little pillow you stitched for your friend, a perfect design for a craft room. And nice little peace freebie.
    Great progress, June, of your Victorian Lady and on the second WIP.
    I can't believe that spring has already arrived in your garden. It must be wonderful to see all these first flowers there.

  25. June: As always another beautiful post, the Victorian Lady is almost done you must be excited.
    Love the pillow such a sweet stitch , that dove is lovely, so many things to see, I love your floral photos.


  26. Beautiful stitching :). I like the doves