Saturday, 11 February 2017


Good morning my friends all over the world.
This morning it is snowing ! not allot but it is lovely to watch the snow flakes falling another of natures delights .

Well where did this week go I ask myself playing catch up every day.

It is with sadness to hear my favourite magazine will be no longer for sale. Cross stitch Collection.
Oh how I will miss this one . 
And this very last one I have a small write up in here . I have seen many of our friends in the magazine over the past years the last one had our lovely friend Kim inside .
I am happy to be in this last issue so I think I will have to keep this one and not cut it up . 

 On to my stitching .

Victorian Lady 
Lesley Teare 

The hard part of this stitching is coming up now on the dress and the lace gloves and then the back stitching and beading .

March cake by Brook'e Books .
And below lasts weeks finish .

I used a different backing material in the end the other one was just a little to small. 

 No garden this week but some flowers my Hubby brought me this week.

Last weeks opened 

So pretty and still alive .
This week roses

I have had a nice week watching the birds in the garden I think this must be where my time goes but I see my friend the robin every day and my doves always drop by for something to eat .
And my little wren I don't see very often came out to play I love this little bird so much just like my robin I could watch them for hours .
I was eating my lunch yesterday at mid day and a family of long tail tits came down right by the window of the conservatory 
They were that close I could have touch them 
Thank you again for the lovely friends who come to visit and the ones who take the time to leave a comment ,always love to read each one .
Have a wonderful week .


  1. So nice to be in the magazine! The Lady is looking very regal.....and those flowers are so beautiful...

  2. I love how the lace lady is developing! I am really sorry Cross stitch collection is closing down. I didn't know. Which issue is the last one?I will go and buy it here too if I find it. Not many cross stitch magazines reach Greece nowadays.Most foreign press stands have closed down that's why.It seems people do not buy magazines any more.But still great to see you were in it.AriadnefromGreece!

  3. It is a wonderful thing to receive the gifts of nature, and that's why you watch the birds come and go from your beautiful garden. I leave little pieces of bread on my balcony too and some birds come to eat them. I am always so happy about it! nice going with your victorian lady. have a very nice week end and enjoy snow!! kisses. titty p. from italy

  4. You have to keep this copy for posterity June:-)
    We've had snow and sleet for a couple of days now, it's freezing cold with us today - in Edinburgh this morning it was a strong wind which made the temperature plummet.
    The tulips are so pretty and the roses too - we have a wren which occasionally flits around the garden but it's hard to see it as it moves so quickly.

  5. Great stitching progress and finishing!

  6. Oh June! I had no idea the magazine was all done. I can think of no one better for them to finish with my friend. Thank you for taking a picture of the article. I made it bigger on the computer and read it. :)Your lady is so lovely. So are your flowers from Ron!

  7. I have never read Cross Stitch Collection - I subscribe to Cross Stitcher - but I'm sad to hear it's finishing. How lovely that you got a write up in the final magazine.
    I love the fabric that you are stitching March Cake onto. Is it a lavender colour?
    My favourite birds are longtailed tits. I get very excited when they are in our garden. Last week my three children made bird feeders from coconuts and hung them in the tree. Within an hour we had a flock of longtailed tits feeding from them! If you are on facebook, I recommend a page called 'Dear Emma'. She does some lovely bird embroideries. I have several of her items and have just purchased a blue tit lampshade as an engagement present for my brother and sister-in-law (to be!).

  8. Well done June! You will definitely have to keep that copy of the magazine :)
    Beautiful flowers, your husband is so sweet
    Have a great weekend

  9. Sorry to hear that your favorite magazine will no longer be printed--and how lucky you are to have been in this last issue--congrats--
    love watching birds myself--
    enjoy the moments, di

  10. How wonderful that you were featured, June! It is sad that the magazine is going out of business, though. I get it online and have always enjoyed it. And I treasure my paper copy of that issue that I was featured in as I know you will treasure yours!

    Such a lovely lady--I look forward to the beading you'll be showing us! And I love the way you've finished the Peace ornament... So soft and pretty!

    Enjoy your bit of snow. We had a little this week, too, but the weekend's higher temperatures will surely melt it all! Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day on Tuesday, my friend!

  11. Hello June,
    Today I have my magazine in the letterbox and I'm very sad, that the magazine is going out of buisness. I have read about you and you blog.
    Wonderful progress on your lady. I love her.

    Happy Weekend.

  12. Congratulations on the write up in the magazine! Sad to hear that it's the last issue......such a shame. Victorian lady is beautiful.

  13. Congratulations on being published :-) gorgeous stitching and photos as always xxx Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

  14. Great that you were featured in a crosstitch magazine, a shame that it is finishing. I have just started to get Crosstitch gold and world of crosstitching, there are some lovely designs in them.I asked at our stationary shop and they were most helpful getting these magazines for me.Now I want to do too many at one time. Loving your Victorian lady, she is very special and beautiful. No snow here in N.Z. June but our Summer has so far been quite rubbish. Have a good week Hugs.

  15. Sadly the cross stich magazine you were featured is no longer in sale..but lets be thankful of those that still are. I so much like to read them.You Victorian Lady looks very pretty as well the small Peace bird.The tulips and roses are both lovely :)

  16. What beautiful stitching, June! And congratulations on being in the (last) Cross Stitch Collection magazine. I can't believe it's not to be published anymore. It's one of my very favorites. Love seeing your write up and a picture of you. You're as beautiful in the photo as I've discerned from your blog.

  17. A lovely write up and picture of you June, you'll have to keep the final copy of the magazine a perfect copy.
    Lovely little dove finish, he's very sweet.
    Your lady is looking beautiful.

  18. I'll miss the magazine too, it seems such a shame that we are losing one of the better magazines. x

  19. Love your victorian lady ,and those flowers~~~~~~~~~~ aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh,so beautiful..Congratulations on the magazine write up.Also sorry to see another magazine cease publishing,not many of the c.s. magazines left now..Have a gr8 week,happy stitching...

  20. Hi June!
    Cross Stitch Collection will not be published any more? Oh no! What a pitty! But it is wonderful, that you are the Online Stitching Star in their last issue. Congratulation! I will go and look for it in our magazine store tomorrow.

    Love the progress on your victorian lady. So beautiful!

    Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!


  21. How wonderful to be included in the last issue of Cross Stitch Collection!!

  22. che peccato che chiudono le riviste :( Bellissimi i tuoi ricami

  23. Very nice that you are in the magazine, sorry I can't buy it here in Italy. What a pity it stops publishing.

  24. I don't tend to buy the magazines, but it's wonderful that you have been featured. Lovely stitching. I do find myself just watching the birds in the morning, mainly weekends, when I'm eating breakfast. Hope you are having a good week.

  25. June: Such a lovely post, I am sad the magazine is closing, I love this and all stitching magazines.
    Congratulations on being featured, what an honor for you.
    Your Lady is so beautiful, I bet you can see the light at the end of the tunnel on finishing.
    I have 10 bird feeders along with the dear and rabbit feeder, I love watching the birds out doors, they tease the cat and dog inside.
    Beautiful flowers.


  26. So nice to see you featured in the last issue of Cross Stitch Collection. It's a pity that this magazine has ceased publication. I have some issues that I bought from eBay and I love them all.
    Your Victorian lady looks so beautiful and she is progressing really well. Just like the March Cake.
    You have a really sweet finish here, the Peace dove.
    I hope the snow has melted and you are enjoying some warm temperatures.

  27. That's cool you're in the last one! I was in the December issue, I bought two so I could stitch from one and keep the other :)

  28. What?!? Cross stitch collection is out? no more? :( I had no idea about that... sad..
    Congrats on your feature sweetie. bittersweet, right? It's special to be featured in the last one :)

  29. Tu es très belle en photo sur cette revue.
    Tes fleurs sont toujours magnifiques, elles ressemblent à ta personnalité.
    Je te souhaite une belle fin de semaine ma chère June.