Sunday, 19 March 2017


Hello everyone ,
Hope you are all having a nice weekend. 
Here the sun has just popped out and I think it is a little warmer.

Yes I still have this virus hanging around ,  I feel good for two days then it is back again , but I am slowly getting better.

Yesterday we went out to Ashburton town it is out in the country a bit , we went to this beautiful church ,  build in the 12 century wow it was so pretty I have never seen so many beautiful glass stained windows. 
They had just put down a new floor and they were telling us they found some bones in there , people use to be buried under the church floor years ago if they were important . 
The service was lovely and some wonderful singers the one man well his voice was beautiful,  singing" Bring Him Home ". My hubby was in tears again , but it was so emotional .

The garden is really blooming now with spring flowers and new leaves on many plants and leaves  I am sure it is far to early , but I don't mind love to have a early spring .
I have a new WIP I am going to start today to give me a lift I know you are saying not another one,  but yes this is so cute and pretty I want to start it right  NOW.
I will rotate with my others too.
So will show you next week. 
Well the sun has gone already , and it is a little windy now .
Maybe we will get some rain ! Ok lets get some photos up for you

                                       Winter Pansy.

 I found this one in an old Cross Stitch Collection mag from January 2006 !
I stitched it on white sparkle 28ct with Dmc threads .
                               My WIP from last time.

 and now .

looks like I didn't stitch much but it took allot of time with all the colour changes in this one.
Lets go outside and see what I can find before I start my stitching.

Thank you once again for all your lovely comments .
Hope you have a lovely Sunday and if you are stitching , knitting , or gardening enjoy your self.


  1. Your winter pansy looks great. I like the colours.
    Wonderful progress on your wip.
    Have a nice new week.

  2. I love your flowers, I want some too but we still have lots of snow so have to wait. hugs Lynda Ruth Nice pansy.

  3. What great progress you have made on your WIP! Love the pansy too.

  4. I do love a bit of sparkly fabric, it shows off the design so well. x

  5. What a lovely header! ooOoo! That pansy is so fabulous June! Just lovely. Such pretty Spring stitching you are working on presently. Your garden is bursting!! Gorgeous!

  6. The pansy is just perfect one of my favorite flowers. All of the flowers are just beautiful.

  7. What a lovely floral post, both stitched and real flowers!
    Happy Belated Anniversary too. My parents celebrated their 50th 18 months ago but I'll have to live to be 90 to reach mine!

  8. Love strolling in your garden.

  9. Love strolling in your garden.

  10. Beautiful colours in your garden June and lovely stitching too. It's a very touching song, I'm not surprised it made your hubby feel that way.

  11. Glad to hear you are on the mend, June--it really has been such an extended illness for you. Hopefully, this warmer weather will dry out the last of the germs :) Your spring flowers are so lovely! Hard to believe spring will be here tomorrow because looking outside there are still patches of snow here and there. But, by next weekend it will be warmer so I'm hopeful!

    Lovely pansy--you just never know what you'll find looking through old magazines, do you? And your other floral piece is growing more and more beautiful, too!

    Enjoy your first day of spring, June! And have a lovely week ahead :)

  12. Your flowers are beautiful and so is the stitching. Take care June.

  13. Such a beautiful garden already June, mine looks like a muddy bog at the moment! I love your Winter pansy and your floral stitch is so pretty.
    Hope your new start brings you good health!

  14. Your WIP piece is pretty, great progress.
    As always, your flowers are just beautiful too.
    Love that yellow Pansy Face. :)

  15. The winter pansy is awesome Your work is lovely Hope you get well soon!

  16. {hugs} June, I hope you can soon get rid of the bugs and germs, I know quite a few that still have it lurking about.
    Beautiful flowers, your camellias do look lovely and healthy, mine are just coming into flower.
    Happy Spring - its actually here today - according to the calendar, not the weather, that's bucketing it down outside my window...

  17. Beautiful winter pansy and hope you get rid of those bugs once and for all!

  18. Pansy finish is lovely and WIP looking good too. Beautiful blooms as always.
    Happy Spring time

  19. Oh June, your winter pansy is so beautiful and you stitched it on lovely fabric.
    Yours WIP grows up beautifully and I'm curious which is your next WIP. Your spring garden is wonderful, (it's still snow in our garden).

  20. June another lovely post and how pretty your garden is looking. We planted 2new roses yesterday in between rain showers , today is bright sunshine but still a bit chilly , we did manage the first cut of the lawn too. Your stitching as always is perfect and after seeing your little bird I had to go download it too. Thanks for the link. Have a good week and I hope the health continues to improve. Thanks also for the lovely card you sent for our anniversary what a clever lady you are.x

  21. Winter Pansy is beautiful, along with all of the real flowers outside in your garden. Having the sun come out certainly makes it feel more like spring is just around the corner.

  22. Yoo hoo I know what you mean with the virus lingering I've had s cold and can't get rid of the congestion in my head - no comments please lol :-) gorgeous flowers and fab wip xxx Have a good week xx

  23. Beautiful stitching, looking forward to your new WIP. Wonderful flowers as always, it's always such a joy to have a walk around your garden.
    Hope that your lingering virus ups and leaves soon.

  24. I like very much that sweet pansy and your garden is a gift for the heart. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  25. June: I do hope you are starting to feel better.
    All the floral photos are beautiful, I do enjoy seeing them.
    Winter Pansy is lovely, both designs are beautiful.


  26. No, June, not me, I'm not saying "not another one" when you are writing about starting another WIP, lol. You know me, I'm just like you. And when I feel that it's time to start another project then I do so. Because I love it and it makes me happy. Now I'm looking forward to seeing your new project. Your current WIP has seen a lot of attention, it looks gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful flower pictures from your garden.
    Hopefully your virus will soon be gone.

  27. oh that little pansie looks lovely :)
    we had so much rain and cold just last week... this weekend spring finally arrived! sunshine and a bit warmer too, we can finally enjoy the longer days :D hope you are enjoying some good weather too!!