Friday, 3 March 2017


  Hello friends ,
Well what a week , I really have felt poorly but happy to say I am feeling allot better , and what do you know yes hubby got it . So now I am looking after myself and hubby, happy days . ☺
So we have cancelled our meal and it will be a night by the fire and TV for our big night.
Never mind things happen nothing you can do about it,  we can go out another time.
Well I really didn't feel up to much this week but will show you what I managed to get done .
My February ornament .
                       Another freebie from Linen flowers .
                 I stitched it on a minty green 28ct using dmc threads 
                       You can find the chart Here.

 And back to my Summer Nesting box 
by Vervaco this is in kit form .

         And I am still knitting lots of cut off gloves for gifts
                   next Christmas.

All ready boxed for Christmas I have already knitted 8 pairs and need to knit about 25 more .

                                       50 YEARS 
Yes it's 50 years since we were married tomorrow , oh boy where have those years gone , seems like yesterday .
Just a few photos of life in the last 50 yrs  .
Most of my photos are packed away so if we are lucky enough to get another 50 yrs I will get them out ha. 

I do

 We have had a ball many good times plus sad times.
Many ups and downs in life , but that's what makes you stronger.

It's been a blast

 First Grand baby 


 The little one is also on photo below .

We now have 5 Grand children and they all have their own families.

So time moves on with 7 GGC.

We always dreamed big and most of our dreams came true .
But not all .
The loss of our daughter broke our hearts but time heals.
And we know she will be looking down on us tomorrow 

This post has brought me a few tears so will leave you with a walk into the garden .

Thank you friends for your lovely comments each time  you pop other to my blog .
I always love to read and talk to you all .
Take care and have a lovely weekend .


  1. Wow, 50 years! Congratulations!!!!
    Every marriage is ups and downs, the most important is to endure, reward arrives :-)
    Sewing beautiful as always!

  2. 50 years! That's quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!!!!!!! Wishing you many more.

  3. What a beautiful bride! And handsome groom too! I am so happy for you both. Let us hope this flu leaves quickly and you two can celebrate. Congratulations you two!♥

  4. What a lovely post! Happy anniversary!!

  5. Beautiful stitching but most of all, beautiful photos. Dinner out can always be found when you are both feeling better. Happy Anniversary to you!

  6. Sending you a huge hug xxx hope hubby is feeling better soon xxx take care and have a lovely weekend xxx

  7. Such a beautiful couple! Congratulations! 50 years - I wish one day I could celebrate such an anniversary! This is so sweet!!! Wish you happiness and more then 50 years together in future!

  8. Congratulations to you both on your special anniversary.
    Saddened to read you are both poorly, (((HUGE GET WELL HUGS)))

  9. Congratulation from the bottom of my lovely photoes of your lovely family!!

  10. Happy anniversary, wishing you both a speedy recovery!

  11. Congratulations to you both. Poor
    Ron looked so poorly on Wednesday. Hope you both feel better soon. Lovely embroidery as always and some lovely blooms from your garden. Spring is on its way xxx

  12. Dear June, congratulations to you and Ron with your 50 years of married life together.Your flowers are beautiful and so are your stitcheries. Hugs.

  13. Happy Anniversary! I hope you are both up to celebrating soon.

  14. I loved seeing your photos June, what a handsome couple you were and still are:-) I'm sorry that your husband is under the weather too - I hope you are both well soon and can enjoy your special celebration. Take care.

  15. What a beautiful couple you are and a wonderful life you've had together! I hope you have a grand celebration soon!

  16. Happy Anniversary June on your 50 years with your wonderful hubby. I hope you have a lovely day together.

  17. Wonderful stitching.
    Liebe June,
    ich wünsche dir alles Gute zur Goldenen Hochzeit.
    Genieße den Tag mit deinem lieben Ehemann.
    Liebe Grüße Manuela

  18. My dear blog friend may God and nature give you 50 more years together. You married so young and became grandma so young. Life is cruel to us sometimes for some reasons or for no reason at all. I am sure your daughter can see you from up there and is happy with your happiness!I adored the black and white photos.You look like a Hollywood star!Lots of love.AriadnefromGreece!

  19. Happy Anniversary 50th June to you and your husband!


  21. 50 years is incredible, June! Congratulations to you and your husband. You certainly do look like a Hollywood star on your wedding photo. I'm very sorry to hear that you lost a daughter. What a beautiful young lady she was. I'm sure she is never far from your thoughts and will be a big part of your celebrations tomorrow. ❤️

  22. Congratulations June, 50 years is wonderful and definitely a reason to celebrate. So sorry to read about your daughter. You bring her in your heart, she will be with you tomorrow. Thank you for sharing the photos of your wedding and your beautiful family

  23. Congratulations on your anniversary. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures and memories. Your wedding photos are stunning.

  24. Happy Anniversary and congratulations for all these years together and for the wonderful family you have built together.
    Big hugs,

  25. June: Happy Anniversary, wow I thought I was doing good at 40 years, congratulations.
    Love your cut off gloves, I never get my Christmas shopping done until the week of Christmas.
    Beautiful Photos, thank-you for sharing with us.


  26. Congratulations to you both on 50 years of marriage! What a gorgeous bride as others have said. Sorry to read about the loss of your daughter, she looks so beautiful and happy in the photo you shared of her. Hope you are both feeling better soon.

  27. My dear friend, happy happy anniversary to you and your husband. What a big event - 50 years! That's a blessing!
    Thanks for the amazing photo-show! You have been such a beautiful bride.
    Sending you the best wishes for further 50 years with your DH (and of course te best get well wishes for you both too)


  28. felice anniversario e che la vita vi regali ancora tanto amore

  29. Hope you had a good day on your anniversary. 50 years! Still can't believe you have GGC. :)

    Wonderful stitching and those gloves are great, beautiful packaging.

  30. Really congratulation from the bottom of my heart for 50 years of lov with your husband!!Sad about our daughter but she help you from the sky!!Your are really a lovely womean and beautiful bride!!
    Nice works and flowers!!
    you ask me about Alice chart it s from an italian cross stitch designe,Cecila a free chart in her facebook group I m happy to send it to you by e mail or phone...+393497830793...lots of love!!!

  31. Oh June, so sorry to read that your husband has the flu now, too, and that you had to postpone your golden wedding anniversary celebration. But nevertheless I want to send you my very best wishes for your anniversary. Such lovely pictures that you show us here. Thanks for sharing. And a speedy recovery to you both.

    Nice to see your February ornament. And I always love to see your progress on one of your big projects - I love to stitch big projects myself. You have already prepared some gifts for Christmas. But you can never be too early with Christmas gifts, can you?

  32. A very happy Anniversary for you and your family! All of those pictures are so great. I hope you are both feeling better by now (we have had a germ filled spring too!)

  33. Hello, my friend--I'm so sorry to be late with my comments on your Anniversary post. What a handsome couple you and Ron are--both 50 years ago and today :) I cried a bit when I read about your dear daughter--she certainly resembled you, June. I just can't imagine the heartbreak of losing a child...

    Lovely update on your stitching--such a cute snowman finish, too. Thanks for the link to the freebie.

    I do hope you are both feeling all better by now and that you're planning a lovely anniversary trip in the not-too-far future!

  34. Happy anniversary! Great stitching and pictures!

  35. Hi June,

    I just read your anniversary post 50 years, wow! Congratulations! I was so sad to read about your daughter, reading it made me cry, I echo Carols words, the loss of a child must be so painful, I could not even imagine.
    Been for another walk around your wonderful garden!

    Sending you big hugs on this Easter Day.