Saturday, 25 February 2017


Hello friends ,
Well since last week I have been in bed with the flu ! I never get the flu and always have the flu jab but this time it got me.
I don't do illness very well , so hubby has been very good but is starting to get fed up now , he even brought in some take away meals ha.
I am getting there slowly and I am about 60% better now but just have no energy . I do something then have to sit down for an hour and come round again. 
I forgot what it was like to have the flu so I have been lucky in the past, so anyone out there who has it right now my heart goes out to you.
The start of the week I was so enjoying spending time in the garden most days there was something new out.

Well I need to get better soon it's our Golden Wedding  Anniversary YES 50 year's together  next weekend , and it's been so much fun over those 50 years more about that next week.

Here is a little stitch I stitched up last week for Valentines but never had time to finish it never mind it will be ready for next year.
        It was a freebie from iStitch I used a variegated red thread and 28ct pinkish evenweave .

           And here is my Valentine , my rock .

                   Ok it was a few years ago ha .

And some lovely cards to each other and a few from friends . 

                 My lady is finished just the back stitching and
                  beading to do now.                             

      More roses from hubby and look a Christmas rose we thought it was lost.

                 All the beading now done on this one just need to
                     finish it for my friends birthday.

     And this was a walk around the garden before I got sick.

                               Enjoy Spring is almost here.

              Wishing you my sweet friends a lovely weekend 
Thank you for the wonderful comments each time I post .
      I am going to rest up now and try and get my self better .
                                    Have a happy week.


  1. I'm sorry that you got the flu, I wish you a speedy recovery!
    Beautiful daffodils! For us it's snowing :-(

  2. Oh June, you poor dear. I am sorry you are ill. Yes, lots of rest and and lots of fluids. Get better so you can have a splendid celebration. Just look at you and Ron!♥ Beautiful! And so is your garden. Take care now.

  3. Hi Sis, sorry to hear you have the flu, get better soon. love your lady, she is looking fab. I always love your garden. We had rain last night so lots of snow gone. It has been warm here the last couple of days. highs of 9 to 12 we are enjoying the weather. Better get better for your big celebration next weekend. Many happy returns. You guys where mean to be together, here's wishing for many more wonderful years together. Big hugs love Lynda Ruth

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery in time for your special anniversary.
    Great stitching as always!

  5. So sorry to hear you have been poorly. That's a gorgeous photo of you both. Your stitching is lovely as always. Happy anniversary!

  6. Get well soon June. Wow 50 years how wonderful, enjoy your celebrations. Your lady is looking beautiful xx

  7. Happy anniversary! What a wonderful milestone. Please feel well soon so you and your sweetheart can enjoy your special day.

  8. Sorry you have the flu. This year the jab was not enough for many people. Dennis and I always get the flu shot after the year he had the flu! Lovely Lady...she is so elegant.Happy Anniversary...50 years...wonderful. Hope you will be up to celebrating.

  9. Sorry to read you've been ill but I hope you are up to 100% soon :-). Your lady looks lovely you've finished her so quick :-) Gorgeous flower pictures as always like you we have little tete a tetes in bloom and crocuses (which I cant remember planting lol). Eeek 50 years together - you dont look old enough!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a lovely week xx

  10. Hopefully there might be some sunshine for you to go out in the warm and soak up some vit.D, good for your recuperating.Congratulations for your up and coming golden anniversary, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and the weather will be kind. Love the Victorian Lady she's going to look beautiful framed and placed in your home. Lovely fresh vibrant spring flowers.I love having flowers in a vase inside. Have a wonderful week and take care.

  11. I hope your are feeling better soon, June.
    Your Lady looks great. Can't wait to see the backstitches and the beads.
    Wonderful photos from your spring flowers.
    Have a nice sunday and best wishes, Manuela

  12. Take care, get well soon and...Happy Anniversary!

  13. Get well soon! And enjoy the celebrations for the 50 years!Wow!That's a lot!AriadnefromGreece!

  14. I do hope you feel bette soon. I had never had the flu until January, and I spent 9 days in bed then. I had had colds, but the flu is in a different league. The valentine design is sweet, i will go over an print it out for myself. Congratulations on 50 years, well worth a huge celebration. xx

  15. Hope you're feeling better and have your energy back. Congrats on that very special anniversary!

  16. 50 years of love!!!! you are so blessed!!! 50 years! many many many congratulations to you! you're great! kisses! titty p.

  17. A wonderful achievement, 50 years of married bliss.

    A lovely Valentine stitch and your lady looks beautiful, even more so when you've added the backstitching.
    I hope you are feeling much better. Rest up and take care.

  18. Awww bless you , hope that horrid bug goes soon and you are fit to "CELEBRATE" in style. Enjoy your Golden Wedding Annivesary , ours is 2 weeks later. Those years have gone by so quickly and I have a rock too. Take care sweetie and I do hope you feel better very quickly. The garden looks lovely and your lady is so pretty. Gentle healing hugs coming your way.

  19. Hello I hope now you are very good after flu!!Ohhh congratulation for your 50th wedding anniversary,you are a lovely wishes!!

  20. Get well {hugs] to you June. Happy anniversary wishes to you both for the weekend, I do hope you are well enough to enjoy your celebrations.
    Your lady looks fabulous as does the splendid cake.

  21. Oh, June, I'm so sorry you got so sick! I do hope you are all better for your big day... Wow! 50 years of marriage--that is impressive in this day and age. You and Ron are such a handsome couple and I wish you many more happy, healthy years together :)

    Lovely stitching and congratulations on your lovely lady finish--she looks splendid and will look even better with the beads applied. Hope you feel better soon so you can spend some time in that pretty garden of yours. Happy Golden Anniversary--enjoy!

  22. Love all these photos, great stitching, wonderful `lady´, handsome couple and such gorgeous flowers. Hope the flu is all gone now and you have a great celebration for the 50 years.

  23. Поздравляю с 50-летним юбилеем! Вы с мужем очень красивые! И вышивки ваши очень красивые! желаю всего самого доброго!

  24. June, I do hope you're feeling much better now! I don't often get the flu either, but did have a bout three years ago and it really flattened me out. It does take awhile to feel normal again.
    Congrats on your 50 year anniversary!

  25. So many lovely stitches =) and beautiful flowers you have there :D
    Hope you're feeling better my friend!! Rest and take good care of yourself!
    I was very sick in January, I was just getting better and recovering... when I got ill again and it was so much worse =/ Pain in my lungs... terrible :(
    Take care sweetie! Feel better soon!! hugs to you

  26. Hope you're feeling much better soon...there's something very nasty doing the rounds it would seem x ...beautiful stitching and such pretty flowers too,
    Happy weekend,
    Susan x

  27. So many people around here have also had the flu, I was one of the lucky ones who didn't get it. I'm sure that by now you are already on the mend.
    The Victorian Lady looks gorgeous, even without beads and backstitches. And the little cake for your friend's birthday will be a wonderful gift.

  28. Gorgeous pictures I got it too :(. Still getting over the cough but I think it's because I'm pretty sure I had bronchitis too