Saturday, 18 February 2017


Hello folks ,
Well what a different morning it is today last week snow flakes and this week warm and sunny , our weather is a little crazy a bit like me ha. 
I had a lovely busy week out with hubby and friends so now I need to play catch up .
Yesterday I  went out to a craft and stitching show , it was a very nice one , not allot of cross stitch which is crazy because it is starting to make a come back , you will see this in the coming year.
I think there will be lots of new ways to create our cross stitch  this year and I know I  have many friends who are starting to take it up again . 
The store at the show I could not get near to the front good thing really I have far to much stock .
Ok lets start with a gift I made for our friend Barb , it was her birthday this last week .
                  Spring Time by Carolyn Meacham .

 I know Barb likes her garden and birds so I stitched this
 little bird house with a little robin on the top 
I used a board saying I brought and made it into a calendar and she can change it around you can see the other side here.

The stitching was a kit form but I changes the Aida to 28cnt.
The Birthday cake for my friend is growing just have to add the beads now back stitch and finish .

                    And a little more on my Victorian lady.
                         This is getting a little tricky now .

We had a nice Valentine's
Hubby was busy so I cooked a nice meal at home.
Here are a few cards from the day and my roses are still holding on but all our chocolates have long gone.

Some of the stash I brought yesterday  

 This week we cut the lawns in the back garden for the first time this year and I have been out working hard cutting things back .
It is now coming to life with flowers showing their wee heads.
I hope our weather does not have a bite in it's tail ! 

Thank you sweet friends for all your wonderful comments .
You know I love to read everyone of them and I do hope I can keep your interests each week and you pop back to my little blog .
Have a wonderful week .


  1. What a lovely gift for Barb. Oh you have found very nice treats indeed at the show!

  2. Hi Sis, I love your lady, she is coming along and I can't wait to see her done. I love Barb's gift. Soon you will have so many flowers in your garden. I can't even see where my garden is planted for all this darn snow. Glad when spring gets here. 28 working days until I am retired. Getting so close now. hugs

  3. Nice progress June and great stash.


  4. Lovely gift for your friend and wonderful progress on your WIP's.
    Hugs, Manuela

  5. Your gift for Barb is such a cute finish. I love that you added a little calendar. I'm looking forward to seeing the birthday cake finished. I had the same thoughts about the weather...our fuschias are starting to show signs of green. I hope a heavy frost doesn't kill them off!

  6. Love the gift you made for your friend it's beautiful as is Victorian Lady.Your wool with the Stalina in it is beautiful, what will you make with them? We are having a rubbish Summer here in N.Z.Because we are getting lots of rain at the moment the gardens are looking pretty good.

  7. Hi June loving your lady. Went to Craft Show yesterday and disappointed at the lack of cross stitch. Bought a few nice bits though xx

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  10. June everything in this post is so lovely! I love the fresh greens and purples in the gift for Barb and the birthday cake, and your Victorian lady looks beautiful.
    Let's hope this mild weather continues, a little taste of Spring!

  11. Lovely stitching as always - theres a knitting and stitching show coming to Harrogate I think this weekend and Im umming & aahing whether to go lol as there is a card craft one the beginning of March which I could do with going to top up on essentials - double sided tape etc so Im wondering whether just to sow the seed with hubby and see if he offers to take me to both ;-) xxx enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

  12. Very nice the gift for Barb and lots of cross stitch with your new stash. Beautiful flowers <3 <3 <3

  13. Barb is going to cherish that pretty birdhouse :)
    Great new stash too.

  14. Fantastic stitching, and great new stash!
    You never have 'too much' stash, it is simply impossible!! :) :) :)
    Have a relaxing evening

  15. A very nice week for you...lovely cross stitch works...beautiful Victorian Lady!!
    So nice crocus...some are also in blom in my garden!!
    have happy week

  16. Sweet gift you've made and lovely stitching. Victorian lady looking gorgeous.
    Enjoy your new stash

  17. What a sweeet birdhouse stitching for your friend, June! Every birdlover would love this! And the birthday cake looks so pretty already.
    With every progress you show, your Victorian lady becomes more and more beautiful.
    You bought lovely things at the show - love the colors of the fabrics.

    You are going to cut your lawn the first time now? In february? Oh my god .... we will start not earlier than April, I think ...

    Have a wonderful springlike week, my dear friend!


  18. Love the gift for Barb. Your lady is coming along a treat and shouldn't be too long before she is finished. Lovely crafty items from the show. Have a good week.

  19. Victorian lady looks so elegant and beautiful. You made beautiful bird house for friend ,it's such a lovely gift.

  20. tutto molto bello, soprattutto la signora Vittoriana
    un abbraccio!

  21. It's always a treat to visit your blog and see what you've been up to each week, June! I do love what you made for Barb--where do you get those little calendars? They are so cute! And you later is growing ever more beautiful :)

    Isn't it funny how quickly chocolate gifts disappear! I do so love my chocolate and like my stitching I need it every day!

    Hope you enjoy this last week of February--we've had very unusual spring-like weather here and I sure hope it continues.

  22. sempre molto eleganti i tuoi ricami e i magnifici fiori

  23. Very lovely gift for Barbs birthday.
    Nice collection of treats from the show, the wool is very sparkly.

  24. So glad you're having such fine weather!
    Your stitching projects are so lovely.

  25. Beautiful stitching and pictures!