Saturday, 1 April 2017


Hello again dear friends , 
and here we are again , well this week flew by .
So much to do and very little time ! 
Well now it is April and it is shower time but the garden loves it.
I have had sometime to stitch but wish it could be more , but this time of the year is so busy.
So here we go with some stitching , first up a lovely pin cushion .

This is one is a lovely one of Dany's charts .
And you can see the lovely material I used on the backing.

 28 ct evenweave with Var threads.

Last time .

This time.

I will keep you in suspense a little longer.
To the designer and name of the chart.
Last week was mothers day and my daughter came and painted my nails again and wished me a Happy Mothers day .
Thank you sweetie .
Beautiful card and yummy candy .

 Ok I know its wet but take my hand and step into the garden there is so much going on out there.

            I have spotted many rose buds this week I wonder if we will get roses in April this year it will be a first for us , and I have a feeling we may .

Thank you all for the lovely comments , I hope you all have a lovely week and the sun comes out for you.
This week we had coffee out side and I am happy to say most of our bird boxes are full with all kinds of birds .
The little wren and the robin join us most days and the black bird sings all day , what could be better. 
Happy Stitching all.


  1. Pretty pin cushion finish! Happy stitching June!

  2. The pincushion of Dany's design is just lovely June. The little girl WIP is so very sweet! Those are the loveliest daffodils ever!!

  3. Beautiful pincushion June. Your WIPs is so pretty too.

    Your garden is looking amazing. I could just sit out there and stitch on a Summers evening. It is perfect.

  4. Lovely little pincushion.
    Your WIP looks so sweet.
    I love your photos from your garden.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Love the stitching and oh what a beautiful garden stroll.

  6. Love the stitching and oh what a beautiful garden stroll.

  7. Beautiful pincushion!
    You have a beautiful garden full of flowers!

  8. What a pretty pincushion, June. Oohh I'm intrigued to find out who the designer of your WIP is. It's not one I recognise, but it looks like it's going to be a beautiful finish.

  9. Thank you, my dear June, for all these beautiful spring colors. Your garden is beautiful! I embrace you and wish you a beautiful Sunday.

  10. Just gorgeous beautiful stitching and your garden looks lovely - I finally got my weeding finished now to get some bedding plants x enjoy the weekend xx

  11. How cool you can still see the raindrops on so many of your flowers, the pink tulips are so pretty. Your WIP is coming along nicely, eager to hear the name of the pattern she is so pretty.

  12. It is wonderful to have a garden full of flowers! The cross stitch is very lovely!

  13. Hello there June , Barb here, Well another lovely post to ooh and aahh over. Love the pincushion and the little cross stitching girl is coming on a treat. Your garden is just so beautiful since we had the garden made over to bamboos and tropical plants I do not have many flowers to admire so I come to visit you to see yours and I am never disapointed. We do have some bluebells though. My big birthday is next year along with the rest of the family, son will be 50, dil will be 50 ,sil is 50 and grandaughter 18 so a very Big year next year. Hugs to both.

  14. Greetings June: Love your pin pillow very pretty.
    The secret design you are stitching is so sweet.
    I love all the floral photos even with rain drops so beautiful.
    Happy Mothers Day.


  15. What a cute pincushion, and a very cute WIP.
    I love your Garden, such beautiful flowers.

  16. What a beautiful pincushion to match your beautiful garden June! Your new start must be a Soda Stitch design? Anyway it's really cute. Hope you have a lovely week.

  17. Lovely stitcheries. look forward to seeing the progress of your little girl stitching. The garden looks wonderful.

  18. Oh my, June, such an abundance in your garden, so much green everywhere and the various colours of the flowers. Your tulips are wonderful.
    Great new little pillow finish. Danybrod's designs are always worth stitching.
    Nice progress on the stitching girl. I can't wait to learn about the designer's name. You know how to make us stitchers curious, lol.

  19. curious to see more on that little girl :) looks so cute!
    hugs&smiles to you my friend

  20. Awww... I just love the way that little stitching girl is taking shape, June. I don't know the chart, but am curious to find out who designed it. And your pincushion is adorable, too.

    Oh, your garden--even in the rain it looks so very lovely. I can't imagine having all of those wonderful flowers right outside my door! Lucky, lucky you :)

  21. Sweet heart shaped pins in your beautifully stitched and finished pin cushion.
    Your garden always looks so lovely, so many flowers out at present to delight you.
    Have a lovely week x

  22. Your garden is looking beautiful, so much colour already. Such pretty stitching xx

  23. Beautiful stitching. Danybrod's design is lovely, so apt for this time of year. Your garden is looking wonderful.

  24. Love your little finish, it's adorable and your WIP is also well advanced. And I'm so surprised that your garden already is like flower sea. There is so many blooming flowers.

  25. Your garden is beautiful. My daffodils have just begun to bloom. Your pin cushion is so pretty. Those variegated threads are just perfect for the flowers. The little girl stitching is sweet.