Saturday, 11 March 2017


Hello friends ,
Just want to thank you for all your lovely comments , blessings , cards,  gifts , and well wishes after my last post,  what wonderful friends you all are.
Well we are allot better but still not 100% yet this flu virus is a bad one alright.
Well what do you know I think Spring is here at last , I even worked in the garden for an hour ! then came inside and fell in my chair ha. 
My daughter came and worked on my nails and polished them so have to be careful and wear some gloves outside when I garden.
We did get out to lunch one day which was a nice change , after spending weeks inside.
So you think I have been stitching away, well no , I stitched some but not allot to show this week , one is a gift so will show soon and this other one is a freebie .
    So here is the freebie I thought it was so cute you can find it 
  I stitched this one on a soft grey evenweave. 
Not to sure how to finish it yet , so it will go in my basket ready for making up soon. 

               And just a little stitching on one of my WIPs .

This one is full of colour it is a joy to stitch on.
Just before lunch I cut a few spring flowers from the garden .

The smell is wonderful .
Devon violets below I know Barb had some out well before mine 
I think the slugs love them

 We had loads of flowers last week from friends and family here are a few.

Lots of chocolate's , candles, rabbits and gifts.
Here are just a few of the lovely cards.

lots of beautiful home made ones too.

 I will leave you with the first hints of Spring now on a walk in the week .
Have a wonderful week enjoy some stitching or your hobbies  what ever you are doing .
Hoping the sun will be shining for you.

Spring is here don't miss it take time to enjoy.


  1. You two take good care of yourselves. Take plenty of rest. Your bird is so sweet. Your garden is lovely June.

  2. So glad both of you are feeling better. The flowers are beautiful.

  3. So glad both of you are feeling better. The flowers are beautiful.

  4. Glad you're both feeling better.
    Sweet little crosses and beautiful blooms as always :)

  5. Take care of yourselves and rest up. Love the flowers. Can't wait for spring here. hugs

  6. I enjoyed seeing all those pretty flowers. We are expecting a whole lot of snow this week. I hope my daffodils survive. They are just leaves right now, but they may not survive this storm. I hope you keep on recovering from the flu. It can surely sap your strength for quite some time.

  7. What a lovely little stitched bird June, so pretty. I do envy you the weather you get down south - it's still pretty bleak and grey up here with us. The only glimmer of spring is the showing of crocuses - the daffodils aren't out yet.

  8. My sister had a bad case of the flu - that's a nasty illness! The little bird is adorable - and your flowers, oh my so gorgeous! blessings, marlene

  9. Hi June: I hope you feel 100% soon.
    Love the floral photos, we will not have spring for a while, I want to find that ground hog that said six weeks of winter left he is way off.
    Your floral WIP is lovely, love the bird, thank-you for the link.


  10. Beautiful photos as always June. I love your Devon violets. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

  11. Wonderful photos from your garden.
    I'm glad, you are feeling better.
    Have a nice sunday.

  12. I am so sorry to hear you've been so poorly June. Glad to hear you're getting better though.

    Your garden is looking beautiful.

  13. Glad you're feeling better! Yous spring flowers are beautiful, we are still in the depths of winter with more snow forecast. The little bird is gorgeous....thanks for the link.

  14. Congratulations! 50 years! It's such a wonderful thing!! you are blessed! kisses. titty p.

  15. Happy Birthday!!!
    Beautiful stitching!
    I love flowers, spring flower is beautiful!

  16. The flowers are beautiful. Wonderful celebrating your 50 years wedding anniversary.

  17. Вышивки очень красивые, желаю удачного завершения!
    А цветы из сада прекрасны!

  18. Belated congratulations on your great wedding day.
    Your little bird is so sweet and what a wonderful spring flowers.

  19. I can almost smell the flowers in all of your lovely pictures, so beautiful for spring time.

  20. Good news you are both feeling much better and were able to take advantage of a little time in the garden. Your spring blooms looks super.

  21. Hi!
    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. Hope you feel 100% very soon.
    Congratulatuons on your wedding day.
    Beautiful stitching, love the bird.

  22. Glad to hear you are both on the mend. I'm sure it takes us longer to get over things as we get older, which is no good when in our heads we are 20 and feel fighting fit!

    Lovely stitching and your flowers are beautiful.

    Have a good week.

  23. Glad to hear you are both feeling better and you were able to enjoy your wedding anniversary - lovely photos as always xxx

  24. So glad you are both feeling better June.
    It's lovely to see all the Spring flowers, your garden looks very colourful already :-)

  25. Oh, my, June--that must have been a nasty flu. I do hope you are all better very soon. But, it sounds like you still had a lovely anniversary together :)

    Your little bird is so precious--love him on the gray fabric. And your spring stitching perfectly matches the colors in your spring bouquet! We are a long way from spring here--very, very cold and snow is in the forecast. I have yet to even see a daffodil blooming...

    Take care now, my sweet friend--rest up and get strong so you can spend long hours in that beautiful garden of yours :)

  26. Lovely little bird, and your garden is gorgeous! Wow!

  27. Le viole sono i miei fiori preferiti. Meravigliosi i ricami.

  28. Cute little birdie design and the flowers are such a joy to see, thanks for sharing your wonderful garden.

  29. Your garden is very beautiful, you make a good work there, and you have received a lot of cards. I love very much this.

  30. Oh June, it's so great to read that you are feeling better - and by now your should be fully recovered from that virus. At least I hope so.
    A lovely little bird that you stitched, and nice progress on that WIP. You are right, stitching something with lots of colours is pure joy at this time of the year. Your garden has already welcomed spring, your flowers are fantastic. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.