Saturday, 22 April 2017


 Hello friends ,
Well last weekend went by so quick ! 
I never got to put a blog on.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter .
We had a lovely one , our daughter came over for dinner and a friend popped in , we spend time in the garden and I did get some stitching time . 
After a very busy week we have another busy week coming up too so it was nice to have a few days rest.
I never had the time to put many Easter decorations out this year , just a couple of Peter Rabbits .
I did manage to stitch a couple of ornaments one I have finished and one I will show you next time.
And yes we have roses in April this is a first for us , must be 6-8 weeks early this year .
I try and get out into the garden each day and love growing all different plants , and taking cuttings to start new plants .
I love to watch the birds and this is where I wast time I could sit for hours watching them .
So I will start with my ornament.

Decorative delights, by Maria Diaz.

                          Using 28ct and DMC threads .

                           Before my WIP looked like this.

And after.

Not allot of stitching this time 
Just to busy .
This week I had some lovely gifts from my dear friends

From my beautiful friend Titty from Italy 
Look at the pretty way she wraps these pretty gifts.

And here are the lovely gifts with a beautiful stitched bag .
Thank you Titty for your kindness . 

And from the lovely Nathalie from France

Thank you so much Nathalie
I will take a photo of the hanging rabbits next time,
They are hanging on 
the side of my summer house

And yesterday more gifts from my sweet and lovely friend Karen from the US.

Lots of wonderful goodies 

Thank you Karen such a sweet package.
And here is my first rose in April this is a first for me and now we have lots of them coming out.

 Thank you for the lovely comments , and hope you all have a beautiful weekend.


  1. Oh such sweet Easter gifts you have received! Oh your rose! You have lovely roses in April!!

  2. Beautiful stitching! I love the rabbit hand towel, this is so cute!
    Wonderful bloom already. I am looking forward to my peonies, my favourites :)

  3. Sounds like a busy, but lovely month of April for you, June! Your blooming rose is lovely as it the little egg finish :) Such pretty gifts from Titty, Nathalie, and Karen, too...

    Hope you get a bit more stitching time this week--I have had little myself, just such a busy time of year :)

  4. beautiful stitching...i love the rabbit hand towel so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    happy and smiles xxx

  5. Wonderful stitching and gifts from your friends.
    Happy Weekend.

  6. Such wonderful gifts! Hope you manage to find more stitching time this week. Love your pretty!

  7. Love your Maria Diaz egg ornie, such great finishing skills! You got some lovely gifts too, people do take such time to choose and wrap the perfect presents.

  8. Oh my goodness you have been busy, love the Rose so pretty.
    Many lovely gifts you have received, I have only done a couple of exchanges love doing them, it is easier now that I am retired.


  9. Lovely gifts easter seems to have passed in a blur I haven't been organised at all and I don't know why :-( I love your Easter egg stitching. All crafting seems to have left at the moment I haven't stitched in ages but I think I'll get something sorted xxx Enjoy the rest of the weekend xxx

  10. Oohh that beautiful rose, love it.Wonderful gifts you received.

  11. Oh i love your Easter Ornament, the finish is great.
    An your Rose - I wish I could smell it.
    Greetings Martina

  12. Ta première rose est superbe ! Douces teintes de pastel.
    Bon dimanche ma chère June et gros bisous

  13. Lovely gifts and beautiful stitching. Your eggy ornament is perfect!

  14. The eggs are cute, and love the little stitching girl.
    Great goodies you received!
    My, my, that Rose is just beautiful.

  15. OH June for such a busy lady you certainly get a lot achieved. I love the little eggs ornament and your gifts are well deserved and are so different. Your garden constantly amazes me and it shows that you tend it so well.We too have a rose coming into bloom I have not looked today but it was very close yesterday, we also have cystis and red hot pokers in bloom but it all is in desperate need of rain. Have a good week my friend with a little "you"time.Hugs.

  16. June, your little Easter Egg stitchery is so very sweet - I love it. Gorgeous gifts that you received from overseas, too.

  17. The Easter egg is so cute with stitching, I haven't seen one like that before, so pretty xx

  18. Lovely egg ornament and such a special gift the bunny hand towel is, I do like that one.
    A rose!!! wow... that is early.
    Have a lovely week June x

  19. The egg design is very cute! Nice little Easter designs.

  20. Wonderful stitching. Such lovely gifts and goodies too. Hope you have a good weekend.

  21. Yes, weeks go very quick, bus you are very nice with cross stitch and gadening!

  22. Love all your gifts you received and beautiful stitching you have done. Dear delicate 1st rose. Have a great week June.

  23. I liked the arrows for their help in organizing your notes.